How Marquesa Hobbs became the real estate agent who gives back

Local realtor Marquesa Hobbs knows from personal experience that with each unique child in the foster care system, comes an equally unique set of complexities.

It’s why she chose to become involved with CASA, first as a member of the non-profit’s Circle of Impact, and now also as a business partner through her real estate business, Colorado Hearthstone Properties/ERA Shields.

“CASA is important to me because I saw firsthand how it supports kids in the foster care system in Colorado Springs so they can be with the right people who can love them, nurture them, and provide the very best to them,” she said.

An adopted child herself, Marquesa always knew she wanted to grow her family through adoption. After being blessed with two biological children, she and her husband set out on the foster adopt pathway. Their first placement – a brother and sister – almost became a permanent part of the family, but when the adoption did not happen, Marquesa was left wondering how the lives of these children might have turned out differently if a CASA had been involved.

Three placements later, Marquesa and her husband, Dirk, completed their family through the adoption of their third child, a nine-year-old girl. Nowadays, with her kids much older, Marquesa makes sure she is nurturing a servant’s heart in her daughters. That’s why they are involved with organizations like National Charity League.

“It allows them to try different philanthropies and see what is out there and then they can align with the ones that speak to them,” she said.

Marquesa is teaching her children to give back, but she also walks the walk.

“People in Colorado Springs are amazingly kind,” she said. “They’re generous and they want to help but they just don’t know how and sometimes need information on organizations and the kind of support they need.”

That’s why as a CASA business partner, Marquesa not only donates to CASA for each house she closes, but she also educates her clients and the community about CASA – both the manpower needs AND the financial needs.

Before jumping into real estate as a means of controlling her schedule during her busy season as a foster adopt mom, Marquesa worked in healthcare business development and marketing. She knew from the get-go that the best way to build her real estate business was to provide exemplary client service and to really take care of her clients.

Whether it’s a first-time homebuyer who could use some education on credit building, a senior who might need some extra support and guidance, or a military family who is relocating and needs basic advice like how to find a doctor, Marquesa truly enjoys coming alongside all types of clients to educate and serve.

“What I really love about what I do is my clients learn to lean on me and draw me in as a lifetime partner,” she said. “Often, real estate involves a lifestyle transition like birth, death, upsizing, downsizing, and there’s a lot of emotion around that. I love being a component of my client’s process and helping them achieve their goals as smoothly as possible.”

Having been a valued community member here in the Pikes Peak Region for over two decades, Marquesa knows the market. She continually studies market influencers and listens carefully to the needs of each client to craft a plan to help them achieve their goals. If you’re in need a real estate agent who will help you achieve you dreams while giving back so those less fortunate can achieve their dreams too, look no further than Colorado Hearthstone Properties/ERA Shields!