Milton Foster Children’s Fund


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The Milton Foster Children’s Fund (MFCF) provides foster children in El Paso and Teller Counties with opportunities not funded through existing agencies or programs, allowing them to be nurtured, educated and enriched just like other children, and grow into healthy, contributing adults.

MFCF Core Values:

  1. Resiliency—Providing children with meaningful activities and critical services builds resiliency and self-esteem.
  2. Caring—It is our responsibility and privilege to serve children and families as part of a caring community.
  3. Support—Providing support and nurturing to those in need enriches both the child and the helping adult.

Building Resiliency and Self-Esteem:

The Milton Foster Children’s Fund is designed to help foster children where there are gaps in available funding. The general fund has helped children visit family members, buy musical instruments, straighten teeth, and buy contact lenses when health care would only cover eye glasses.

The general fund gives preference to anything that will help build a child’s resiliency. Some items could include:

  • Lessons (music, sports, dance, swim, etc.).
  • Educational opportunities and tutoring.
  • Equine therapy, science projects, school trip, yearbook, summer camps, tattoo removal, drivers education, special medical/dental equipment, and art supplies.

A few of the children MFCF has helped:

Maria has been in foster care all her life due to early parental abuse. She received assistance from the MFCF to attend a state conference for students entering the health care field. She became a state officer in the national organization, realizing one of her goals towards becoming a doctor.

Joey is 7 years old and his parents are meth addicts. Trauma at this young age resulted in regression towards potty training. Assistance from the MFCF allowed Joey to receive a vibrating watch for routine reminders that prevent accidents. Joey is now thriving in school academically and within his peer group.

Sarah is 8 and attends the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. She is able to read but cannot see the print without a specialized machine that magnifies the words. Through contributions, her foster family received this machine and now Sarah is excelling in school because she loves to read!

For additional information call 447-9898 x1026 or send us an email.