Judge G. David Miller: Striving for safety and permanency for all kids

Widely known for being a compassionate judge who shows respect to all participants in a judicial proceeding, the Honorable Judge G. David Miller often finds himself in a position to help some of Colorado’s most vulnerable children.

Children get involved with the juvenile court for their own safety and protection when a Dependency & Neglect (D&N) case is opened by the Department of Human Services because of abuse or neglect.

As the Chief Juvenile Judge for the 4th Judicial District, Judge Miller will often preside over these cases in which he says the immediate need is for the health and safety of the child.

“However, once the emergency has passed, the goal is to ensure the child is either returned to, or found a safe and permanent home,” he further explained.

In striving to ensure this safety and permanency for each child that comes across his docket, Judge Miller knows how important the work of a Court Appointed Special Advocate is.

Advocates are community volunteers who gather information and make recommendations that help Dependency & Neglect judges decide what is truly best for each child. They do this by getting to know the child and talking with everyone in the child’s life including biological parents, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers, and so on.

“There are many attorneys involved in a typical D&N case. The very fact the CASA is not an attorney, but rather a member of the community untethered from ‘the system’ enables the CASA to see the proceeding from a real person’s common sense perspective,” Judge Miller said. “The CASA sees and hears things in a way that no one else in the courtroom can. I believe this to be invaluable to the Court, and in many cases, the CASA’s input will fundamentally change the outcome and the course of that child’s entire future.”

From being an officer in the United States Marine Corps to working as a prosecutor and senior defense counsel for the United States Air Force Judge Advocate’s Corps.; and from serving as president of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross to volunteering with Colorado Springs Teen Court – Judge Miller has always served his community.

If you’d like to help Judge Miller and other District Court Judges serve the community as they make decisions that impact the lives of children – consider becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate! Click here to learn more.

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