Annual Fund

Annual Fund: Up to $999


Ms. Sarah Abbe
Ms. Marianne Abell
Ms. Teresa Abell
Ms. Lisa Abelstad
Ms. Wanda Abramson
Ms. Tori Achenbach
Ms. Kimberlee Acker
Ms. Pamela Acord
Ms. Katrina Adad
Ms. Kenda Adam
Ms. Angelina Adams
Mrs. Joan Agee
Ms. Marie Alano
Ms. Mary Albert
Ms. Kirstin Aldrich
Ms. Jeanine Alexander
Ms. Amanda Allee
Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie and Andy Allen
Alpha Delta Kappa Eta Chapter
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Association of Critical Care Nursing
Ameriprise Financial Advisor Gift Matching Program
Ms. Claire Anderson
Ms. Laura Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Joe and Laurie Anderson
Ms. Nichole Anderson
Mr. Rex Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Toby and Nancy Anderson
Mr. Chris Annan
Mr. and Mrs. Gar and Sharlene Anneler
Ms. Tamrin Apaydin and Mr. Chad Stevens
Ms. Alicia Archibald
Ms. Cynthia Archiniaco
Mr. Nasit Ari and Ms. Libby Rittenberg
Ms. Betty Lou Armstrong
Mrs. and Mr. Joann and Robert Armstrong
Ashley’s Attic
Mr. and Mrs. Keri and Tom Ashley
Ms. Tricia Asp
Astrazenica Pharmaceutical
Auction House 109 – Little London Market
Ms. Irene Babcock
Ms. Tammy Babcock
Ms. Lynne Bakalyan
Ms. Kara Baker
Ms. Karri Baker and Mr. Kenneth Grant
Ms. Andrea Baldrica
Mr. John Balk
Ms. Stephenie Bandi
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation – Merrill Lynch
Ms. Renee Barall
Mr. Paul Baranek
Ms. Jean Baratono
Ms. Lisa Barbato
Ms. Alyson Barber
Mr. Benton Barby
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin and Teri Bardash
Mr. and Mrs. Georganne and Jerry Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Markus and Sue Barone
Ms. Bernice Barrett
Ms. Jennifer Batista
Mr. and Mrs. Ida and Richard Bauer
Beacon Health Options Colorado
Ms. Susan Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. John and Regina Bechard
Ms. Lisa Beech
Mr. Daniel Beilfuss
Ms. Charlene Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Fawn and John Bell
Ms. Megan Bell
Bella Art and Frame
Ms. Sarah Bender
Benet Hill Monastery
Mr. and Mrs. Karin and Bob Bennington
Ms. Nancy Bentley
Ms. M. Nel Benton
Ms. Melanie Berg
Ms. Julie Berger
Ms. Charlotte Berglund
Dr. and Ms. Dale and Jane Berkbigler
Mr. Michael Berniger
Dr. Deane Berson
Mr. and Mrs. James and Randalyn Berwick
Mr.and Mrs. Lynn and Liz Bevington
Ms. Linda Bevis
Ms. Melody Bianchi
Ms. Jade Bible
Ms. Michelle Bies
Honorable Linda Billings Vela and Mr. Steven Vela
Ms. Toni Bircher
Mr. and Mrs. Amber and Christopher Biss
Mr. Frank Bittinger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jennifer Bittle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Linda Bjork
Mr. Howard Black and Ms. Janet Kerr
Ms. Jennifer Black
Ms. Julie Blackmun
Ms. Marie Blair Mendez
Ms. Staci Blair
Ms. Celeste Blakely
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Pam Bland
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Madelaine Bobbit
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jean Bodman
Ms. Audra Boileau, Mr. Evan Craig, and Mr. Dillon Craig
Mr. J.W. Bolin and Ms. Eileen Reilly
Ms. Charise Boomsma – The Preservation Studio, Inc.
Mr. Larry Boos
Ms. Allisyn Booth
Ms. Martha Booth
Honorable Peter Booth
Ms. Justine Borden
Ms. Nancy Borden
Mr. Kent Borges and Ms. Stephanie Dicenzo
Ms. Kacy Born
Ms. Barbara Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Debra and Daniel Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Elaine and Charles Bowers
Ms. Erin Bowie
Ms. Ann Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Jed and Robyn Bowman
Ms. Kimberly Boyd
Ms. Theresa Bozeman
Ms. Kathi Braden – Kathi Braden Interiors
Mr. and Mrs. Roberta and Victor Bradford
Ms. Holly Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Jenavie Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Martina and Chris Breeden
Ms. Jan Breford
Dr. Jenna Bridgewater
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Karen Briggs
Broadmoor Community Church
Ms. Shirley Bronson
Mr. Dave Brooks
Mr. Ken Brower
Mr. and Mrs. Amy and Brandon Brown
Mrs. and Mr. Catherine and Curtis Brown
Ms. Jeanne Brown
Ms. Lynne Brown
Ms. Nora Brown
Ms. Terainer Brown
Mr. Tod Brown and Ms. Nancy Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Vennita and Geoffrey Browning
Ms. Elaine Brush
Ms. Janice Brust
Ms. Leslie Bryan and Mr. Glenn Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Debra and Darryl Bryant
Ms. Charlotte Buchman
Ms. Heather Buchman
Ms. Linda Buckley CPA, PC
Mr. and Mrs. Rhae and Deborah Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Inger Bull
Mr. and Mrs. Max and Mary Bumguardner
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Renee Bunting
Ms. Joan Burgess
Mr. Kenneth Burgess
Ms. and Mr. Kris and Dan Burich
Mr. Justin Burns and Mr. Caleb Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie and Andrew Burton
Ms. Kristie Burwell
Ms. Alysha Busch
Mr. and Mrs. Garry and Jennifer Butcher
Mr. and Mrs. Sherry and Glenn Butcher
Ms. Becky Butterfield
Ms. Sharon Butts
Ms. Luanne Buzbee
Mr. Daniel Byrd
Ms. Peggy Byrd
C & C Sand and Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Peggy Campbell
Ms. Katherine Campbell
Mr. Kevin Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Barbara Capece
Capstone Investment Financial Group, Inc.
Ms. Victoria Card
Ms. Karen Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Marcia Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Troy and Lisa Carlson
Ms. Deborah Carmickle
Mrs.  and Mr. Janet and Paul Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Ellen Carrick
Ms. Alina Carris
Mrs. and Mr. Glenn and John Carson
Mr. James Carver
CASA Manager
Ms. Angela Case
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Sherri Cassidy
Ms. Kim Cassidy
Ms. Leslie Castle
Mr. Dean Catlin
Central Bank & Trust
CES Composites
Mr. David Chaney and Ms. Donna Brockman
Ms. Johnna Chapman
Ms. Loretta Chappell
Charity Gift Certificates
Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Ardyce Charles
Ms. Elizabeth Chatfield
Ms. Jill Cheetham
Ms. Ricki Chester
Ms. Christine Chiasson
Ms. Debra Christian
Ms. Kristina Chung McCleary
CJ Chiropractic, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Kalyn Clark
Ms. Kristina Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sandy Clark
Commissioner Sallie Clark and Mr. Welling Clark
Mr. Samuel Clark
Ms. Brigitte Clarke
Ms. Victoria Classen
Ms. Jeannette Clemans
Ms. Sterlynn Clendenin
Ms. Lindsay Clewe
Ms. and Mr. Debra and Philip Cline
Ms. Kathryn Close
Coaltrain Wine and Spirits
Ms. Shellene Cockrell Cross
Ms. Susan Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Wilton and Cathy Cogswell
Ms. Katherine Cohlmia
Ms. Dee Ann Cokeley
Ms. Amy Coleman
Ms. Marge Colgan
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Stacy Collas
Mr. and Mrs. Crystal and David Collette
The Colorado Health Foundation
The Colorado Springs Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Colorado State Bank Foundation
Honorable Edward Colt and Ms. Laura Pomerenke
Combined Federal Campaign of Greater SoCal
Ms. Mona Comeau and Mr. Charles LaLonde
Comfort Air Distributing
Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth and Robert Commodore
Community First Foundation – Giving First
Ms. Joan Compton
Ms. April Conway-Speake
Ms. M.J. Coon
Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara Coons
Ms. Dan Cooper and Ms. Jennifer Cooper
Mr. Mark Copley
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Andrea Cordova
Ms. Linda Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Allison Cortez
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Michelle Costa
Ms. C J Coston
Ms. Leslie Couch
Mrs. and Mr. Anne and Barring Coughlin
Ms. Stacey Covington
Ms. Dawn Cowan
Ms. Jessica Cozine-Lehman
Mr. John Crandall
Mr. Michel Cremeans
Mr. Whitley Crow
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Ruben and Jen Cubero
Mr. Randy Cuff and Ms. Debra Norris-Cuff
Ms. Olivia Culligan
Ms. Amy Cunningham
Ms. Elizabeth Cutter
Ms. Lorna Cwiak
Mr. Andrew Cziok
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and Martha D’Ambrosio
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Esme Daetz
Ms. Belgica Dagnon
Mr. Curtis Daniel
Ms. Darleen Daniels
Col. and Ms. Mark and Teresa Daniels
Ms. Lorelle Davies
Ms. Cora Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Denise and Mark Davis
Ms. Gracie Davis
Mr. Jeremy Davis
Ms. Margaret Davis
Mr. Michael Davis
Ms. Rebecca Davis
Ms. Trude Davis and Mr. Steve Puzik
Mr. Nathaniel De Kock
Mr. Miles De Young
Mr. and Mrs. Warren and Elizabeth Dean
Ms. Mollie DeBolt
Ms. Rebecca Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Sheryl and Douglas Decker
Ms. Patty Deeds-Starr and Mr. Daniel Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Patricia Deeny
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Sally DeFord
Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Ruth Degroff
Ms. Melanie DeHerrera
Ms. Donna Dell’Olio, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Cindy and Don DeLoach
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Ms. Cynthia Demetry
Ms. Lucille DeMoor
Ms. Ann Dempsey
Mr. Mark Dempsey
Ms. Yvette Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Wendy and Chad Denny
Mr. and Mrs. Sherrie and Richard Denton
Comm. and Ms. Marc and Angela Dettenrieder
Ms. Carly Detter
Mr. Randy Detter
Ms. Martha Deulibarri
Mr. and Mrs. Laureen and Dan Deveau
Mr. and Mrs. Tina and Thomas Dewar
Ms. Terry Dickman
Mr. Trevor Dierdorff
Ms. Marcy Diller
Ms. Amy Dinofrio
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle and Tom Divine
Ms. Tamarinde Doane and Mr. Robert Elliott
Ms. Cheryl Dobson
Ms. Michelle Dockter
Mr. James Dodd and Ms. Travers Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. C. and V. Donley
Mrs. and Mr. Cecelia and Clifford Donnelly
Mr. Joe Doolittle
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Jennifer Dorff
Ms. Deborah Dowis
Mr. and Mrs. Andie and Jason Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Sara Dozier
Ms. Patricia Duane and Mr. Randy Oswald
Ms. Andrea Dubbert
Ms. Patricia Dudding
Ms. Rebecca Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Penni Duncan
Ms. Amanda Duplantis
Ms. Elaine Durham
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and Bob Dyer
Ms. Lindie Eads
Ms. Tressa Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Victor and Diana Ecklund
Ms. Kathryn Eddfy
Ms. Sarah Edwards
Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc.
El Paso County Bar Foundation of the PPCF
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Rebecca Eldridge
Ms. Sandra Elliott and Mr. Gary Ganz
Mr. Brandon Elrod
Empire Title of Colorado Springs, LLC
Mr. James English and Ms. Deborah Rountree English
Ms. Barbara Erickson
Ms. Jan Erickson and Mr. Jon Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Marcia Erin
Ms. Karen Estes
Ms. Maria Estrada
Ms. Kelly Eustice
Ms. Renee Evans
Ms. Elisabeth Everett
Mr. Mark Ewell
Ms. Jamie Fabos
Mr. Jarod Facknitz
Falcon Exchange Club
Falcon High School Key Club
Mr. Michael Fallon
Ms. Anne Faricy
Ms. Bonnie Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Barbara Farr
Ms. and Mr. Pamela and Tom Feilmeier
Ms. Gayle Felder
Mr. and Mrs. Anne and Tom Fellows
Ms. Linda Felts
Ms. Ann Fenley
Mr. Brian Fergen
Ms. Katherine Ferguson-Glidewell
Ms. Polly Fiedler
Ms. Audrey Field
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Karol Finch
Ms. and Ms. Laura and M. Scott Findorff
Ms. Carrie Fini
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Sue Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and Joanna Fischer
Mr. Alan Fisher and Ms. Leslie Manning
Ms. Wendy Fisher
Ms. Theresa Fitts
Ms. Sharie Flanagan
Mr. Jamie Fletcher
Mr. Brynden Flick
Ms. Tessa Flowers
Ms. Linda Flynn
Mr. Steve Flynn and Ms. Jean Gumpper
Ms. Tammy Fogall
Mr. and Mrs. Marsha and Bruce Fogarty
Mr. and Mrs. Kay and Richard Folan
Ms. Connie Foley
Ms. Amy Folsom
Mr. Kevin Forbush and Ms. Elizabeth Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Cynthia Foreman
Ms. Penny Forsyth
Ms. Nancy Fortuin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Carol Foss
Mr. Tad Foster and Ms. Melissa Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Tabatha Fotenos
Ms. Amy Fournier
Ms. Sandi Francel
Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer and Jason Franceschelli
Ms. Kelly Franck
Rev. Jacque Franklin
Mr. Andrew Franks
Ms. Karen Franzen
Mr. and Mrs. Indy and Jack Frazee
Mr. Don Alan Frederick
Mr. Christian Frees
Mr. and Mrs. Glenna and Steven French
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Lyn and Bryan French
Mr. Gerard Frunzi
Ms. Lori Fuller
Ms. Pam Fuller
Ms. Rhonda Fullmer
Ms. Betty Fulton
Ms. Theda Furlonge
The Furnace Guy Heating & Cooling
Ms. Susan Furst
Mr. Ron Furstenau
Ms. Donna Gable
Ms. Jill Gaebler
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Kathleen Gamblin
Ms. Rebekah Gans
Ms. Alexandra Garced
Mr. and Mrs. Claire and Johnny Garcia
The Garden City Company
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Frances Garrison
Ms. Zayra Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Carrie Geitner
Ms. Allyson Geller
Mr. Patrick Thomas Gentile
Ms. Karen Gentzler
Ms. Loren George and Mr. Stephen Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Terry Gerbstadt
Ms. Janelle Geren and Mr. William Smith
Dr. and Ms. Eric and Jamie Gessner
Ms. Amy Gilletine
Mr. Ralph Giordano
Ms. Jennifer Girard
Ms. Jessica Givens
The Glass Guru of Colorado Springs
Godfredson Performance Products
Mr. Doug Goldberg
Ms. Julie Golden
Ms. Cammie Gollihare
Ms. Connie Gonser
Ms. Tina Gonzales
Ms. Bailey Gonzalez
Mr. C. Lee Goodbar Jr.
Mr. Timothy Gore
Mr. Richard Gorham
Ms. Mary Gorman
Mr. Brandon Gould
Ms. Janet Gould
Mr. Jason Goure
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Crystal Grady
Ms. and Mr. Sharon and Clifford Grady
Ms. Vicki Gramm
Ms. Carolyn Graves
Ms. Susie Gregoire
Ms. Kathleen Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Lindsay Gries
Ms. Debbie Griffin-Strickland
Mr. Mark Griffin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Martha Grizzell
Mr. Michael Grojean
Ms. Susan Gross
Ms. Carolyn Grossell
Mr. Greg Gruppo
Mr. Christopher Guarnera and Ms. Mary Crawford-Guarnera
Mr. Shawn Gullixson
Mr. and Mrs. John and Deborah Gumper
Ms. and Dr. Donna and Michael Guthrie
Ms. Carrie Guy
Ms. Maria Guzman
Mr. and Mrs. Terri and Paul Haag
Mr. and Mrs. Nancy and John Haddad
Mr. and Mrs. Katherine and Charles Hadley
Ms. Sharon Haecker
Ms. Ann Haehn
Ms. Melissa Hafter and Mr. Greg Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Tonya and Scott Hagins
Ms. Janis Hahn
Ms. Jennifer Hale-Coulson
Ms. Karen Halenkamp
Mr. Jeffrey Hall
Ms. Julie Hall
Mr. Matt Hall
Mr. Samuel Hall
Ms. Susan Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Corrina and Scott Hamann
Ms. Melinda Hamilton
Ms. Wendy Hammack-Smith and Mr. Steve Smith
Ms. Joyce Hanagan
Mr. Paul Hann
Ms. Erin Hannan
Ms. Brittney Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Ginger and Donald Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Allison Hanson
Ms. Gwendolyn Happ
Ms. Gloria Harbold
Mrs. Robbie Hardaway
Ms. Nora Hardin
Ms. and Mr. Cheryl and James Harding
Mr. R. Sylvia Harding
Ms. Lynda Hargrave
Mr. Jared Harp – Stick Horses in Pants
Ms. Carole Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Gigi Harris
Ms. Laura Harris
Ms. Gwendy Hartsell
Mr. John Hartung
Dr. and Mrs. Harzan
Ms. Donna Hathaway
Mr. and Mrs. Mel and Bonnie Hathaway
Ms. Kathleen Hatten
Ms. Susie Havel
Ms. Rebecca Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Johnna and Clayton Hayes
Ms. Ellen Head
Mrs. Teresa Head
Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning
Ms. Janice Heffer Wright
Mr. Philip Heinicke
Ms. Devanie Helman
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Deborah Helton
Mr. Joe Helvoight
Ms. Nancy Henjum and Mr. Stephen Kern
Mr. Jeffrey Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Donna Henschen
Ms. Nadine Hensler
Ms. Ruth Henss
Ms. Michele Hermsen
Ms. Kathleen Heroux
Senator and Ms. William B. and Linda E. Herpin
Ms. Amity Herrera
Ms. Nancy Herzog
Mr. and Mrs. Lee and James Hesson
Ms. Carson Hester
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Shari Hetherington
Hi Country Newcomers Club
Ms. Beth Hieronymus
Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Katherine Hieronymus
Ms. Misty Highstead
Ms. Elizabeth Hilario
Ms. and Mr. Karen and Robert Hilborn
Ms. Janet Hildebrant
Mr. Chance Hill
Ms. Janeen Hill
Ms. Julia Hill
Ms. Amanda Hill-Cox and Mr. Larry Cox
Ms. Micky Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sandra Hilt
Mr. Gregory Hinchman
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and Jean Hinck
Mr. Matt Hiner
Ms. Laurie Hinman
Ms. Robin Hinson
Ms. Susan Hippe
Commissioner Dennis Hisey
Ms. Brenda Hitchcock
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nancy Hochman
Ms. Amy Hoepfner
Mr. Jesse Hofflin and Ms. Phyllis Clark
Ms. Gena Holbeck
Ms. Lori Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Marita Hollis
Ms. Brenda Holmes-Stanciu
Mr. David Holmgren
Mr. and Ms. Robert and Lyndy Holzwarth
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Molly Homec
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Pam Homme
Hood Custom Homes, Inc.
Ms. Michele Hood
Mr. Steven Horner
Ms. Susan Horsfall
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Kay Hosie
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. and Lenore Hotchkiss
Ms. Lisa Howard
Mr. Robert Howsam and Ms. Sara Ware Howsam
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Nancy Hoyman
Ms. Abbigail Huber
Humanitas Wine Company, Inc.
Dr. Gayle Humm
Ms. Judy Hummel
Mr. Andrew Hunt
Ms. Margaret Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Joanna Husby
Mr. and Mrs. William and Kristel Hybl
Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Emily Inman
Integrity Bank and Trust
International Interior Design Association, Rocky Mountain Chapter
Ms. Dee Jackson
Ms. Donna Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. G. Scott and Rebecca Jackson
Ms. Kelly Jackson
Ms. Leslie Susan Jackson
Ms. Lori Jackson
Mr. Mark Jakusovszky and Ms. Karrie Williams
Ms. Wynona James
Ms. Julie Jay
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Gwendolyn Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Sylvia Jennings
Ms. Darlene Jensen
Ms. Dixie Jensen
Mr. William Johannsen
Ms. Darcy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. David and Kyla Johnson
Ms. Eva Johnson
Ms. Frances Johnson
Ms. Jessica Johnson
Mr. Julian Johnson
Ms. Rose Marie Johnson
Ms. Tammy Johnson
Mr. William Johnson , Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Ellen Johnson-Fay
Mr. Michael Johnston
Ms. Rose Johnston
Ms. Alison Jones
Mr. Chris Jones
Ms. Louella Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Nicole and Jeff Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Karen Jones
Ms. Lucinda Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Jungman
Ms. Karen Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Cathryn and Thomas Karmondy
Mr. Kevin Kaveney
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Linda Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Christine Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Judith Keller
Ms. Carrie Kelly
Ms. Connie Kelly and Mr. Ken Vegoren
Mr. and Mrs. Heather and Edwin Kelly
Mr. Jack Kelly
Ms. Shannon Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. William and Darlene Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Becky Kenney
Mrs. Linda Kennison
Ms. Joyce Stave Kentner
Ms. Natalie Kern
Ms. Nancy Kerr
Ms. Betty Kerwin
Ms. Kathy Kidd
Ms. Mary Louise Killoran
Mr. and Mrs. James and Eileen Kin
Ms. Tarah King
Ms. Molly Kinne
Ms. Jacqueline Kintz
Ms. Vicki Kipp
Mr. Paul Kirkbride
Mr. and Mrs. Tina and John Klemencic
Ms. Rachel Kline
Dr. Peter Knepell and Dr. Rosalyn Knepell
Mr. Douglas Knoch
Ms. Deanna Koches
Ms. Jody Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara and Richard Kohlhaas
Ms. Carrie Kohut
Mr. Bruce Kolbezen
Mr. Bob Koontz
Ms. Nicole Kopach
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Montse Korleski
Koru Street, LLC
Mrs. Jeanne Koss
Mr. and Ms. Stanley and Susan Kouba
Ms. Anne Krajcovic
Ms. Kathryn Kramer
Mr. Rex Kramer
Ms. Connie Kreider
Ms. Julie Krow
Mr. Stefan Kubricht
Mr. Michael Kuhn
Ms. Nancy Kuklenski
Ms. Melissa Kumar
Ms. Joi Kush
Ms. Sharon LaBarge
Ms. Deborah LaBarre and Mr. Steve Henry
Ms. Shaena LaFauce
Ms. Kaye Lafreniere
Ms. Judi Lakin
Ms. Catherine Lalley
Ms. Clara Lander
Mr. and Mrs. Lisa and Jeffrey Landon
Ms. Anita Lane
Ms. Kelsi Lane
Ms. Gina Lane-Olsson and Mr. Jon Olsson
Ms. Bree Langemo
Ms. Sharon Langley
Mr. E. Roland Laning III
Mr. and Mrs. Irene and Craig Larimer
Dr. and Mrs. James and Cheryl Larkin
Ms. Roberta Larson
Mrs. and Mr. Jessie and Wayne Latham
Mr. and Mrs. Christine and Ted Lawson
Ms. Peggy Layh
Ms. Allison Le Tungate
Mr. Charles Leaf
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Cheryl Lebel
Ms. Stefanie Legan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrice and Hans Lehermeier
Ms. Linda Leitz
Mr. Paul Lemon
Mr. Jules Lepage
Ms. Christine LePendu
Ms. Linda Leslie
Ms. Sheena Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Paula and Neil Levy
Ms. Nancy Lewis
Ms. Thelma Lewis
Ms. Jillian Likness
Ms. Martha Lindberg
Ms. Jocelyn Linde
Ms. Kim Lindstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara and Nicholas Liontas
Ms. Marilyn Little
Ms. Ginger Littleton
Ms. Lisa Lockwood
Ms. Barbara Logan
Ms. Kimberley Long
Ms. Lisa Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Ofelia and Daniel Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Nancy and Stephen Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Ellen Loring
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan and Lynn Lougeay
Mrs. and Mr. Carol and Jerry Lubell
Ms. Marie Lucero
Mr. Brian Lydon
Ms. Evelyn Mabry
Ms. Kay Mac Enulty
Ms. Greta MacAlmon
Ms. Suzanne MacAulay
Ms. Donna Machacek
Macy’s East
Ms. Ruth Macy
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Kori Magallanez
Mr. and Mrs. Kathy and David Magargal
Ms. Cynthia Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Judy Magill
Mr. and Mrs. James and Donna Maguire
Ms. Cindy Mahrdt
Ms. Mary Lou Makepeace
Ms. Jennifer Malenky
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and John Mandico
Ms. Maya Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Vicky Manlove
Ms. Ruth Manning-Freeman
Ms. Jennifer Mapp
Ms. and Mr. Wynde and Brian Maready
Mr. Jeff Markey
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Pamela Marsh
Mr. Christopher Marshall
Ms. Laura Marshall
Ms. Karren Martel
Ms. Connie Martin
Ms. Corina Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert and Noel Martinez
Mr. Nick Martinez
Ms. Michelle Marx
Ms. Linda Mason
Ms. Stephanie Mason
Ms. and Mr. Julie and Drew Matalus
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Tanya Matarazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Audra and Michael Mater
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Tammy Matthies
Ms. Kim Mauthe
Ms. Diana May and Mr. Anthony Decesaro
Ms. Barbara McAllister
Mrs. and Mr. Suellen and Robert McAndrews
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun and Annie McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jane McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Nikki and Zachary McComsey
Ms. Deirdre McCormack and Mr. Terry Hillman
Ms. Jill McCormick and Mr. Peter Frantz
Ms. Corine McCoy
Ms. Lorrie McCoy
Ms. Becky McCreight
Ms. Georgia McCurdy
Ms. Carmen McDermott
Ms. Melanie McEvoy
Ms. Audrey McGuire
Mrs. Roberta McIntyre
Ms. Cat McKaige
Ms. Diane McKain
Ms. Carrie Mckee
Mr. Sean McKeown and Ms. Brenda Biondo
Ms. Deborah McLaughlin
Ms. Kathleen McLaughlin
Mrs. A. Lucille McLeod
Ms. Kelly McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Lisa McReynolds
Mr. Michael Mead
Medtronic Foundation
Ms. and Mr. Paula and Frank Megorden
Mr. and Mrs. Kathy and Richard Meinig
Melting Springs, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Ilana Merensten
Ms. Yvonne Merkle
Dr. and Mrs. Roger and Rebecca Meyer
The MGive Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Patricia Michels CLU
Microsoft Community Affairs
Mr. and Mrs. David and Marsha Diane Middlemist
Ms. Rebecca Mientka
Ms. Debra Might
Mr. Charles Miller
Ms. Keturah Miller
Mrs. and Dr. Marilyn and James Miller
Ms. Mary Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Sandy Miller
Ms. Susan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Gina and Peter Milliken
Mr. Richard Miner and Ms. Joyce Stillwauch
Ms. Jeanette Minniti
Ms. M. Jennifer Mohl
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Loretta Montgomery
Ms. Trisha Montoya
Mr. Eugene Moore
Ms. Tamara Moore
Ms. and Mr. K. Renee and David Moorefield
Ms. Carlee Morgan
Mr. Dustin Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Maureen and Mike Morgan
Mr. Mark Morlock
Ms. Gail Morrison
Ms. Marcie Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Barb Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. John and Shelley Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Kathryn Mossman
Ms. Nancy Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Lindsey Mote
Ms. and Mr. Patricia and Daniel Moyer
Ms. Jean Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Ginger Munoz
Mr. and Mrs. Melissa and Matt Munro
Ms. Jamie Muth
Mr. and Mrs. Dorothy and Dewitt Myers
Ms. Janice Myers
Mr. Kenneth Myers
Ms. Sheila Myers
Dr. and Ms. Lewis and Carol Mylar
Mr. and Mrs. Brady and Ashlee Nachtrieb
Ms. Vanessa Nagel
Ms. Catherine Nakai
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and Elaine Naleski
Mr. Christopher Nall
Mr. Giovanni Naranjo
Mr. and Mrs. Iryse and David Naro
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Ann Naughton
Mr. Leo Navarro and Ms. Julie Chavez-Navarro
Mr. Christian Nelson
Ms. Emily Nelson
Ms. Heather Nelson
Ms. Heidi Nelson
Ms. Sharon Nemeth
Ms. Linda Nesti
Ms. Wylie Nethery and Mr. Michael Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Sue and David Neufeld
Mr. Oliver Nickels
Ms. Julie Nicks
Mr. Ricardo Nieves
Mr. Sebastian Nieves
Ms. Cynthia Nimerichter and Mr. Ted Worcester
Mr. Richard Nitzberg
Ms. Lisa Noble
Ms. Roberta Noel
Ms. Sarah Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Amy Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Eloise Noland
Ms. Mary Norman
Mr. Luke Northam
Ms. Elizabeth Norton
Ms. Peggy Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Kristen and John Nunez
Ms. Olivia Nunez
Ms. Beth O’Brien
Ms. Caitlyn O’Connell
Ms. Janel O’Hayre
Mr. and Mrs. Jane and Peter Obernesser
Mr. Cody Obomy
Mr. Keith Oda
Mr. William Oliver
Ms. Carol Olton
Ms. Debra Ormston
Mr. and Mrs. John and JoAnn Orsborn
Mr. and Mrs. McKinsie and Arthur Ortegon
Ms. Christina Osberg
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Mary Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Danielle Osborne
Ms. Tonya Osterhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Janet and Daniel Ostrom
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Louise Ostrow
Mr. and Mrs. Julie and George Ott
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lynne Otto
Mrs. Judith Owsley
Mr. Andy Oyler
Mr. and Mrs. Ginny and James Page
Mr. and Mrs. Pamela and Sean Paige
Mrs. Wynne Palermo
Ms. Cynthia Pality
Mr. Richard Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald and Judith Palmer
Ms. Jacquie Parella
Ms. Kyeli Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie and Don Parker
Ms. Danielle Parris-Exline
Mr. Bob Parsons
Ms. Kelly Parthen
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Becky Parzybok
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel and Laura Pascual
Ms. Tina Passarelli
Mr. Wayne Paton
Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Jon Patten
Ms. Robin Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Vance and Lauren Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Scarlett Patton
Mr. Earl Fred Paul and Ms. Georgia Hansen Paul
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Peaks Shadow, LLC
Mr. Michael Pearlmutter
Ms. Terese Peisner and Mr. Sam Harrah
Honorable and Mrs. Steven and Deborah Pelican
Ms. Nicole Pendley and Ms. Vernie Pendley
Penrose – St. Francis Health Services – Centura Health
Peoples Mortgage
Ms. Marian Percy
Mr. and Mr. Paul and Kris Perea
Ms. Sheila Pereira
Ms. Lori Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Kristina Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Melinda Pesicka
Ms. Ann Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Molly and Juergen Petzl
Ms. Yen Pham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Amanda Phan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Anne Pharis
Mr. and Mrs. Thom and Betta Phelps
Mrs. and Mr. Kelly and Jeff Phillips
Mr. Stan Phillips
Ms. Vikki Phillips
Ms. Carol Philofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Donna Piet
Pikes Peak Over the Hill Gang
Pikes Peak United Way
Ms. M. Lorraine Pinello
Ms. Diana Pirez
Ms. Tiffany Pisaneschi
Ms. Libby Pitman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Ahriana Platten
Ms. Carol Plummer
Ms. Diana Polelli-Campbell and Mr. George Campbell
Ms. Denise Polenske
Ms. Paula Pollett
Ms. Rebecca Poole
Ms. Shanna Pooler
Mr. and Mrs. Angela and Tim Pope
Mr. Gil Porat
The Porsche Club
Mr. and Mrs. Sherry and Scott Porter
Mr. Michael Pouw and Ms. Pauline Ellis-Pouw
Ms. and Mr. Dixie and Lawrence Powers
Ms. Tess Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Marie and John Poyzer
Ms. Krithika Prashant
Ms. Beverly Price
Ms. Flo Pritz
Profit Systems – High Jump
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Public Service Credit Union Colorado Springs Branch
Ms. Mara Purl
Ms. Julie Raber and Mr. John Vasilakis
Ms. Lee Rabidoux
Honorable and Mrs. Matt and Linda Railey
Mr. Reed Rainey
Mrs. Doris Ralston
Ms. LeNore Ralston and Mr. Thomas Falk
Ms. Gayle Rappold
Ms. Constance Raub
Mr. and Mrs. Patrice and Lex Ravenscroft
Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Steven Rawson
Ms. Vicki Rector and Ms. Deborah Gillman
Ms. Ann Reed
Ms. Regina Reever
Dr. Laura Reich M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Nicole Reiff
Mr. Jerry Reiland and Mrs. Michelle Grove-Reiland
Ms. Julie Reiling
Ms. Maggie Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Sylvia Reinking
Mr. and Mrs. Bert and Ruby Reissig
Mr. and Mrs. Melissa and Tom Remick
Renaissance Designs, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Jo and Tom Resman
Ms. Kari Reyner
Mr. Mark Reyner
Mr. Christopher Reynolds and Ms. Cecelia Reynolds
Ms. Gina Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Karin and Randall Reynolds
Ms. Damara Rice
Mr. Jeff Rice
Ms. Judith Rice-Jones
Ms. Mary Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Gail and Paul Richards
Ms. Carrie Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Kim and Christopher Richardson
Ms. Melissa Richardson
Mr. Ryan Richert
Dr. Kathleen Ricker
Dr. Eric Ridings and Dr. Jane Witter Ridings
Mr. Jeffrey Riggs
Mr. John Riker and Ms. Marcia Dobson
Ms. Giannina Rikoski
Ms. Nancy Rinaldo
Mr. Brian Risley
Mr. and Mrs. Tammy and Ralf Rivera
Ms. Elizabeth Roalstad
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Angela Roberts
Ms. Deb Robins
Ms. Mary Robins
Mr. Mark Robitaille and Ms. Allison Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth and Kent Rockwell
Ms. Minta Rodd
Ms. Kelley Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon and Kevin Roe
Ms. Claudia Rogers
Mr. Gregory Rogers
Ms. Shawna Rogers
Ms. Jessica Rojas
Ms. Candace Romig
Ms. Kelly Rosati
Ms. Barbara Rosberry
Mr. and Mrs. Angela and Chris Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Diane Rose
Mr. Aaron Rosenthal and Ms. Janet Oliver
Ms. Nettie Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Alan and JoAnne Rowley
Ms. Isabelle Rowsey
Mr. Tim Royston
Ms. Debra Rubio
Ms. and Mr. Lena and Richard Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Ginny Ruths
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Sarah Ryals
Mr. Aidan Ryan
Ms. Adela Sadler – E&E Fashion Apparel
Mr. Roy Sailor
Mr. Aje Sakamoto
The Sallee Family Fund
Ms. Eva Sanchez
Mr. Louis Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. William and Shirley Sanden
Mr. Robert Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence and Judy Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Juan and Alicia Sauceda
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Linda Sauer
Dr. and Ms. Robert and Penny Sayre
Mr. Larry Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Barbara Schlabs
Ms. Christine Schmidt
Ms. Lauren Schmidt
Ms. Carol Schmitz
Ms. Susan Schnee
Mr. Clint Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Chris Schneider
Dr. Vicki Schober
Mr. Rich Scholes
Mr. Donald Schott
Ms. Victoria Schwab and Mr. Mel Bargas
Ms. Betty Schwartz
Mr. and Dr. Ted and Teresa Schwartz
Ms. Theresa Schweitzer
Ms. Mary Scott
Ms. Marie Louise See
Mrs. and Mr. Marie and Walter Seelye
Ms. Victoria Selfridge
Ms. Tracy Sellars
Ms. Cassandra Sergeant
Mr. and Mrs. Shelly and Frankie Serna
Mr. and Mrs. Cari and Larry Shaffer
Ms. Joy Shaink
Ms. Nancy Shanley
Mr. Kenneth Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Vanessa and Andrew Shawver
Ms. Colleen Shea
Mr. Raymond Shea – Ray Shea Homes – Perfect Pitch, LLC
Ms. Kelly Sheehan
Mr. David Sheets
Ms. Bree Shellito
Mr. and Mrs. Sharon and Paul Sheppard
Ms. Gail Shetler
Mr.and Mrs. Michael and Veronica Shilkitus
Ms. Anu Shivduri
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Ms. C.L. and Peggy Shivers
Ms. Rebecca Siegel
Ms. Michelle Siffin
Ms. Beverly Silkwood
Ms. Janice Simonton
Maj. and Ms. William and Janice Skadow
Ms. Melissa Skillington
Mr. and Mrs. Kara and Bradley Skinner
Ms. Kristin Skoog
Ms. Elise Smith
Mr. Gary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Umeno Smith
Ms. Jamie Smith
Mr. Jim Smith
Ms. Karolyn Smith
Ms. and Mr. Nancy and Mark Smith
Mr. Scott Smith
Ms. Tammy Smith
Ms. Vickie Smith
Rev. and Mrs. Granville and Charlene Smythe
Ms. Annie Snead
Ms. Elizabeth Snow-Wheeler
Ms. Cherie Snyder
Mr .and Mrs. Marc and Kelly Snyder
Mrs. Jacqueline Sobczak
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Betsy Sobral
Ms. Gina Solazzi
Mr. Kris Somers
Mr. Rick Sorenson
The Southern Colorado Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Ms. Barbara Sparks
Ms. Laura Speer
Ms. Maria Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Sundie and Sade Spencer
Mr. Creed Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. James and Elizabeth Spittler
Mr. James Sprague
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Mimi Spruiell
St David of the Hills Episcopal Church Women
ST Kresge Consulting LLC
St. Francis of Assisi Parish
St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church
St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church
Mr. and Mrs. Jeaneen and Robert Stadjuhar
Mrs. and Mr. Pat and Mark Stanforth
Mr. J. Adrian Stanley and Mr. Joshua Carr
Mr. and Mrs. John and Carol Stansfield
The Stark Family Fund of the PPCF
Ms. Judith Steed
Ms. Connie Steele
Ms. Patrice Stevens
Mr. Tom Stevens
Ms. and Dr. Jane and Gary Stiehl
Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer and Christopher Stilley
Ms. Trish StJohn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Shirley Stokes
Ms. Pierrette Stone
Ms. Kate Strand
Stratmoor Hills United Methodist Women
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Kristine Strauch
Structure Real Estate Group
Mr. Jeffrey Stumpf
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Lindsey Suggs
Ms. Ann Sulley
Ms. Kelli Sullivan
Mr. Michael Summerfruit
Ms. Stephanie Surth
Ms. Dorothy Sutton
Mr. James Swindler
Ms. Tanya Szabo
Ms. Claire Taber
Ms. Loryl Tabone
Ms. Stephanie Tanis
Ms. Janet Tanner
Ms. Mackie Tate Tygart
Ms. Trudy Taxman
Mr. Jeremy Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jodi and Max Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and John Taylor
Ms. Kimberley Taylor-Beer
Ms. Jodi Teeples
Ms. Sandy Teets
Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael and Carol Tennermann
Ms. Christina Tennican and Mr. Erick Anderson
Ms. Dolores Terragas
Dr. and Mrs. Kent and Nancye Thayer
Ms. Lauren Theken
Dr. and Mr. Rebecca and Chuck Theobald
Ms. Kathy Thierry
Ms. Ann Thomas
Ms. Sharon Thompson
Mr. John Tighe
Ms. C. Joy Titus-Bengogullari
Mr. and Mrs. Coreen and Shanti Toll
Ms. Rebecca Tonn
Ms. Carol Toren Edmiston
Ms. Molly Tornes
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Anna Traenkle
Mrs. and Mr. Kathryn and Mike Trapp
Mr. Mark Tremmel
Ms. Jill Trenary Dean
Triple Mojo, LLC
True Nature Roofing, LLC
Ms. Adrienne Tuck
Mr. and Mrs. Joan and Ted Tucker
Mr. Donald Turner
Ms. Dorothy Turner
Ms. Fern Turner and Ms. Dorothy Turner
Mr. Russell Thayer Tutt
Ms. Charlene Tuxhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Marla and Thomas Twardowski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and LaDonna Tyboroski
Ms. Mary Kay Uchiyama
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Rita Ulrich
United Health Group
United Way of Northern Utah
Ms. Sigrid Unsell
Ms. Jane Urschel
Mr. Gabriel Uy
Ms. Jennifer Valverde
Ms. Jessica Valvo
Ms. Barbara Van Hoy
Mrs. and Mr. Candy and David Vandenberg
Ms. Michelle Vandepas
Ms. Kathy VanInwegen and Mr. David Barber
Ms. Claudette VanPelt
Ms. Jessica Vasicko
Ms. Gloria Vaughn
Verizon Foundation
Ms. Christina Vermeer
Ms. Zena Verros
Ms. Jane Vigeant
Village Christian Church
The Vinton Law Firm, P.C.
Ms. Melanie Vogel
Mr. William Vogeney
Mr. and Mrs. Pattye and David Volz
Ms. Shirley Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Jeanine Walla
Ms. Nancy Wallace
Honorable Regina Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Wenda and Robert Walters
Ms. Joanna Wang
Mr. and Mrs. David and Cindy Ward
Ms. Sylvia Ward
Ms. Meredith Wardwell
Mr. Stephen Wasson
Mr. Robert Waterman
Ms. Susan Watkins
Mr. Joseph Watson
Ms. Julie Waugh
Ms. Christiane Weatherbee
Ms. Elizabeth Weatherford
Ms. Sherry Weaver
Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Rebecca and Al Wegner
Ms. Janice Weiland
Mr. Murray Weiner
Mr. Greg Welch
Ms. Sandy Wenger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and PJ Wenham
Ms. Kathy Wenninger
Mrs. and Mr. Mimi and Chester Wheeler
Ms. Roxie Wheeler
Mr. Andrew White
Mr. and Mrs. Antony Justin and Laurie-Jean White
Ms. Deborah White
Ms. Rebecca White
Mr. Sidney White
Ms. Jo Ann Whitehill
Mr. Nathan Whitney
Dr. Leigh Whittier Allen, Psy.D.
Ms. Heather Whitworth
Ms. Sheila Wiener
Ms. Sabrina Wienholtz
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Wiepking
Mr. Reinhold Wigand
Mr. and Mrs. Ellen and Preston Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Grant Willemarck
Ms. Rosa Willey
Ms. Erica Williams
Ms. Jennifer Williams
Ms. LaToya Williamson
Ms. Maggie Williamson
Ms. Theresa Wilson Flynn
Ms. Dennise Wilson
Mr. Jeremy Wimer
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Becky Winegar
Ms. Joan Winlan
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Patty Winter
Ms. Catherine Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Victoria and Robert Wolfson
Ms. Wendy Wolfswinkel and Mr. Terry Stiffler
Mr. David Wood
Ms. Kathy Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Randon and Audrey Woodard
Ms. Layne Woodruff and Ms. Sherri Woodruff
Mr. Milton Woody
Ms. Kim Worth
Ms. Sandee Wurtz
Mr. and Mrs. John and Karen Wylie
Ms. Anja Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus and Lauren Yanez
Ms. Karen Yoder
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and James Young
Ms. Karen Zalmanek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Joanna Zaremba
Ms. Terry Zarsky
Ms. Corrine Zerr
Ms. Cynthia Zimmerman
Ms. Jane Zook