Meet Joe & Sheila: A fantastic husband-wife CASA team

Joe & Sheila Maio work together as a husband-wife CASA team, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of children in the Pikes Peak region.  The Maio’s say they are blessed with happy, healthy children and grandchildren, and wanted to do something to help others who were not as fortunate.

Together Joe and Sheila have worked on four Dependency and Neglect cases so far, looking out for the best interests several large sibling groups.

Teaming up allows Joe and Sheila to spend time together doing something meaningful. They say they also like the team approach because:

1) it allows them to talk through the details a a case with each other without breaching rules of confidentiality.

2) since each person process things differently, they look to each other to bring a new perspective on a situation, which they say is helpful when working toward solutions.

3) they can support each other emotionally through the duration of the case.

CASA is fortunate to have several husband-wife and mother-daughter teams that are working together to ensure safe, permanent homes for children.

To learn more about volunteering the CASA as a team, or as an individual, please call, 447-9898 x1033.

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