45th Annual Foster Children’s Festival

Presented by the North Pole

June 4th and 5th, 2022

CASA of the Pikes Peak Region is grateful to The North Pole for sponsoring the 45th Annual Foster Children’s Festival! This event is open to children and teens with an open Dependency and Neglect (D&N) case through El Paso or Teller County courts, including youth in foster care, youth with an open case living with their biological parent, kin/kin-like placements, group homes, and children adopted within the last year.

Changes for this year:

  • The event will be held Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th. The North Pole is open 10am to 5pm with check-in from 10am to 12pm. Please let jillc@casappr.org know if you need to arrive later than noon.
  • This year’s event will be free! Registration is required by May 27th, 2022. Please notify Jill asap of any placement changes after this.
  • There is a 500 person limit per day for the Festival. Guests may attend one of the two days, and registration is first come, first served.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that we received your request form, the number of attendees you are registered for, and the day you can attend the Festival.
  • Lunch and drinks will not be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to the park.
  • Prior to your trip, please go to the park website for up-to-date information on days, hours, and necessary safety measures required for park visitors: https://northpolecolorado.com/.

Please print and completely and legibly fill out the Ticket Request Form 2022 and mail to: CASA, 418 S Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 or email to: jillc@casappr.org.


FAQs on registration form:
- First and Last Name of Guardian - Please fill in the Guardian's full name. This is the name your registration will be under at check-in. If the Guardian will NOT be bringing the youth to the event, please write the name of the person who will be bringing the youth on the line below Guardian.
- Address/County - The Foster Children's Fund event is open to ONLY those in El Paso or Teller County.
- Phone - In case we need to reach you quickly
- Email - All correspondence, including confirmation and event information, will be emailed. Please be sure to write legibly so we do not have a problem getting the information to you.
- Foster Youth(s) Last Name - This is to help keep registrations straight if the same person submits multiple forms for different families (ex. A CASA or Caseworker may be filling out multiple forms for families on their caseload). First names are not needed.
- Does the youth have a CASA? - Not required to attend the event; just for our informational purposes.
- Be sure to pick a date! Families can attend one of the two days available, either June 4th or June 5th. If you have a preference, please circle the correct day. If you are open to either, please circle the last option and we will assign you a day based on registration numbers.
- Ticket Count - Please fill in the boxes that pertain to your group with the number attending. If there are people coming with you who do not fit in any of the categories listed, they fall under "Guest". You can bring a maximum of 2 guests for free; please indicate whether they are adults or children. The park is open to the general public, so you can purchase more tickets at the gate if you have additional people who would like to attend.


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