Diversity Outreach


Volunteers are placed with a child based on that child’s individual needs. Often these children are more comfortable with, and trusting of, advocates who best understand their cultural needs and can connect with a child on that level.

Overwhelmingly, African-American and Hispanic/Latino children are overrepresented in the child welfare system, and there is substantial need for more CASA volunteers of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Bilingual Hispanic/Latino volunteers are especially needed. While all volunteers communicate in English during court proceedings, they are often working with individuals whose first language is Spanish. Navigating language barriers is critical to ensuring success for a child.

It’s also worth noting that approximately 50% of the children in need are boys, so we have a special need for more men to stand up and be counted as everyday heroes and role models in the lives of these future men.

But our need for volunteers is critical, no matter your cultural background. Please consider standing up for a child who needs you most. You truly can make a difference.

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Taking the Hand of a Child in Need: A Call to Action in Aid of Our Diverse Youth
By El Paso County District Court Judge Timothy. J. Schutz,