A Special Pair of Sneakers

It’s easy to take for granted the ability to just go to a store and buy the shoes you want, but foster teens don’t necessarily have that luxury. When The Hanger comes through for a teen, it’s a special reminder of why CASA is here and why we do what we do.

Recently, a teen girl come into The Hanger for a pair of shoes. The shoes we had out in her size weren’t quite right, but unlike other teens this one had a clear description of what she was looking for. Determined to send the girl home with some shoes she could be proud of, CASA’s Milton Foster Children’s Fund Program Manager, Jill Cheetham, went into the back and found a pair of metallic high top Converses accidentally mixed in with the boys’ shoes.

When Jill reemerged from the back, the girl started jumping up and down. She put the shoes on and her whole demeanor changed as she wore them out of the store.

Learn more about how The Hanger helps foster children and about how you can donate items to The Hanger here: https://www.casappr.org/the-hanger/