Board Chair Heather Kelly: Why CASA is a cause close to my heart


CASA Board Chair Heather Kelly says finding a safe and permanent home for every child has always been a cause close to her heart…

“Nearly 17 years ago, when my husband Leon and I were dating and looking at taking the next step to marriage, we had a life changing conversation. We decided that if the time came to expand our family to include children, adoption would be our choice. We both felt that every child deserves the love and support that we had growing up.

“So today, I am the proud adoptive mother of two amazing children. Our daughter Eloise and our son Milo have taught us so much about what is important in life. I have seen how an environment of love and support has helped them to become happy, thriving kids. Adopting them has made me acutely aware of all the children in the world who are not in a safe, permanent home. My husband Leon has the privilege of being the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner for El Paso County and too often sees firsthand the devastating and deadly effects of neglect and abuse in our community.

“A few years ago I attended my first CASA Light of Hope event and was touched by what I learned. The CASA mission spoke directly to my heart. I knew immediately that I wanted to share my time, talent, and treasure with CASA.” And that she does magnificently! Thank you, Heather.

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