CASA Staffer Recognized at DV Summit

CASA is proud to announce that SEPT Program Manager Kristeen O’Donnell was recognized this year at the Pikes Peak Domestic Violence Summit with the Porch Light Award for going “Above & Beyond.”

This award is bestowed annually on an individual who goes the extra mile beyond his or her professional scope to support individuals who are dealing with domestic violence.

“I am honored to receive the Porch Light award for going above and beyond,” Kristeen said. “I am passionate about the work we are doing in the SEPT program and in our CASA organization as a whole. I hope to continue to grow and advance our services to best serve the families in need.”

The Pikes Peak Domestic Violence Summit offers training and networking for professionals working in the field of Domestic Violence from multiple agencies across the state. CASA staff members attend each year in order to grow their knowledge and understanding of domestic violence dynamics. This year, a big takeaway for the staff was Victim Notification Programs which provide victims a choice and a voice in regards to notification of offenders’ probation compliance.