Appreciating the volunteers who remained steadfast during COVID

It has been really tough this past year-and-a-half to be a CASA volunteer.

Our advocates came up with some very creative ways to keep an eye on their kids when the courthouse was closed and in-person visits with children were discouraged. Our SEPT volunteers remained ready and on call for the day in-person parent-child visits would resume. Those visits did resume, and our SEPT facilitators came back!

Having such a steadfast base of volunteers who demonstrate their loyalty day in and day out is not something we take for granted.

Over the summer, CASA was happy to host several volunteer appreciation events. By holding smaller gatherings in outdoor venues, it gave our volunteers an opportunity to participate while maintaining social distance if they chose.

It was great to see 40 volunteers attend our gatherings at The Garden in downtown Colorado Springs, and another dozen SEPT facilitators attend the SEPT volunteer picnic last month at Bear Creek Park.

Food, drinks, and camaraderie filled the air and we hope our volunteers feel as appreciated as they truly are because we could not carry out the CASA mission without them.