Q&A with SEPT Facilitator Morgan Warren

Most people would agree it’s important for children to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their parents. For kids who are part of families that have experienced abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, sometimes visits with parents might require court-ordered supervision. In these instances, volunteer facilitators in CASA’s Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT) Program make the visits possible.

Morgan Warren is one of these volunteer SEPT Facilitators.  She was sworn in as a SEPT volunteer in June of 2021 and volunteers at the SEPT site about once a week. Here’s a Q&A about why this volunteer job is so meaningful to Morgan:

Why did you want to become a SEPT volunteer?

I wanted to become a SEPT volunteer because I love kids so much, and the idea of being able to change a child’s life and help a family was amazing to me.

 Why is it important for SEPT to exist and for people like to you to support it?

SEPT is essential for children to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their parents. Volunteers that partake in this program are assisting in changing a child’s life.

Is there a certain visit you facilitated that stands out in your mind as special or meaningful?

One visit that was special to me was around Christmas time, and one of the kids was decorating ornaments with her mom. She was so happy to be doing crafts and she just couldn’t stop smiling. At the end of the visit, she gave me one of the ornaments and it was really special to me. I love watching a child light up with joy, it’s so pure and makes me happy.

CASA’s SEPT Program is always taking applicants for new volunteer facilitators. If you are interested in changing a child’s life and strengthening a family in this capacity, read more about our SEPT program here.