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Circle of IMPACT

The Circle of IMPACT is a special philanthropy group, made up of dynamic women who are committed to the children of our community. Their mission is to ensure the financial prosperity of CASA to serve every child in need, one child at a time.

The women meet three times each year to hear inspiring speakers, discuss current philanthropy topics, and enjoy each other's friendship. Each member contributes a personal donation and participates in the planning of special fundraisers. The Circle of IMPACT supports CASA's operating budget each year, as well as contributes to the CASA endowment fund, which they established with the first gift in 2005.

For more information about the Circle of IMPACT, contact Jill Wright at 447.9898 x1002 or send us an email.

Circle of IMPACT Members

Staci Blair
Brooke Bower
Carol Breglio
Erin Contreras
Catherine Coulter Calvin
Mary Frances Cowan
Ann Craig
Diana J. Elliott
Karen Elliott
Loren George
Jackie Gunn
Sharon Hare
Kat Jorstad
Meg Kendall
Summer Kircher
Sandy Parrish
Carolyn Pope
Ellen Powers
Kathleen Ricker
Karen Schwartz
Liz Snow
Trudy Strewler Hodges
Kelly Sung
Kathy VanInwegen
Linda Wagner
Paige Webster

Circle of IMPACT - Encore Members
(Younger members group)

Heather Darrigan
Tara Gray
Ashley Jones
Kristina Knight
Carmen Kolson
Laura Thompson