Alpine Buick GMC South partners with CASA; General Manager to become advocate!

This year, Alpine Buick GMC South became a part of the roster of local businesses who are making a difference for children through their support of CASA.

The dealership’s general manager, Steve Eling, said “We wanted to support local charities who are doing great work and I know CASA does great work. We choose a different organization every month and during that month, $10 per car sold and $1 per repair order goes to that charity.”

CASA was the featured nonprofit for the dealership’s “Alpine Cares Drive” back in April and it will be featured again toward the end of 2023.

Steve first became familiar with CASA through his involvement with First Christian Church several years ago, so when the opportunity arose for his dealership to become a CASA Business Partner, he jumped at it.

Everyone who works at Alpine Buick GMC South is of the belief that supporting local nonprofits is an important step in keeping the Colorado Springs community tight knit and healthy.

“To work for a company that shares my core values, and truly believes in making a positive difference, a better life for all members of our community, a company that is actively putting good out into the world is everything to me.  It’s been a pleasure to be on this mission with Alpine,” said Alpine’s Event & Sponsorship Coordinator Lisa Dailey. “Businesses have an opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of our most vulnerable community members. It is our collective responsibility to protect and be the voice for these children who are the future of our community!”

Steve understands what it means to be tight knit as he and his wife have six adult children who remain close as a family.

“I think every child needs an opportunity to have a leg up in life,” he said.

Perhaps that is the reason that in addition to making sure Alpine Buick GMC South became a CASA business partner, Steve also decided to take the leap and become a Court Appointed Special Advocate himself. He’ll be a part of CASA’s September volunteer training class and by the end of 2023 he will be eligible to advocate for a child here in Colorado’s Fourth Judicial District.

Thank you Steve for volunteering your time, and thank you Alpine Buick GMC South for making a difference for kids!