CASA of the Pikes Peak Region Staff

Staff may be reached during office hours by calling 719-447-9898 with the extensions listed below, or by contacting them on their direct lines.


Executive Director
Angela Rose
Ext. 1015
Direct line: 719-424-4866

Program Director
Crystal Klausmeier
Ext. 1004
Direct line: 719-418-4313

Facilities and HR Manager
Deb Cline
Ext. 1009
Direct line: 719-424-4861

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist/Level 1 Parenting Class Coordinator
Emily Schilperoort
Ext. 1000
Direct line: 719-418-4094

Fund Development

Fund Development Director
Elizabeth Albo
Ext. 1002
Direct line: 719-418-4312

Fund Development Grants Specialist
Kelsey Danekas
Ext. 1006
Direct line: 719-418-4838

Fund Development Special Event Planner
Jill Montoya
Ext. 1026
Direct line: 719-424-4872

Fund Development Coordinator
Amy Marx
Ext. 1042
Direct line: 719-418-4267

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment Manager
Beth Santiago
Ext. 1060
Direct Line: 719-428-0439

Public Relations & Communications

Communications Manager
Keri Kahn
Ext. 1005
Direct line: 719-321-0722

Dependency & Neglect (D&N)

D&N Program Manager
Brittany Santos
Ext. 1023
Direct line: 719-424-4870

D&N Case Supervisor
Maegan Brundage
Ext. 1029
Direct line: 719-424-4874

D&N Case Supervisor
Terry Dickman
Ext. 1007
Direct line: 719-424-4860

D&N Case Supervisor
Tara Loo
Ext. 1012
Direct line: 719-424-4863

D&N Case Supervisor
Michael Maestas
Ext. 1020
Direct line: 719-424-4869

D&N Case Supervisor
Megan Sandefur
Ext. 1016
Direct line: 719-247-2621

D&N Case Supervisor
Kaiya Tang
Ext. 1018
Direct line: 719-424-4868

D&N Case Supervisor
Jillian Wiker
Ext. 1053
Direct line: 719-428-0438

D&N Case Supervisor
Kristina Wrobleski
Ext. 1032
Direct line: 719-424-4877

D&N Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Pecoraro
Ext. 1061
Direct line: 719-428-0440

D&N Program Assistant
Brianna Lindsey
Ext. 1014
Direct line: 719-424-4865

Milton Foster Children’s Fund (MFCF) Program

MFCF Program Manager
Jill Montoya
Ext. 1026
Direct line: 719-424-4872

Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT) Program

SEPT Program Manager
Megan McHugh
Ext. 1028
Direct line: 719-424-4873

SEPT Case Supervisor
Yvette Griego
Ext. 1017
Direct line: 719-424-4867

SEPT Case Supervisor
Tina Tapia
Ext. 1030
Direct line: 719-424-4875

SEPT Volunteer Coordinator
Barbara Lambert
Ext. 1044
Direct line: 719-424-4878

SEPT Site Coordinator
JoAnna Cordova
Ext. 1031
Direct line: (719) 424-4876

SEPT Assistant
Heather DeWolf
Ext. 1013
Direct line: 719-424-4864

Teller County Program

Teller County Program Manager
Jennifer Swan