Praise for CASA volunteer Martha Grizzell

Martha and boys

4th Judicial District Court Judge David Miller offered high praise for a CASA volunteer in his courtroom. Judge Miller said Martha Grizzell provided information to the court that completely impacted the direction of a case and prevented two boys from being returned to a dangerous family situation.

In light of the critical information Martha brought forward, the judge called Martha to the stand as a witness, which is relatively unusual.

On the stand, Martha chronicled her observations and concerns for the safety of the children.  The depth of her information and historical knowledge of the case turned the trail.  In the end, against other professional recommendations, Judge Miller determined the kids should not be returned to the mother and parental rights were terminated.

It’s heartbreaking that these boys had to endure abuse and neglect at the hand of a parent and ultimately lose their mother.  However, thanks to Martha’s tenacity and bravery, these children are safe and will have the opportunity to grow up knowing what a healthy, loving family is all about.

Martha’s work is an example of what CASA volunteers do every day… champion without compromise for what’s in a child’s best interest.


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