Covington Homes: Building more than houses in Colorado Springs

Covington Homes builds more than houses. This Colorado Springs Homebuilder builds community, and at Covington Homes every member of the team understands the value in taking care of that community.

As co-owner Grace Covington puts it, “If your community is not healthy, you don’t have a community. As we’re building communities and houses, we need to also build a strong safety net and environment for our kids.”

It’s with that sense of purpose that Covington Homes operates, and it’s the reason the company makes giving back a central focus of what they do.

CASA of the Pikes Peak Region is one of three local nonprofits that Covington Homes supports financially. (They also support St. Jude and Peak Vista.) It all started in 2009 when Grace first discovered CASA during a church nonprofit fair.

“I have a heart for kids because I cannot have kids,” she said. “I wanted to help children and CASA was touching not just children, but children that don’t stand a chance…children the world seems to have left behind… children who for one reason or another were not given the blessing of a loving parent or household.”

Grace went through the CASA training and was sworn in as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in 2009. She took a case with a teenage boy and became the trusted adult who helped the young man navigate a chaotic situation and ultimately find the best scenario for his life. As the case neared its end in 2011, Grace’s husband and Covington Homes co-owner, Ron, suffered a ski accident that put him in a coma. Caring for Ron while single-handedly running the couple’s business did not allow her the time or flexibility to commit to another case, but she would find another way to help CASA.

“In 2009, I got to witness first hand Grace becoming a CASA. I saw how much responsibility she would have as a CASA and what an amazing and powerful impact she had on children’s lives,” Ron recalled.

“As I became more aware of the mission, it was phenomenal, but I had my accident and Grace became 100% immersed in keeping our business alive. She had to give up being a CASA to save our company, but God kept me alive for a reason and one of the many reasons was CASA. So, when Grace came to me and said we need to support CASA as much as we can as a business, I said I’m all in.”

Covington Homes is a Large Donor and Business Partner of CASA of the Pikes Peak Region. The financial support provided by Grace & Ron’s company enables CASA volunteers to advocate for upwards of 18 children per year… That’s 18 children in our community whose lives are forever changed.

In addition to financial support, Covington Homes supports CASA by generating awareness in the community. All 22 staff members are encouraged to give back to the community, and each time a new staff member is hired, they are invited to CASA’s annual Light of Hope event where Covington Homes will match their donation. Grace also serves CASA as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Want to find out more about Covington Homes? Check out their website here or attend the company’s 9th annual “Chili and Brews” on Wednesday, November 13 from 4:00 – 7:00 PM at the Covington Model  Home in Meridian Ranch, located at 10028 Stonemont Drive, Peyton, CO 80831. To attend this event, please RSVP to