In-Kind Donors

In-Kind Donors


Ms. Marijah Adams-Cleek
Mr. and Mrs. Becky and Levi Akers
Ms. Jackie Aldrich
Ms. Lulio Alfonso
Ms. Karen Alonge
Mrs. and Mr. Jan and Ronald Altman
Ms. Leah Aly
Ms. Kimberly Amis
Ms. Christina Amos
Ms. Kimberly Amos
Amy’s Donuts
Mr. Craig Anderson and Ms. Sara Flint-Anderson
Ms. Kay Anderson
Ms. Leilani Anderson
Ms. Carla Archuleta
Ms. Amelia Atencio
Ms. Sarah Bailey
Ms. Stephenie Bandi
Ms. Melissa Banovich
Mrs. and Mr. Marilyn and Seth Bardash
Barista Espresso
Mr. and Mrs. Georganne and Jerry Barnes
Ms. Kayla Battles
Ms. Caitlyn O’Connell
Mr. Roland Beatty
Ms. McKenna Becker
Ms. Leah Behr
Ms. Sarah Beiriger
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Beverly Bender
Ms. Meghan Berry
Between Friends
Ms. Gayle Beyer and Mr. Bob Shippee
Ms. Whitney Bidwell
Ms. Marie Blair Mendez
Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Janet Blasig
Ms. Peggy Bodde
Ms. Angela Bolinger
BombBomb – Mr. Michael Park
Ms. Raquel Bonato
Ms. Lisa Borden
Ms. Tammy Borland
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Victoria Boswell
Ms. Meredith Bower
Ms. Amy Box
Mr. and Mrs. Cayth and Jim Brady
Mr. Carl Brantley
Ms. Jolynn Breashears
Mr. and Mrs. Martina and Chris Breeden
Ms. Pam Brigman
Mr. Darec Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Amy and Brandon Brown
Ms. Dina Brown
Ms. Anna Buchanan
Ms. Caitlin Burns
Dr. Vicki Burrichter
Ms. Gina Byrd
Ms. Heather Campbell
Ms. Katie Carlin
Ms. Wylene Carol
Ms. Leah Carpenter
Carpetcare Craftsman
Ms. Britta Carrier
Mr. Geoff Carrigan
Ms. Angela Case
Ms. Carolyn Case
Ms. Jo Cervone
Cherwell Software
Cheyenne Mountain Athletic Department
Ms. Janie Christoff
Ms. Jennie Chumbley
Ms. Charlotte Clark
Ms. Kennedy Jo Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Victoria Cochran
Ms. Amy Coleman
Ms. Lori Coleman
Comprehensive Computer Consulting
Ms. Susan Conde
Ms. MaryAnne Cooper
Ms. Katie Corcoran
Ms. C J Coston
Ms. Christina Cotton
Ms. Michelle Craddock
Ms. Elizabeth Cramer
Ms. Kandace Craven
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Carolyn Cronk
Ms. Natalie Crow
Ms. Anna Cruise
Ms. and Dr. Beth and Kevin Crumpton
Ms. Becky Culver
Ms. Lorraine Curnell
Ms. and Mr. Allison and R. J. Cutter
Ms. Kris Darling
Ms. Tanya Davie
Ms. Ingrid Davies
Ms. Donnielle Davis
Ms. Jennifer De Lima
Mr. Jim Deloughry
Mr. Patrick Deloughry
Mr. Chris Detert
Ms. Leslea DeVelbiss
Mr. Grant Dewey
Ms. Gina Dillingham
Ms. Brandy Doggett
Ms. Jade Driggs
Ms. Ashley Dudley
Ms. Natalie Duncan
Mr. Casey Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Carol Duster
Ms. and Mr. Rochelle and Steve Edelman
Ms. Kylah Edgin
Ms. Alice Edmond
Mr. Andrew Elsass
Ms. Nerissa England
Mrs. and Mr. Michele and E. Wendell Engle
Ms. Olivia Epps
Ms. Natasha Ericksen
Ms. Maria Estrada
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and Mike Fallon
Mr. Arlen Feldman
Ms. Danyda Feldman
Ms. Nanci Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Sheri and Dominic Ferrara
Ms. Perry Fitz
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Cynthia Foreman
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Hope Forti
Mr. and Mrs. Cindy and Chris Franquemont
Mr. Don Alan Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Lyn and Bryan French
Ms. Kristen Friedman
Ms. Chanel Friel
Mr. and Mrs. Genevieve and Gregory Friesen
Mr. Roy Fulcher
Ms. Debi Furches
Ms. Pam Gagnon
Ms. Rachel Garcia
Ms. Nora Garza
Ms. Kelley Gaskill
Ms. Susan Gentile
Ms. Loretta Geoghan
Mr. Dustin George
Ms. Sheila Gibson Helme
Ms. Nancy Giordano
Ms. Elena Glass
Ms. Susan Gonzales
Ms. Camila Grace
Mr. and Mrs. Heidi and Brett Gracely
Ms. Lois Gracz and Mr. Brian Cox

Ms. Tessa Greer
Mr.and Mrs. Larry and Martha Grizzell
Mr. Joel Grotzinger
Ms. Maria Grundmann
Ms. and Mr. Jackie and Butch Gunn
Ms. Lisa Gurley
Mr. and Mrs. Terri and Paul Haag
Ms. Karen Halenkamp
Ms. Lexee Halsmith
Ms. Wendy Hammack-Smith and Mr. Steve Smith
Ms. Julie Hancock
Ms. Marietta Hand
Mr. and Mrs. Kristine and Tim Hardesty
Ms. Kaci Harmon
Ms. Tawnia Harp
Ms. Ashley Harris
Ms. Diane Hart
Ms. Jane Hart
Mr. Benjamin Harvey – Harvey Financial Group
Ms. Susie Havel
Ms. Concetta Healey
Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Laura Hegstrom
Dr. and Mrs. John and Jane Hegstrom
Mr. Steve Heieck
Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Jason Hein
Ms. Sara Hein
Ms. Yasmin Helal-Barber
Ms. Nicole Helton
Ms. LeeAnn Hendrix
Ms. Andrea Heredia
Ms. Sherry Hermann
Ms. Candice Hernandez
Ms. Susan Hicks
Ms. and Mr. Karen and Robert Hilborn
Ms. Cindy Hill
Ms. Sarah Hogan
Ms. Jackie Hogen
Ms. Brittany Hopkins
Mr. Larry Hoskinson
Mr. Michael Hough
Mr. and Mrs. Cynthia and Jim Huffman
Ms. Diana Hughes
Dr. Gayle Humm
Ms. Brenda Ives
Ms. Donna Jackson
Mr. Alfred Jaeger
James Irwin Charter High School
Mr. Troy Janzer
Jazmine and Benji
Mr. and Mrs. Patty and Steve Jerman
Ms. Joni Johns and Mr. Larry Driskill
Ms. Robin Johnson
Ms. Rose Marie Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Ellen Johnson-Fay
Ms. Barb Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Nicole and Jeff Jones
Ms. Terri Jones
Ms. Laurel Justice
Mr. and Mrs. Cathryn and Thomas Karmondy
Ms. Martha Kasper
Ms. Gloria Kearney
Ms. Casey Kelly
Dr. and Ms. Leon and Heather Kelly
Ms. Courtney Kennedy
Mr. Tim Kiehne
Ms. Kathilynn Killian Gioglio
Mr. and Mrs. Cory and Crystal King
Ms. Jerima King
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Megan King
Ms. Megan King
King Soopers Charitable Giving
The Kinnikinnik Chapter of the D.A.R.
Kirk and Hill of Colorado, Inc.
Ms. Beverly Klein
Ms. Heather Klinger
Ms. Rebecca Kluck
Ms. Amy Kobylinski
Ms. Angela Komar
Ms. Nicole Kopach


Mr. and Mrs. Mary and William Kubida
Ms. Joyce Kunkle
Ms. Tess La Fera
Ms. Mary LaBrecque
Ms. Shannon Lackler
Ms. Theresa Lambert
Ms. Erin Lammers
Ms. Kim Lamontagne
Ms. Jessica Lavin
Ms. Spring Leak
Mr. Paul Lemon
Ms. Christine Levy
Ms. Tami Lewis
Ms. Loretta Leyba
Mr. Chris Lippard
Ms. Diane Littleton
Ms. Ginger Littleton
Ms. Kristin Lobotzke
Ms. Ann Locklear
Mr. and Mrs. JoAnn and John Luedecke
Ms. Callie Lyons
Ms. Madeleine MacGuire and Ms. Sarah MacGuire
Ms. Lisa Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Sheila Maio
Ms. Sheila Manzanares
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Kimberly Mariotti
Ms. Sharyn Markus
Ms. Amy Markwell
Ms. Jill Markworth
Mr. Gary Martin
Ms. Halley Martin
Ms. Kelly Martinez
Ms. Kristin Mason
Ms. Stephanie Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Tammy Matthies
Ms. Kathy Maynard
Ms. Laureli Mazik
Ms. Krystin McAdams
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Barb McAdams
Ms. Ciarra McCarthy
Ms. Alyssa McClurg
Ms. Amy McCoy
Ms. Corine McCoy
Ms. Ivey McCune
Ms. Carmen McDermott
McDivitt Law Firm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ann McDonald
Ms. Peggy McGee
Ms. Kathleen McLaughlin
Merk Designs
Mr. Mark Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Roger and Rebecca Meyer
Ms. Jen Meynardie
Ms. Edna Milbank
Ms. Brenda Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Sandy Miller
Ms. Stacy Miller
Ms. Camilla Mitchell
Ms. Sue Mitchell
Ms. Mary Moffett
Ms. Yamill Monteagudo
Ms. Brenda Moore
Mr. Sean Moore
Ms. Maureen Morgan
Ms. Angela Morton
Ms. Bobbi Mukoda
Ms. Teresa Murtz
Ms. Rebecca Myers
Mr. Michael Nanoff
Ms. Debbie Nelson
Ms. Liz Nelson
Ms. Jenise Nerwinski – Bare Feet Spa
Ms. Ashley Nesselrode
Mr. and Mrs. Merrie Jeanne and Colin Nisbeth
Ms. Mel O’Malley
Ms. Joann Oh
Ms. Estelle Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Renee Olmstead
Mr. Griffin Olson
Ms. Christine Orsborn
Ms. Leticia Ortiz
Ms. Brett Page
Mr. James Page, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia Pality
Ms. Barbara Palmer
Ms. Diane Papat
Ms. Rosemary Pappas
Ms. Haley Parco
Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie and Don Parker
Ms. Katie Parslow
Mr. Bob Parsons
Mr. Keegan Patterson
Ms. Britnye Peake
Mr. and Ms. Mittie F. and Manuel Pedraza
Mr. Jordan Peeler
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Peterson
Ms. Robin Petrillo and Mr. William Pinnell
Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Frances Phelps
Ms. Teresa Phelps
Ms. Lynda Phillips
Pikes Peak Library District – Fountain
Ms. Kim Pinney
Ms. Libby Pitman
Ms. Sheila Plagman
Ms. Gail Poline
The Porsche Club
Ms. Angela Powell
Ms. Lynne Prouhet
Mr. Kyle Purer
Qdoba Mexican Grill – North Academy
Qdoba Mexican Grill – Southgate
Quantum Commercial Group – Ms. Mary Frances Cowan and Mr. Andy Oyler
Ms. LeNore Ralston and Mr. Thomas Falk
Ms. Andrea Reagan
Ms. Jan Rennie
Mr. and Mrs. William and Janna Reynolds
Ms. Jeanne Richardson
Ms. Mellissa Rocco
Ms. Amelia Rocha
Ms. Marilyn Rodak
Ms. Greki Rosenberg
Ms. Elena Rothfuss
Ms. Juanita Rothschild
Ms. Wendi Rowe
Ms. Marcia Rusinak
Mr. Aidan Ryan
Ms. Mindy Sachaj
Ms. Kaia Sailor
Ms. Amy Salisbury-Werhane
Ms. Rochelle Salmore
Ms. Jae Sanders
Ms. Sarah Sandoval
Ms. Vicki Sandoval
Ms. Shelly Schmidt
Ms. Teresa Schmitt
Mr. Ryan Scray
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Nydia Segal
Ms. Jayme Seifert
Mr. and Mrs. Sophie and Eric Senn
Ms. Bonnie Sepelak
Ms. Mary Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Vanessa and Andrew Shawver
Ms. Elizabeth Sheete
Mr. David Sheldon
Ms. Erin Shevouk
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Deborah Sikora
Ms. Marian Singer
Ms. Cathy Sizco
Mr. Ron Smith
Mr. Steve Smith
Ms. Elizabeth Snow-Wheeler
Ms. Amanda Solis
Ms. Larilou Spear
Ms. Laura Speer
Ms. Elizabeth Stagnaro
Ms. Karen Stall
Mr. John Stanton
Ms. Kimberly Stass
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Susan Staver
Ms. Tana Steiner
Ms. Deb Stephens
Ms. Romana Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer and Christopher Stilley
Ms. Tamela Stoehr
Ms. Sarah Stowell
Ms. Trudy Strewler Hodges
Striders Hiking Club
Ms. Michele Strub-Heer and Mr. Jordan Strub
Mrs. and Mr. Kelly and Roger Sung
Mayor and Mrs. John and Janet Suthers
Ms. Debbie Sutter
Ms. Kory Swalls
Ms. and Mr. Roxanne and Jack Tallon
Ms. Jin Tassler
Ms. Easter Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and John Taylor
Ms. Nanci Taylor
Ms. Amy Thacker
Ms. Lauren Theken
Ms. Judith Thompson
Ms. Jeni Tidd
Ms. C. Joy Titus-Bengogullari
Ms. Dani Tobey
Ms. Jamie Tolle
Ms. Carol Toren Edmiston
Ms. Jessica Touchard
Mr. Jeff Tucker
Ms. Jeanie Turse
Ms. Danielle Tuttle
Ms. Yunier Vaides
Ms. Krista VanLancker
Ms. Janet Vaughn
Ms. Olivia Veres
Ms. Zena Verros
Ms. Christine Villasenor
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Daniella Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Ana Walker
Ms. Rebecca Wallace
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Ms. Anita Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Marilyn and Jim Walter
Ms. Lindsey Warren
Mr. Robert Waterman
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Ms. Ashlee Wheeler
Mrs. and Mr. Mimi and Chester Wheeler
Ms. Cathy Whitworth
Who Gives a SCRAP
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Lorraine Wild
Ms. Marnie Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Gail and David Wittman
Mr. Matt Witty
Ms. Kierstan Wohlgemuth
Ms. Liz Wolf
Mr. Raymond Wonder
Ms. Brenda Wuertz
Ms. Denise Yocum
Ms. Lisa Yocum
YOT Club

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