Sustaining Circle

Partners for Ten + Years

Committed Donors who Have Partnered with CASA for Ten + Years

Ms. Angelina Adams
Ms. Deborah Adams and Mr. Charles Campbell
Ms. Joan Agee
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Janice Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Toby and Nancy Anderson
Ms. Barbara Badgett
Ms. Branda Ball
Ms. Barbara Barrett
Ms. Martha Barton
Ms. Roslyn Beall
Ms. Mary Beltz
Dr. and Ms. Dale and Janie Berkbigler
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Elena Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn and Liz Bevington
Ms. Staci Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Pam Bland
Honorable Peter Booth
Ms. Rebecca Braden
Ms. Jan Breford
Ms.Janice Brust
Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara Budd
Mr. and Mrs. Al and Leigh Buettner
Mr. and Mrs. John and Roberta Burrington
Drs. Robert and Judith Cadigan
Mr. and Mrs. Ginger and Craig Cantrell
Ms. Jeanne Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. John and Glenn Carson
Mr.Stephen Carter and Ms. Joan Strewler-Carter
Ms. Joanne Cech
Ms. Linda Champlin-Frank
Comm. Sallie Clark and Mr. Welling Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Debra Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Marjorie Cole
Ms. Mary Collins
Ms. Catherine Coulter-Calvin and Mr. Tom Calvin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Mary Frances Cowan
Ms.Lisa Dailey
Mr. and Mrs. Warren and Elizabeth Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Carlene Decker
Ms. Carolyn Dekok (Anonymous)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Lisa Delich
Mr. David Dempsey
Ms. Amanda Draper
Mr. Glenn Driscoll
Ms. Nancy Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Rochelle and Steve Edelman
Ms. Susan Edmondson
Mr. William Edmondson and Mrs.Barbara Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Art and Connie Eggers
Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Marcia Erin
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Barbara Farr
Ms. Polly Fiedler
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Karol Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and Joanna Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. John and Chrys Fotenos
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Nancy Freeberg
Mr. and Mrs. Martha and Lon Frohling
Mr. John Fuller and Ms. Margaret McCarroll-Fuller
Ms. Betty Fulton
Ms. Renae Gannon
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Mary Jane Gorab
Ms. Janet Gould
Mr. and Mrs. B. Ross and Sue Gubser
Mr. and Mrs. Butch and Jackie Gunn
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Michael Guthrie
Ms. Nechie Hall
Mr. Samuel Hall
Mr. Al Hanna
Dr. and Mrs. John and Jane Hegstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Peggy Henjum
Ms. Nancy Henjum and Mr. Stephen Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Darold and Elizabeth Herdes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sandra Hilt
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nancy Hochman
Mr. Jesse Hofflin and Ms. Phyllis Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Verl and Reba Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lyndy Holzwarth
Ms. Michelle Hylton
Col. and Mrs. Willam and Sandra Inazu
Mr. E. Eugene Innis
Mr. Douglas Iszard
Ms. Susan Jackson
Mr. William Johannsen
Mr. David M. Johnson
Mr. William Johnson
Ms. Kat Jorstad and Mr. Bill Burgess
Ms. Lois Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Yvonne and Douglas Kelton
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Meg Kendall
Mr. Sheldon King and Ms. Mary Ellen Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sandy Kloster
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Rosalyn Knepell
Ms. Kristina Knight and Mr. Rick Bednarski
Mr. Bob Koontz
Ms. Jeanne Koss
Mr. and Mrs. James and Cheryl Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Debra and Joe LaRoss
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Jessie Latham
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Cheryl Lebel
Mr. Ralph Ledwig
Mr. Tom Lehrecke
Mr. and Mrs. Jajean and George Lenz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Jane Loo
Ms. Katherine Loo
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Carol Lubell
Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Jill Lusey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Judy Magill
Ms. Mary Lou Makepeace
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Pamela Marsh
Ms. Marian Martinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Patricia Marx
Mr. and Mrs. David and Joana Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Karen Matkin
Ms. Diana May and Mr. Anthony Decesaro
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Barb McAdams
Ms. Deirdre McCormack and Mr. Terry Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ann McDonald
Ms. A. Lucille McLeod
Mrs. Mary Ellen McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Becky Medved
Mr. and Mrs. Paula and Frank Megorden
Ms. Leslye Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Rebecca Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. David and Gaynelle Mize
Dr. and Mrs. James and Marion Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Emily Murawski
Mr. Dan Murty and Ms. Nicola Myers-Murty
Ms.Sherri Newell Wilkinson and Mr.Wayne Wilkinson
Ms. Ann Nichols
Mr. Robert Nordeman
Ms. Peggy Norton
Mr. Dieter Oschatz
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lynne Otto
Mr. and Mrs.Ronand and Judith Palmer
Hon. and Mrs. David and Sandy Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Jon Patten
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel and Mittie Pedraza
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Kris Perea
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Donna Piet
Ms. Libby Pitman
Ms. Carol Plummer
Ms. Ellen Powers and Mr. Steve Moore
Ms. Terri Powers
Ms. Susan Presti
Ms. Doris Ralston
Ms. LeNore Ralston
Dr. Kathleen Ricker
Mr. and Mrs. Gloria and William Robertson
Mr. Gregory Rogers
Ms. Randy Romanchek and Mr. James Musante
Ms.Nettie Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Lena and Richard Ruiz
Mr. J.W. Sanders
Mr. Raphael Sassower
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Barbara Schlabs
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin and Linda Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Danielle Schofield
Mr. Donald Schott
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Karen Schwartz
Mr. and Dr. Ted and Teresa Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and B.J. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Cari and Larry Shaffer
Mr. and Mrs. John and Carolyn Shaw
Ms. Kimberley Sherwood and Mr. Charles Gale
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Liane Shupp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Wanda Snell
Ms. Elizabeth Snow
Mr. and Mrs. James and Elizabeth Spittler
Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Mark Stanforth
Ms. Maureen Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. David and Robin Stieber
Ms. Trudy Strewler Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Susan Suslow
Mayor and Mrs. John and Janet Suthers
Mr. and Mrs. Roxanne and Jack Tallon
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Jennifer Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Kent and Nancye Thayer
Dr. Rebecca Theobald and Mr. Chuck Theobald
Ms. Ann Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Peggy Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. Cheryl and Gerald Tolley
Mr.and Mrs. Bonie and Earle Turvey
Mr.and Mrs. William and Frankie Tutt
Ms. Kathy VanInwegen and Mr. David Barber
Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Doris Wall
Mr. and Mrs. John and Renee Waymire
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Melissa Waymire
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Sandra Weber
Ms. Paige Webster and Mr. Richard Van Winkle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Nancy Wenzlau
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Cyndi Wheatley
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Wiepking
Ms. Barbara Winter
Ms. Rhea Woltman
Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Jill Wright
Mr. Robert Wrubel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jennifer Yopp
Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Helen Zinn