CASA of the Pikes Peak Region Staff

Staff may be reached during office hours by calling 719-447-9898 with the extensions listed below.


Executive Director
Angela Rose
Ext. 1015

Director of Programs
Crystal Erickson
Ext. 1004

Office Manager
Deb Cline
Ext. 1003

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist/CFIT Coordinator
Vondelle Hebert
Ext. 1000

Resource Development

Resource Development Director
Trish St. John
Ext. 1002

Grants Specialist
Karri Baker
Ext. 1006

Resource Development Event Coordinator
Jill Cheetham
Ext. 1026

Resource Development Administrative Coordinator
Nina Horton
Ext. 1042

Donor Relations Coordinator
Ext. 1036

Public Relations & Communications

Communications Manager
Keri Kahn
Ext. 1005

Dependency & Neglect (D&N)

D&N Program Manager
Brittany Wilson
Ext. 1023

D&N Lead Case Supervisor
Lois Gracz
Ext. 1024

D&N Case Supervisor
Maegan Brundage
Ext. 1029

D&N Case Supervisor
Terry Dickman
Ext. 1007

D&N Case Supervisor
Germaine Garcia
Ext. 1018

D&N Case Supervisor
Kristen Holzwarth
Ext. 1012

D&N Case Supervisor
Michael Maestas
Ext. 1020

D&N Case Supervisor
Jillian Wiker
Ext. 1053

D&N Case Supervisor
Kristina Wrobleski
Ext. 1032

D&N Volunteer Coordinator
Kate Grondin
Ext. 1061

D&N Program Assistant
Catherine Sidor
Ext. 1014

Milton Foster Children’s Fund (MFCF) Program

MFCF Program Manager
Jill Cheetham
Ext. 1026

Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT) Program

SEPT Program Manager
Kristeen O’Donnell
Ext. 1028

SEPT Client Coordinator
Yvette Griego
Ext. 1017

SEPT Client Coordinator
Karina Anderson
Ext. 1030

SEPT Volunteer Coordinator
Christina Bourassa
Ext. 1044

SEPT Assistant
Tina Tapia
Ext. 1013