How local Supercuts salons are helping vulnerable kids

Heather Heinbaugh displays the CASA Business Partner certificate along with several Supercuts stylists at the Austin Bluffs location

Keeping an eye on kids is everybody’s responsibility. It’s why the Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline exists. If you suspect a child is being mistreated, you have the number to call. In Colorado, that number is 1-844-CO-4-KIDS.

Teachers are mandatory reporters, neighbors often hear or see things that need to be reported, but here’s a group you may not naturally associate with the reporting of child abuse: hair stylists.

“We see them up close and personal,” says Katie, a stylist at the Supercuts in Market Center at 4484 Austin Bluffs. “A stylist here once noticed a bruise when a child took off their mask. I saw a burn mark once.”

The Supercuts where Katie works is one of four in Colorado Springs owned by Supercuts franchisee and CASA Business Partner, Heather Heinbaugh. Each Wednesday, 20% of profits from Heather’s four locations are donated to CASA of the Pikes Peak Region.

Back in August, Heinbaugh signed on for her second year as a CASA business partner.

“I think it helps your reputation in the community and it’s a smart business tactic,” she said about why businesses should give back to local nonprofits. “It’s easier if you find something that’s really important to you… something you know that really makes a difference and to me that’s what CASA is. Since I don’t have time to be a CASA volunteer right now – this is how I can help.”

Heinbaugh was a CASA volunteer in another county before she moved to Colorado Springs. She has seen the impact CASA makes in the lives of vulnerable kids and is determined, regardless of her busy schedule, to stay involved with the mission.

Nowadays, her involvement is through her salons in Market Center at 4484 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., in Stetson Hills at 6046 Stetson Hills Blvd., in Constitution South at 5861 Constitution Ave., and in Falcon Landing at 7747 Academy Blvd.

Heather’s staff are happy to be a part of the mission as well. Not only are they watching for signs of abuse, but they’re spreading awareness about programs that can help abused kids.

“We share CASA with the clients behind the chair,” said Lesley. “It’s neat to see the clients that have been part of CASA and who know about it already.”

“I think the partnership has also brought awareness to staff to watch out for kids in our chairs, and not be afraid to report abuse,” Katie went on.

CASA encourages our supporters to utilize the businesses and services that give back to the local community. Why not book your next haircut through one of these Supercuts locations?