Budget Blinds: Meets needs of CO homeowners & promotes child safety

Michael and Dina Burwell, owners of Budget Blinds of Greater Colorado Springs have been loyal supporters of CASA of the Pikes Peak Region since 2017.

From their experience helping family members through the child welfare system in California, to their knowledge of child safety as it pertains to window treatments, the couple has a clear passion for creating the best possible outcomes for children.

“We have an affinity for children. Dina has – for her entire life – been involved with children in one way or another from early childhood education and special needs kids to being a preschool director,” explained Michael Burwell. “When we ended up opening Budget Blinds, she was looking for a way to continue helping kids. We looked for a way to give back, and CASA was very appealing.”

In addition to advocating for children, the folks over at Budget Blinds are also big-time advocates for their customers, ensuring the best possible solutions for the unique needs of Colorado homeowners and businesses.

Did you know the window treatments most popular around the country and globe are NOT what is most popular for Coloradans?

Here are some of the unique challenges for Colorado homeowners when it comes to their windows:

  • In Colorado, we have incredible swings in temperature. It’s so hot. Then it’s snowing. There are window treatments that keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer, but that could be the same day here in Colorado.
  • The UV gain in Colorado windows can be 35-40% higher than sea level. The reason this is significant is that when the heat radiates off windows, it can make Colorado indoor spaces unlivable, even in the winter.
  • Coloradans love light and our view of blue skies, green trees, and mountains. When our window treatments are up, we want them completely out of the way.
  • The population of Colorado is growing at such a fast rate that houses are being built very close together. Privacy control is an important factor when choosing window treatments.

Budget Blinds of Colorado Springs offers these solutions to Colorado homeowners who want to get the greatest benefit out of their window treatments:

  • Look for window treatments that insulate from both heat and cold. Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, are very popular in this region because they insulate while also allowing light to enter the home.
  • Composite shutters are another great option for the Pikes Peak Region as they do a great job blocking the heat and keeping out the cold.
  • Selecting window treatments that have the popular top down/bottom up feature means having privacy to the street or next door neighbors, without sacrificing your views and natural light.
  • By selecting window coverings with an automation feature, you can program the blinds or shutters to open and close at pre-set hours, making sure your home keeps out the heat during the hottest parts of the day, but allows the light and mountain views all Coloradans love.

Another very important point to consider when buying window coverings, whether you’re in Colorado or elsewhere, is child safety. This means eliminating dangling cords from your windows treatments. In addition to child safety, cordless treatments are also safer for pets.

Thanks to advocacy from businesses like Budget Blinds (who is on the board of the National Childhood Safety Council), new laws went into place in 2018 which require manufacturers to build cordless options into the price of shades.

“We coach our customers, both residential and commercial, on child safety in every consultation we do,” says Michael Burwell. “Budget Blinds offers every type of window treatment in a child safe version, meaning they can be cordless, motorized, or automated.”

In the market for window coverings? Look no further than Budget Blinds of Greater Colorado Springs. They promote child safety, support CASA, and cater to the specific needs of Coloradans!