Tributes and Memorials

In memory of Ronald Kent Campbell, former CASA Volunteer
Anonymous Donation
Ms. Shirley Bronson
Mr. Kevin Campbell
Ms. Beverly Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. James and Randalyn Berwick
Mr. and Mrs. Elaine and Charles Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Marcia Carlson
Mr. James Carver
Mr. Dean Catlin
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Frances Garrison
Ms. Allyson Geller
Dr. and Mrs. and Harzan
Mr. and Mrs. David and Kyla Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Judith Keller
Ms. Ruth Macy
Ms. Diane McKain
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Sylvia Reinking
Ms. Mary Richard
Ms. Deb Robins
Ms. Fern Turner and Ms. Dorothy Turner
Ms. Charlene Tuxhorn

In honor of Judy Carnick
Ms. Micky Hillman

In memory of Amy Covey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. and Kathleen Covey

In memory of William Edmondson
Mrs. and Mr. Meg and Phil Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Lisa Ruhnow
Ms. Connie Steele
Ms. Heather Whitworth
Ms. Catherine Wolfe

In honor of their son and daughter in law, Craig and Leslie Eldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Rebecca Eldridge

In support of Joe Foreman, CASA Volunteer
Mr. Jeffrey Stumpf

In honor of Candice Hall
Anonymous Donation

In honor of Sharon and Don Hare
Mr. Al Hill – The Margaret and Al Hill Family Foundation

In honor of Devanie Helman and Elly Durham
Anonymous Donation

In honor of Meg Kendall’s birthday
Ms. Alina Carris
Ms. and Dr. Donna and Michael Guthrie
Ms. Kat Jorstad and Mr. Bill Burgess
Mrs. Linda Kennison
Ms. Vicki Kipp
Ms. and Dr. Summer and Lorence Kircher
Ms. Katherine Loo and Mr. Jim Raughton
Ms. Judy Sellers
Ms. Barbara Sparks
Ms. Peggy Norton
Honorable and Mrs. Matt and Linda Railey
Dr. Kathleen Ricker
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and James Young

In honor of the marriage of Ginger Bevis Littleton to Stephen McNulty
Ms. Linda Bevis

In honor of Madison Stewart in celebration of the marriage of Karri Davis and Mike Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. Max and Mary Bumguardner
Ms. Susan Furst
Mr. Christopher Guarnera and Ms. Mary Crawford-Guarnera
Mr. and Mrs. Tonya and Scott Hagins
Ms. Marilyn Little
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Barb Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. John and Shelley Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Kathryn Mossman
Ms. Nancy Mossman
Ms. Ann Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Wenda and Robert Walters
Ms. Mackie Tate Tygart

In memory of John A. Palmer
Mr. Gerard Frunzi

In honor of Mittie Pedraza in memory of her daughter, Rachel Dewey
CASA Manager

In memory of Carol Sanders
Mr. J.W. Sanders

In memory of Mary Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Ardyce Charles
Mr. and Mrs. David and Tami Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Lori Heffer
Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Lisa Heffer
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Meg Heffer
Mr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Jungman
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara and Nicholas Liontas
Mr. Charles Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Loretta Montgomery
Profit Systems – High Jump
Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Steven Rawson
Mr. Mark Robitaille and Ms. Allison Graham
Ms. Janice Heffer Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Rita Ulrich

In honor of Theta Sorority Colorado College
Ms. Joanna Wang

In honor of Kylie Tutko
Ms. Angela Case