Thank you new volunteers!

We extend our deepest appreciation to the newest classes of Court Appointed Special Advocate and Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time facilitators who were sworn in as officers of the court in both El Paso and Teller Counties last in July.

These dedicated citizens will soon begin the important work of advocating for the best interests of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and the community.

As described in the poem I am a Voice, to a child silenced by injustice, these volunteers will be their voice. To a child with whom the world has broken faith, they will be someone to believe in.


Pictured on top are the new El Paso County advocates and SEPT facilitators with Judge William Bain (From Top Left: Sean Evans,

Berry Huffman, Dolly Lostaunau, Amber Lurz, Elaine Maykowski, Natascha Mordal, Judge Bain, Hannah Seibert, Breslyn Vargas, Jean Boddy, Gabriel Cristain, Amanda Peralta, Danielle Riggins.)

The bottom photo shows our new Teller County advocates with Judge Billings-Vela (From Left: Philomena Chillino, Jim Call, Sue Richardson, Judge Billings-Vela, Barb Bay, and James Bresler)