Tributes and Memorials

Tributes and Memorials

Ms. Claire Anderson: In memory of Honorable Douglas E. Anderson, Ret.

Ms. Peggy Norton: Dedicated to Jean Bodman, Margot Lane, Suzy Marold, Kathy Loo, and Betty Watt in honor of their birthdays

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Vicky Kipp: In honor of Brooke Bower and Richard Nehring

Mr. J W Gaddis: In honor of Brady Family

Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Debra Cline: In memory of her Father, Everett Christensen

Ms. Janice Brust: In honor of Pastor Dave Cruson and family

Ms. Rita Issagholian: In honor of her daughter’s teachers

Ent Federal Credit Union: In honor of Richard Dittmer

The Luciano Family – Cathy, Joe R., Joe A., and Amanda: In memory of Audrey Down, Mother of Marilyn Bardash

In memory of Peter Eisele:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Art and Kathy Beers
  • Rise and Shine at First Presbyterian Church
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Janet Trevor
  • Ms. Meredith Yorkston

In memory of Bettie Hicks:

  • Ms. Linda Champlin-Frank
  • Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Cyndi Wheatley

In honor of Trudy Strewler Hodges’ 25 years of service to CASA:

  • Mr. Samuel Hall
  • Mr. Steve Moore
  • Ms. Ann Thomas
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Doris Wall

In memory of Carol Sanders:

  • Afternoon Readers Book Club
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joann and Robert Armstrong
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Carlene Decker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Helen Johannes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gus and Donna Lamarca
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Donna O’Bryant
  • Ms. Andrea Rumple
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hans and Patricia Schuetz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gini and James Simonson

Ms. Mary Scott: Dedicated to Isabella Scott

Ms. Joan Cox: In memory of Stuart Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. and Karen K. Hench: In honor of David Sproul

Dr. James Strub: In honor of Jordan and Michele Strub-Heer

Dr. and Mrs. William and Sybil Klein: In recognition of Michele Strub-Heer

Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation: In memory of Mrs. Barbara Webb