Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT)

The CASA Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT) Program provides an environment where kids can develop and maintain relationships with non-custodial parents.

By monitoring and documenting observations during court-ordered child-parent visits, SEPT volunteer supports individual safety, accountability, and healthy relationships between children and parents who are involved in conflictive custody or domestic violence cases. The program offers two services which take place at either our downtown Colorado Springs location or our Woodland Park location.

Supervised Parenting Time:  This service provides visits for children and their non-custodial parent(s) in our Family Visitation Rooms (pictured here)

Supervised Exchanges: This service provides the safe transfer of children from one parent to the other with no contact between parties that are sharing custody.


It's important for children to develop healthy relationships with their parents! SEPT enables this to happen in an atmosphere where children never have to witness parental disputes and where they are free to interact openly with each parent.


What exactly do Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time Volunteers do?

Once you decide to become a SEPT volunteer, you'll go through a screening process and initial training. After that, you will be sworn in as an officer of the court and you may begin facilitating visits with the support of SEPT staff members. As a facilitator, your responsibilities could require you to:

  • Exchange children from one parent to another in a supervised setting
  • Monitor court-ordered parenting time in the CASA Family Center
  • Document observations during parenting time or exchanges, and effectively communicate these observations orally and in writing
  • Complete 8 hours per year of annual in-service training
  • Maintain confidentiality of all client and court information
  • Respect and relate to people of various backgrounds


We ask that our SEPT volunteers commit to serve 2-3 sessions per month (7-12 hours) and also commit to 12 months in the program.


Number of kids that visit their parents each year through SEPT

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