Ashlynn’s Story

Ashlynn was only eight years old the first time she tried meth. As a young girl, she never dreamed about her future because she was too busy surviving a tragic childhood engulfed in drugs, sexual assault, and homelessness.
When Ashlynn entered the child welfare system at 15, CASA volunteer Susie Havel quickly became the one adult the girl could rely on.
During their first meeting, Susie brought Ashlynn a cupcake for her 16th birthday which she had spent alone in a behavioral health center. From that day forward, Susie developed a mother-like relationship with Ashlynn and taught her that the past did not predict her future.   
She helped Ashlynn through struggles with addiction by modeling healthy adult behavior Ashlynn had never seen before. Susie was the first person Ashlynn called when she earned her GED, and today she is studying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.
“If it weren’t for my CASA, Susie, I would probably be in prison, living on the streets or worse.  I owe my life to her.” – Ashlynn
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