Meet Our Newest Volunteers

We extend our deepest appreciation to the newest classes of Court Appointed Special Advocate  and Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time volunteers in El Paso County, who were sworn in as officers of the court by 4th Judicial District Chief Judge William Bain on March 6.

These dedicated citizens will soon begin the important work of advocating for the best interests of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and the community. As described in the poem I am a Voice, to a child silenced by injustice, these volunteers will be their voice. To a child with whom the world has broken faith, they will be someone to believe in.

Judge Bain expressed his appreciation for the important commitment these volunteers have made to become part of the solution for kids and families in crisis.

On behalf of abused and neglected kids in the Pikes Peak region, thank you!

Back Row (L-R): Michele Courville, Randall Cupre, Jessica Duran, Jim Gilbreath, Mariah Girres, Heidi Huff, Jennifer Johnson. Middle Row (L-R): Sarah Lee, Charles McBride, Adam Rich, Dale Segal-Kral, Brandi Vigil, Kristina Wrobleski, Judge William Bain. Front Row (L-R): Karina Anderson, Georgianna Carter, Jilitta Coerbell, Valeria Herrera, Katherine Potter

I am a Voice

To a child silenced by injustice, I am a voice.

To a child with whom the world has broken faith, I am someone to believe in.

To a child who knows only rejection, I am unconditional acceptance.

To a child lost in a nightmare, I am permission to dream.

Amid confusion, I am certainty; amid instability, constancy.

Amid cynicism and shame, I am innocence restored.

In a dark labyrinth of bureaucracy, I am a way through—a steady arm around the shoulder, a calming voice in the ear.

Where others are moved to pity, I am moved to action.

I am as quick to confront the powerful as I am to comfort the powerless.

Though I may be visited by discouragement, I do not play host to despair.

I do not relent;
I do not back down;
I do not give up.

In a system of shifting loyalties, my loyalty never wavers.

For while my appointment may come from a court, my calling comes from within.

To the child neglected, the child abused, the child cast upon the mercy of an often merciless system, I am heart and caring and courage personified.

I am a CASA volunteer.

Written and donated by Richards Partners of Dallas, TX (

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