Q&A with Advocate Danielle McCarthy

Danielle McCarthy has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate here in the Pikes Peak Region since February of 2019. She describes herself as an ordinary gal… a student of life… a voracious reader…  someone who truly desires to make the world a better place. She’s a surviving spouse, as well as a mother to four amazing sons. Her life-long passion to make a positive impact on the lives of others is what led her to become a CASA volunteer.


What led you to become a CASA advocate?

I want to make a difference in a child’s life, as well as serve my local community. CASA is a highly respected and effective organization deserving of high caliber volunteers like myself. Children and adolescents in the foster care system deserve to have strong, knowledgeable, and heart-led advocates speaking up for them. That is my commitment to CASA: to be a knowledgeable, strong, and heart-led advocate, and to ensure the child’s voice and perspective is heard and acknowledged while traversing this uncertain and scary journey.

Tell us about a case you worked on.

I have had the privilege of being on two cases where CASA made a true impact:

The first was with a young teen that experienced a life-threatening accident. If it had not been for myself (the CASA) and my Peer Coordinator, the young teen and family would have not had a rapid response of support. The incident occurred over a weekend, and the only professional the family was able to reach was myself, the CASA. I was able to enact phone calls and emails alerting the other professionals and obtain support during this frightful experience. Because of my response and communication with the other professionals, family members were able to remain focused on their young teen.

The second impact was with another young teen who was formally adopted into a new family. This experience was profound, as I truly was able to see and feel the amazing impact I had on this young teen’s life, forever. Without a CASA to witness, strongly advocate for, and be a voice, this tremendous outcome may not have been possible.

Both experiences have left an indelible set of positive and profound memories on my heart.

What unique life experience or skillsets do you bring to your CASA cases?

My unique life experience and skillsets are patience, being fun-loving, and kind. What I like best about myself is my ability to find fun and joy all around me! I love to make people laugh, help them find their strengths, and empower them to be their best. To be a person of impact.

If you had a friend or family member who was thinking about being a CASA but they weren’t sure, what would you tell them?

I would ask them about their hesitations and encourage them to attend a Volunteer Information Session. Additionally, I would inform them of the other ways in which to support CASA, such as the Hanger, Lifelong Links, and SEPT opportunities.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about yourself or your work as a CASA?

One of the best Volunteer experiences of my 30+ years of volunteering in my local community!


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