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Hope Society (Donations of $1,000 - 2,499)
FY 2009-2010

Bain Ultra
Ms. Karri Baker and Mr. Kenneth Grant
Ms. Kaye Baron
Ms. Barbara Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Amy Bauer
Ms. Diane Beaumont
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas and Mary Beltz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Rebecca Beveridge
Ms. Staci Blair and Dr.  Marc Kelly
Blanco America
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Emma Bockrath
Honorable Peter Booth
Ms. Carol Breglio
Ms. Elaine Brush
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred and Leigh Buettner - The Buettner Family Fund of the PPCF
Drs. Robert and Judith Cadigan
Castaway Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Melissa Cherek
Ms. Victoria Classen
Classic Companies Charitable Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Mrs. Catherine Coulter-Calvin and Mr. Tom Calvin
Dr. Ann Craig
Cripple Creek Victor High School EPYCS
Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo and Ducho Cruz
Delta Solutions & Strategies, LLC
Debra S. and Donnie De Young
Mr. John Drabing
Dutch Mill V, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Sandy Egging
El Paso County CDBG
Ms. Rose Enyeart
Fanning & Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Gail Fernandez
First Bank Holding Company
First Congregational Church
Mr. and Mrs. John and Chrys Fotenos
Garden of the Gods Gourmet
The Giddings Foundation
The Gill Foundation
Ms. Carol Goeson
Mr. and Mrs. David and Lucy Graff
Mr. George Guerrero
Mr. and Mrs. Butch and Jackie Gunn
Mr. Gary Henry
Ms. Trudy Strewler Hodges
Hoff & Leigh, Inc.
Holland & Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Sherry Hollister
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Cynthia Huffman
Mr. William Inazu
Integrity Bank and Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Stephanie Isbell
ITT Systems Corporation
J. Jones Consulting, Inc. - Ms. Jennifer Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Sylvia Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. James and Laura Johnson
Johnson & Cord, P. C.
Ms. Janet Jordan
Ms. Kathleen Jorstad
Mr. Jeff Kahl
Ms. Sherri Kane
Kappa Alpha Theta - Colorado College Chapter
Ms. Christine Keefe
Kenton Pass & Company, LLC
Ms. Carrie Kintz
Mr. and Mrs. Karl and Kathy Klepfer
Ms. Shirley Kurie
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Jessie Kurrle
Lexis Nexis Cares Board
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Judy Magill
Ms. Evelyn Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. David and Joana Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Karen Matkin
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew and Lona Mayfield
Ms. Deadra Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Sharon McCormick
Melting Springs, Inc. - The Melting Pot
Monument Hill Sertoma Club
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Emily Murawski
Mr. William Mead
Dr. and Mrs. Leo and Carolyn Nassimbene
NexCore Group LP - NexCore Properties LLC
Ms. Tasha Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Theresa Null
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan and Alice Ann Ochs
Our Lady of the Pines Church
Ms. Laura Pelletier
Mrs. and Mr. Carolyn and Steven Pope
Ms. Tracey Porter
Ms. Debbie Reardon
Rep Masters, Inc. Front Range
Ms. Sherry Richards
Dr. and Mr. Kathleen and Gerald Ricker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Suzanne Riefstahl
Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust
Ms. Randy Romanchek and Mr.  James Musante
Ms. Lynne Rossman
Ms. Kelly Roth
Mr. David Sasina
Service Master Clean
Mr. and Mrs. William and Sue Shaner
Ms. Carolyn Shaw
Smith LTD Management Group, Inc.
Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Church
Mr. and Mrs. David and Robin Stieber
Mrs. Kelly Sung and Dr. Roger Sung
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Roxanne Tallon
Ms. Denise Tate 
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Jennifer Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Peggy Tilton
Toto USA, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Marla Twardowski
USB Financial Services
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond and Jeanette Van Doren
Ms. Kathy VanInwegen and Mr. David Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and Lonnie Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Clint and Stephanie Waltman
Mr. and Mrs. John and Renee Waymire
Wells Fargo Insurance Services Mountain West, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Cyndi Wheatley
Mr. Scott Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Kim Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jennifer Yopp
Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Karen Yuan