I am a Voice

I am a Voice

To a child silenced by injustice, I am a voice.

To a child with whom the world has broken faith, I am someone to believe in.

To a child who knows only rejection, I am unconditional acceptance.

To a child lost in a nightmare, I am permission to dream.

Amid confusion, I am certainty; amid instability, constancy.

Amid cynicism and shame, I am innocence restored.

In a dark labyrinth of bureaucracy, I am a way through—a steady arm around the shoulder, a calming voice in the ear.

Where others are moved to pity, I am moved to action.

I am as quick to confront the powerful as I am to comfort the powerless.

Though I may be visited by discouragement, I do not play host to despair.

I do not relent;
I do not back down;
I do not give up.

In a system of shifting loyalties, my loyalty never wavers.

For while my appointment may come from a court, my calling comes from within.

To the child neglected, the child abused, the child cast upon the mercy of an often merciless system, I am heart and caring and courage personified.

I am a CASA volunteer.

Written and donated by Richards Partners of Dallas, TX (richardspartners.com).

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