Local business owner hit by COVID restrictions continues to support CASA

Who knew you could get more than a great haircut at Supercuts?

Local salon owner Heather Heinbaugh uses her four Colorado Springs Supercuts locations to help abused and neglected children, and patrons walk away not only with a fresh look but with the satisfaction of knowing a portion of their dollars went towards a great cause.

Heinbaugh is a business partner of CASA of the Pikes Peak Region, and each Wednesday 20% of proceeds from the four salons are donated to CASA programs.

Heinbaugh’s salons are located in Market Center at 4484 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., in Stetson Hills at 6046 Stetson Hills Blvd., in Constitution South at 5861 Constitution Ave, and at Falcon Landing at 7747 Academy Blvd.

The partnership combines Heinbaugh’s successful career as a salon owner with her love for children.

Back when her son was in grade school, she ensured he had the tools and resources needed to succeed. School can be a struggle for many kids, and as any parent knows, advocating for your kids can be time consuming.

“We had a lot of meetings” she recalls. “It took so much effort to advocate for him and I always wondered – what happens to the kids that don’t have someone in their corner?”

Heinbaugh’s concern drove her to take action. Through the salon she owned at the time in Arizona, she began holding fundraisers for the local CASA program. She then went through CASA training and was sworn in as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

She began her first case by driving to the home where her CASA toddler boy was living, and she watched as an adult jumped out the back window of the trailer home upon her arrival. The next thing she remembers is a child opening the front door and handing her a bag of heroin. Heinbaugh was instrumental in getting that child to a more stable situation.

“It took a lot of us to fight for this little guy. Without a CASA having a fresh set of eyes and being shocked by things like that, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have made it out of that situation.” she said.

Her second case was just as difficult. The victim this time was a seven-year-old girl living in a group home because her behavioral issues were too severe for a foster home. In this instance, Heinbaugh advocated for the resources and treatment the girl needed to overcome her issues.

Heinbaugh knows from experience that no two cases are alike, and that each victim has their own set of unique challenges. She also recognizes what child abuse cases have in common though – the need for those kids to have a trusted adult in their corner.

Since her first days as a CASA supporter, owning salons has taken Heinbaugh from Arizona to Grand Junction and now to Colorado Springs where she has been for the past 15 years. Running four busy salons is time-consuming and Heinbaugh knows it wouldn’t be fair to the kids on her cases if she were to take up CASA work right now.

“It still really pulls at my heart strings though,” she said. “CASA is an organization I believe in and I have seen the impact it can make.”

A testament to her passion for child victims is the fact that even in the face of a global pandemic that has shuttered many businesses and threatened her own profits, Heinbaugh continues her business’ charitable contributions to CASA.

“It is a struggle and we have been impacted significantly,” she said. “But when I talked to Angela (CASA’s ED), she told me that CASA cases had doubled and I thought, ‘Now is when they need it. Now is when other people might not be donating.’ Child abuse is something we all need to step in and do something about.”

And step in to do something is just what she did. CASA of the Pikes Peak Region is grateful for Heather Heinbaugh and other business partners who enable our programs to continue serving vulnerable children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’d like to support a local business who is supporting local kids, book your next salon appointment at one of these four Supercuts locations: 4484 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 6046 Stetson Hills Blvd., 5861 Constitution Ave., or 7747 Academy Blvd.