About-CASA-1024x320CASA of the Pikes Peak Region Staff

Angela Rose
Executive Director
Trish StJohn
Resource Development Director
Kristen Nunez
Grants Specialist
Nina Horton
Resource Development Admin Coordinator
Ashley Greeno
Donor Relations Associate
Jill Cheetham
Milton Foster Children's Fund Manager & Events Coordinator
Debra Cline
Office Manager/HR
Melissa Beers
Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
Uriko Stout
Volunteer Recruitment Manager
Keri Kahn
Communications Manager
Crystal Erickson
Dependency & Neglect Program Manager
Lois Gracz
Dependency & Neglect Lead Case Supervisor
Samantha (Sam) Hanson
Dependency & Neglect Case Supervisor
Terry Dickman
Dependency & Neglect Case Supervisor
Jillian Wiker
D&N Case Supervisor
Samuel Woodard
Dependency & Neglect Case Supervisor
Michael Maestas
Dependency & Neglect Case Supervisor
Brittany Wilson
Dependency & Neglect Case Supervisor
Catherine Sidor
Dependency & Neglect Program Assistant
Katherine Hastings
Dependency & Neglect Volunteer Coordinator
Janet Stoddard
Teller County Program Manager
Jill McCormick
Life Long Links Senior Manager
Sarah Wendt
Life Long Links Supervisor
Kristeen O’Donnell
Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time (SEPT) Program Manager
Yvette Griego
Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time (SEPT) Client Coordinator
Tina Tapia
Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time Program (SEPT) Assistant