Seeking Donations for Santa’s Shop and Teen Gift Giveaway

CASA is now accepting donations from the community for CASA’s Teen Gift Giveaway and Santa’s Shop. This is a great way to individually – or with a group – help support youth in foster care over the holidays! These are the kinds of donations that we need:

  • The Hanger will give foster teens the option of a $25 gift card or a $25 gift. If you would like to provide any of the requested items, please visit this page  for an updated list of requests. Gifts or gift cards need to be delivered to CASA by Dec. 2
  • We are also collecting items for foster teens to take as gifts for loved ones. These items can be new or gently used, and should be dropped off at CASA by Dec. 5. (Think picture frames, candles, etc
  • For Santa’s Shop, we are taking donations of NEW items including clothing for newborn through 14/16 (coats, pants, long sleeved shirts, etc. – no summer clothes, please), arts and craft sets, educational activities/games, and books. Donations due Dec. 12.

Once Santa’s Shop is open, CASA volunteers will be invited to shop for the children on their cases. Please talk to the caregivers of the children on your case(s) and get each child’s clothing size, favorite colors, toys/characters they like, etc. so that you can easily pick gifts that are the right size and fit their interests. This year’s shop hours will be:

Tuesday, Dec. 17th — 12 PM – 4 PM
Wednesday, Dec. 18th —  8 AM – 11 AM
Thursday, Dec. 19th — 8 AM – 4 PM
Friday, Dec. 20th —  8 AM – 4 PM
Please remember that the CASA office closes at 5 PM. The CASA office will also be closed the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 18th.