How Frank Sinclair learned to dream again

For CASA Board member Frank Sinclair, dreams have always held a special significance.

“I grew up as the second oldest of fifteen children in a segregated town, and nothing came easy,” Frank said. “Although I was initially able to escape the cycle of poverty and begin a successful career in the Air Force, the trauma from my past quickly caught up with me and I threw away my chances with alcoholism. At that point, life felt like a series of nightmares that I couldn’t escape.”

Frank lost his post at the Air Force and spent time living in homelessness in Acacia Park. From the depths of rock bottom, Frank realized that it was up to him to put the nightmares aside and learn how to dream again.

“That experience was the beginning of finding my life’s calling: helping others find the person they were put on this earth to be. I truly think every individual is here for a reason, and the key to finding that reason is through encouragement. There is nothing that gives me more joy than the encouragement of others.”

The passion and knack for encouragement led Frank to find a new path in the corporate world working as a trainer. He spent twenty years developing curriculum that allowed his colleagues to tap into their inner dreamer and find their stride in life.

“I loved my time as a trainer, but it was the encouragement that I received from watching my children carve out their own paths in this world, while creating space for others, that inspired me to take yet another leap of faith. One day I woke up, wrote my business plan on a sticky note, and I haven’t looked back since.”

That business plan? Dream Again LLC, where Frank has combined all the elements of his journey that provide the most inspiration to provide guidance to others through coaching.

His motto: “Be Encouraged.”

Encouragement is at the heart of all Frank does. Frank joined the board of CASA in 2019 after meeting Executive Director Angela Rose and sensing the commitment to the children CASA provides in the Pikes Peak Region.

“Having gone through hard times as a child, I have a lot of empathy for the kids in the dependency and neglect system. Each of them has a journey to live out, and having CASA be a voice of advocacy as they navigate lives that are more difficult than they should be is crucially important. I truly believe CASA is one of the best nonprofits in Colorado Springs, and it all comes from their dedication to providing guidance and encouragement for the kids they serve.”

Thank you, Frank, for providing us with a model of resiliency and infusing this world with much-needed encouragement.