Volunteer Appreciation Scavenger Hunt Answers

Q: What was the location of the CASA Coffee Dates for National Volunteer Week?

A: Kinship Landing

Q: What year was CASA of the Pikes Peak Region founded?

A: 1989

Q: Where would you go to confirm a D&N hearing date and time?

A: https://www.courts.state.co.us/Courts/County/Dockets.cfm?County_ID=6

Q: What town is the Teller County courthouse located in?

A: Cripple Creek

Q: List three headings from the CASA Resource Page that may be helpful to your case.

A: Answers vary based on case dynamics.

Q: What are the two parts of the SEPT program?

A: Supervised Parenting Time:  This service provides visits for children and their non-custodial parent(s) in our Family Visitation Rooms and Supervised Exchanges: This service provides the safe transfer of children from one parent to the other with no contact between parties that are sharing custody.

Q: What does a SEPT volunteer do?

A: Exchange children from one parent to another in a supervised setting.  Monitor court-ordered parenting time in the CASA Family Center.  Document observations during parenting time or exchanges, and effectively communicate these observations orally and in writing.  Complete 8 hours per year of annual in-service training.  Maintain confidentiality of all client and court information.  Respect and relate to people of various backgrounds.

Q: Where do SEPT volunteers facilitate visits?

A: Colorado Springs or Woodland Park offices

Q: What is the address of the Teller County CASA office?

A: 400 W Hwy 24, Suite 225, Woodland Park, CO 80863400 W. Hwy 24 Suite 225

Q: What is the weblink for the CASA PPR COVID update page?

A: https://www.casappr.org/featured-news/covid-19-updates/

Q: Who is the Milton Foster Children’s Fund named for?

A: The program was named in honor of long-time CASA volunteer, Dick Milton.

Q: What are the donation hours for The Hanger?

A: Monday-Friday between 8 and 5, except for when CASA is closed for lunch every day between 12 and 1

Q: Does The Hanger accept donated luggage?

A: No

Q: When did Colorado Springs TV Channel 5 last run a segment about The Hanger?

A: 12/09/20

Q: When are MFCF applications reviewed?

A: 2nd Tues of each month

Q: What is the number for the Colorado Child Abuse hotline?

A: 1-844-CO4KIDS

Q: Where can you find upcoming trainings and events for CASA PPR?

A: https://www.casappr.org/events/

Q: What is the Chafee Program?

A: A program within DHS that provides assistance to youth currently or formerly in foster care successfully transition into adulthood, including activities that help with education, employment, financial management, housing, emotional support, and increasing connections with caring adults.

Q: What does it cost to obtain a Baby Box from Child Protective Services?

A: Free

Q: How many staff members does CASA PPR have?

A: 27 (1 staff member fulfills 2 roles, so the answer 28 was also accepted)

Q: Who is required to take the Children and Families in Transition (CFIT) class?

A: The CFIT class is required for all divorcing parents and allocation of parental responsibility cases in El Paso and Teller counties in Colorado, with children under the age of 18, within 45 days of filing and before final orders can be set.

Q: When will the in-person CFIT class resume?

A: When the court reopens to the public

Q: Where can you get CASA’s monthly newsletter The Gist online?

A: https://www.casappr.org/resources/publications/

Q: When is the next Information Hour to recruit new volunteers?

A: April 29 @ 2:00 pm 

Q: Does CASA have an Amazon smile account?

A: Yes