Three new SEPT Facilitators sworn in over Zoom

Three community members became volunteer facilitators in CASA’s Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT) program this week when they took an oath before Fourth Judicial District Judge Jill Brady.

The swearing-in ceremony took place on Feb. 22 over Zoom and it was the last step in the journey to become a SEPT volunteer.

The new volunteers completed 15 hours of training on topics such as mental health, substance abuse, cultural awareness, and domestic violence and its effect on children.

These new volunteers can now sign up for shifts to work in CASA’s SEPT visitation center where they will monitor court-ordered supervised parenting time and document their observations for the court.

As Judge Brady explained to the new volunteers during the ceremony, their role is critical to making sure that children in our community are able to maintain relationships with their parents. CASA’s SEPT program makes it possible for children to have safe relationships with non-custodial parents when there is a court order in place for supervised parenting time. Thank you and congratulations to these new SEPT volunteers: Hannie Everett, Samantha Fuentes, and Becky Wetzel