Tom & Catherine Calvin

Tom & Catherine CalvinLegacy Society Members

Tom & Catherine Calvin believe that all children have the right to feel safe and have a childhood that is filled with love and laughter. That is why they are setting an example of giving and philanthropy for their daughter, Grace.

Tom & Catherine volunteer for CASA and invest generously in the programs that support our community’s children. Three years ago, they also joined CASA’s Legacy Society – a special group of donors who have included CASA in a will, trust, or other planned gift.

“What better legacy than to know our money will help children continue to have a voice even after we are gone,” said Catherine. “We want our children and grandchildren to understand that everyone can make a difference in their community by giving their time, money and demonstrate their passion throughout life.”

“It is such an easy thing to do to add CASA as a beneficiary to a will, trust, etc. Today, it doesn’t make us any more special than other people in our community who don’t think about legacy giving, but it will make a significant difference in the lives of children in the future and that is the message we wish to share with others.”

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