Q&A with SEPT Facilitator Alexandria Saunders

Alexandria Saunders is a college student who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sociology this summer. She hopes to attend law school after graduation. The 24-year-old clearly has a lot on her plate, but that doesn’t stop her from carving out time to make a difference for a future generation of students.

As a Volunteer Facilitator in CASA’s Supervised Exchange & Parenting Time (SEPT) Program, Alexandria monitors and documents observations during court-ordered parent-child visits. Her work supports safety, accountability, and healthy relationships between kiddos and their parents who are involved in conflictive custody or domestic violence cases.

The SEPT staff describes Alexandria as a go-to when they need coverage on a Saturday  because she is happy to step in and help out most weekends.

What made you want to become a SEPT volunteer?       

I wanted to become a SEPT volunteer because I wanted to feel involved in improving the lives of kids and I think that’s exactly what CASA and SEPT are doing. It was a volunteer position that I felt really aligned with my values.

Why is it important for SEPT to exist and for people like to you to support it?             

I think SEPT is extremely important because the kids and families who are involved in the program need support. SEPT allows for kids and their parents to develop a relationship with eachother in a safe space which I think is so important for these kids who have already experienced a lot.

Why is your volunteer work with SEPT meaningful to you?

I do have to say I have seen some amazing families and kids come through SEPT. I’ve seen parents grow as people and I’ve seen kids who’ve been able to build trust with their parent(s) when it seemed like it was impossible. Almost every time I go to SEPT, I leave feeling like there is a lot of hope for the families that go through the program.

When she’s not working toward her degree or volunteering to strengthen families, you might find Alexandria at the movies, reading a book, visiting a museum, or drinking a kombucha about town.

Would YOU be interested in helping families like Alexandria does? Learn more about CASA’s SEPT Program and find out how to get involved today!