Annual Fund

Annual Fund: Up to $999

Ms. Teresa Abell
Ms. Wanda Abramson
Ms. Angelina Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Natalie Adams
Mr. David Adams and Ms. Derry Beach Adams
Ms. Deborah Adams and Mr. Charles Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Willem and Emily Adams
The Afternoon Readers Book Club
K. Agee
Agilent Technologies
Mr. Jeff Ahrendsen
Mr. and Mrs. Becky and Levi Akers
Dr. and Ms. Mark and Carla Albers
Ms. Danita Alderton
Ms. Elly Alexander
Ms. Susan Alexander
All Rental Center, Inc.
Ms. Coleen Allen
Ms. Tawnya Allen
Mr. David Alley
Mr. Chad Allgood
Ms. Audrey Alonzo
Alpern, Myers, Stuart, LLC
Alpha Delta Kappa – Alpha Zeta
Alpha Delta Kappa Eta Chapter
Alpha Kappa Gamma Teachers’ Sorority
Mrs. and Mr. Jan and Ronald Altman
Mr. Norman Alvis
Ms. Jody Alyn
Ms. Cathie Anderson
Ms. Claire Anderson
Mr. Craig Anderson and Ms. Sara Flint-Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Laurie Anderson
Ms. Lynne Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Patti Anderson
Mrs. and Mr. Terri and James Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Toby and Nancy Anderson
Mr. Thomas Andreas
Ms. Corinne Andrews
Antelope Trails Elementary
Ms. Tamrin Apaydin
Ms. Alicia Archibald
Mr. Nasit Ari and Ms. Libby Rittenberg
Ms. Alice Arment
Ms. Margaret Arms
Mrs. and Mr. Joann and Robert Armstrong
Ms. Tobi-Lynn Arnold
Ms. Debra Arriaza
Artful Living Deux, Inc.
Mr. David Artusi
Ms. Sandy Ascarelli
Auction House 109 – Little London Market
Ms. Shantell Autry
Ms. Jean Ayala
Ms. Kelly Ayers
Ms. Brittney Babb
Ms. Margaret Bacon
Ms. Barbara Badgett
Mr. Todd Bagby
Mr. Brian Bahr
Ms. Chrissie Bailey
Ms. Tatiana Bailey
Ms. Carrie Bair-Norwood
Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Robert Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Baker
Ms. Phyllis Baker
Ms. Gian Baldrica
Ms. Audrey Ballinger
Mr. and Mrs. John and Marty Banks
Ms. Renee Barall
Ms. Jean Baratono
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin and Teri Bardash
Mr. and Mrs. Brenda and Bruce Bargers
Barista Espresso
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Alice Barnett
Ms. Kaye Baron
Mr. Stephen Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Markus and Sue Barone
Ms. Tess Barron
Ms. Kelsey Barry
Ms. Laura Barry
Ms. Martha Barton
Mr. Tom Barton
Mr. David Bartow
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Gretchen Batalis
Mr. Ed Baur
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Anne Beach
Ms. Nonie Beal
Ms. Roslyn Beall
Ms. Leah Bean
Mr. Bill Beard
Mr. Marilyn Bearden
Ms. Debbie Beatty
Ms. Sonja Beauchamp
Mr. and Mrs. John and Regina Bechard
Mr. Duane Beckmann
Ms. Joyce Bedell
Ms. Maggie Beekman
Mr. and Mrs. Vanessa and Michael Beenenga
Mr. and Mrs. Art and Kathy Beers
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Renee Behr
Ms. Cynthia Behrens
Mr. Daniel Beilfuss
Mr. and Mrs. Enid and David Beitzel
Ms. Megan Bell
Ms. Megan Bell
Ms. Lori Bellingham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Susan Bellipanni
Ms. Mary Beltz
Ms. Yvette Benakis
Ms. Sarah Bender
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Karen Benes
Benet Hill Monastery
Mr. Richard Bengtsson
Mr. Jessica Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Karin and Bob Bennington
Ms. Nancy Bentley
Ms. Teresa Berardi
Ms. Melanie Berg
Ms. Penny Bergsten
Dr. and Ms. Dale and Jane Berkbigler
Ms. Cheryl Berkey
Ms. Brooke Bernard
Ms. Debbie Bernardo
Mr. Michael Berniger
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Elena Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Vicky Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Charles Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Emily Berry
Dr. Deane Berson
Mr. Tony Bettis
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn and Liz Bevington
Honorable Linda Billings Vela and Mr. Steven Vela
Mr. Mark Bittle and Ms. Jennifer Dedominici
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Linda Bjork
Mr. John Black
Ms. Demetria Blacklidge
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and Scott Blackmun
Ms. Staci Blair
Ms. Camille Blakely
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Pam Bland
Mr. Erik Blees
Ms. Hannah Blick
Ms. Amy Blythe
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Madelaine Bobbit
Ms. Peggy Bodde
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jean Bodman
Ms. Kathy Bohanon
Ms. Audra Boileau, Mr. Evan Craig, and Mr. Dillon Craig
Mr. Sean Bolduc
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Lisa Bolt
Mr. and Mrs. Lance and Lorrie Bolton
Mr. Larry Boos
Ms. Martha Booth
Honorable Peter Booth
Ms. Justine Borden
Ms. Nancy Borden
Mr. Kent Borges and Ms. Stephanie Dicenzo
Ms. Leah Bork
Ms. Julia Boswell
Lt. Col. and Ms. Thomas and Jennifer Boushell
Ms. Erin Bowie
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Dale Bowman
Ms. Claire Boynton
Ms. Kathi Braden
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Cayth Brady
Ms. Colleen Braeger
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Jenavie Brandt
Mr. Michael Brass
Ms. Bette Brassfield
Ms. Virginia Bratton
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Margaret Breakey
Ms. Shawnee Brenner
Ms. Mara Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Karen Briggs
Ms. and Dr. Sandy and Nathan Brightwell
Mr. and Mrs. David and Annette Brinker
Ms. Cindy Brinkman
Bristol Brewing Company
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and John Brock
Broders Excavating
Mr. and Mrs. Carrie and Adam Browen
Mr. and Mrs. Amy and Brandon Brown
Ms. Jeanne Brown
Ms. and Mr. Judith and Lawrence Brown
Ms. Kathy Brown
Ms. Lynne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Sabrina and Will Brown
Ms. Elaine Brush
Ms. Janice Brust
Ms. Leslie Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Bart Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Debra and Darryl Bryant
Ms. Heather Buchman
Ms. Linda Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Rhae and Deborah Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara Budd
Ms. Linda Buendorf
Ms. Cathy Bulf
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Inger Bull
Ms. Martha Bundrick
Mr. Kenneth Burgess
Ms. Mary Beth Burichin
Ms. Penny Burke
Ms. Madeline Burnham
Mr. Justin Burns and Mr. Caleb Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Allison Burwell
Ms. Carol Bush
Ms. Christine Butler
Ms. Dawn Butler
Mr. Mark Buzzetta
Ms. Peggy Byrd
Ms. Pepper Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Janie and Jim Byrnes
Mr. William Cain
Ms. Hannah Callaghan
Ms. Karole Campbell
Ms. Kate Campbell
Ms. Krista Campbell Beck
Ms. Wendy Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Charlotte Cannava
Mrs. and Mr. Ginger and Craig Cantrell
Capstone Investment Financial Group, Inc.
Ms. Victoria Card
Carmax Foundation
Rev. and Ms. Paul and Janet Carpenter
Ms. Rose Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Ellen Carrick
Mr. J. Michael Carroll
Mr. Stephen Carter and Ms. Joan Strewler-Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Mary and Bruce Case
Ms. Becky Cash
Ms. Shelly Castle
Mr. Tom Castle
Ms. Miriam Cavanaugh
CDG Inc – Febra’s
Ms. Vicki Cederholm
Central Bank & Trust
Ms. Susie Chambless
Ms. Linda Champlin-Frank
Mr. Jeff Chapdelaine
Charis Foundation
Charity Gift Certificates
Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.
Ms. Ashley Chase
Mr. Sol Chavez and Ms. Eve Tilley Chavez
Ms. Jill Cheetham
Ms. Sylvie Cherek
Chico’s Retail Services, Inc.
Children’s Hospital Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central
Ms. Crista Childs
Ms. Elizabeth Christman
Ms. Becky Christoffersen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Julie Christopher
Ms. Kristen Christy
Ms. Jessi Cimafonte
Mr. and Mrs. Betsy and Archie Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Blane and Cathy Clark
Ms. Charlotte
Mr. Daryl Clark
Ms. Ellen Clark
Ms. Kennedy Jo Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sandy Clark
Ms. Betty Clark-Wine
Ms. Caren Clarke
Ms. Erin Clay
Ms. Kathleen Cleary
Ms. Jeannette Clemans
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Brooke Clement
Mr. and Mrs. Maryvonne and Steve Cleveland
Mr. Matthew Cleveland and Ms. Erin Wahler-Cleveland
Ms. Lindsay Clewe
Ms. and Mr. Philip and Debra Cline
Sr. Ana Cloughly
Coaltrain Wine and Spirits
Ms. Elizabeth Cobb
Mr. Jim Cobb
Ms. Jill Coddington
Mr. and Mrs. Wilton and Cathy Cogswell
Mr. and Mrs. Lauri and Dean Cohrs
Mr. Matt Coleman and Ms. Luisa Graff
Ms. Tracy Cole
Ms. Tiffany Coles
Mr. and Mrs. Crystal and David Collette
Colorado Alpha Delta Kappa
Colorado Business Bank
Colorado Combined Campaign
Colorado Foot and Ankle
Colorado Springs Elite Steppers
Colorado State Bank Foundation
Combined Federal Campaign Overseas
Ms. Mona Comeau and Mr. Charles LaLonde
Composite Educational
Ms. Beth Compton
Ms. Christine Conboy
Ms. Amy Conger
Mr. Eric Conklin
Ms. Jennifer Conn
Ms. Anne Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Sally Conover
Ms. Nicole Cook
Ms. M.J. Coon
Ms. Susan Cooper
Mr. Stuart Coppedge
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Andrea Cordova
Mr. Ron Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Betty Cornella
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Michelle Costa
Ms. Leslie Couch
Ms. Catherine Coulter-Calvin and Mr. Tom Calvin
Counseling Partners, LLC
Ms. Beth Courrau
Mr. Ronald Cowen
Ms. Joan Cox
Mr. John Crandall
Ms. Lucy Crandall
Mr. Matt Cranford
Ms. Delores Cromeens
Ms. Cecelia Crossen
Mr. and Mrs. William and Rhonda Crossen
Ms. Shirley Crow
Ms. Lynnette Crow-Iverson
Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo and Ducho Cruz
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Ruben and Jen Cubero
Ms. Kaleen Cullen
Ms. Becky Culver
Ms. Kristin Culver
Ms. Peggy Current
Ms. Jessica Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Megan and Brian Curtiss
Ms. Andrea Cutcher
Ms. Lorna Cwiak
Dr. and Councilwoman Tony and Lisa Czelatdko
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Esme Daetz
Ms. Lisa Dailey
Ms. Dianna Dalton-Daily
Ms. Valerie Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Sandy Dangler
Mr. Curtis Daniel
Ms. Roberta Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Teresa Daniels
Mrs. and Mr. Heather and Andy Darrigan
Mr. Berkeley Davis
Ms. Cora Davis
Ms. Denise Davis
Ms. Margaret Davis
Mr. Michael Davis
Mr. Tim Davis and Ms. Susan Garsoe
Ms. Morgan Davoren
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Merrilee De Waal
Ms. Lisa Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Sheryl and Douglas Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Carlene Decker
Ms. Patty Deeds-Starr
Ms. Melanie DeHerrera
Ms. Donna Dell’Olio
Mr. Sam Delug
Ms. Cynthia Demetry
Mr. Mark Dempsey
Ms. Cecelia Deneen
Mr. Philip Denman
Mr. and Mrs. Wendy and Chad Denny
Mr. Brian Dent
Mr. and Mrs. Sherrie and Richard Denton
Comm. and Ms. Marc and Angela Dettenrieder
Mr. Randy Detter
Developmentqal Pediatrics, Inc.
Ms. Jana Dewitt
Ms. Terry Dickman
Ms. Ida Dilwood
Ms. Diana DiMara
Ms. Jennifer DiVello
Ms. Gayle Divine
Ms. Shirlee Dobbs
Ms. Kari Didge
Ms. Janis Doerr
Ms. Karen Domme
Ms. Kelli Dee Dona
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Cristel Donley
Mrs. and Mr. Cecelia and Clifford Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Jennifer Dorff
Ms. Kim Dorsey
Ms. Karen Dowling-Maiorana
Mr. and Mrs. Andie and Jason Doyle
Dr. Kurt’s Place: Functional Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine
Ms. Sara Drapkin-Ott
Dress to Impress, LLC
Mr. Fred Driscoll
Mr. Ed Drozdz
Ms. Patricia Duane and Mr. Randy Oswald
Mr. Steven Dubay
Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Nancy Duckwitz
Ms. Nancy Dunbar
Ms. Deborah Duncan-Milburn
Ms. Cecelia Dunlap
Ms. Carol Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Cindy Dunn
Ms. Laura Dunson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lee Durham
Ms. Carly Dutleiewicz
Ms. Susan Duven
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and Bob Dyer
Ms. Sandra Dyer-Wade
Mr. Kameron Easler
The Eastern Colorado Bank
Ms. Ann Easton
Ms. Mollie Eberly
Ms. Angela Edsall
Mr. and Mrs. John and Sharon Edson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie and John Kimball Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Josiane Edy
El Paso County Bar Foundation of the PPCF
Mr. Brandon Eldridge
Ms. Patty Elia
Elite Hearing of Colorado Springs
Mr. and Mrs. Kristi and Kenneth Eljuri
Ms. Lisa Ellis
Ms. Shanna Ellis
Ms. Kristen Ellsworth
Ms. Constance Elmore
Mr. Brandon Elrod
Ms. Teresa Elstad
Ms. Betty Enderson
Mr. James English and Ms. Deborah Rountree English
Ms. Jan Erickson and Mr. Jon Thomas
Mr. Philip Erickson
Eutrophean Health Institute, LLC
Ms. Elisabeth Everett
Ms. Regula Evitt
Ms. Barbara Faaborg
Ms. Mary Fagnant
Family Advocacy Program – Fort Carson
Ms. Debra Faricy – DC Faricy Inc.
Mrs. and Mr. Kate and Ben Faricy
Ms. Jennifer Farlaino
Ms. Lori Farmer
Ms. Patti Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Barbara Farr
Ms. Gayle Felder
Ms. Cindy Fenton
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jack Ferguson
Ms. Deborah Ferguson
Ms. Sheila Ferguson
Ms. Diane Ferrin
Ms. Cindy Fesgen
Ms. Mary Feten
Ms. Polly Fiedler
Fifty Fifty Coffee House
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Karol Finch
Ms. Carrie Fini
Mr. Jarrod Finnigan
FirstBank Holding Company
Ms. Cherri Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and Joanna Fischer
Ms. Senga Fittz
Ms. Sharie Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Kristin and Michael Flannery
Ms. Kathryn Fleer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Kathryn Fleming
Ms. Veta Fleming
Ms. Chris Flohr
Ms. Sandy Flynn
Mr. Steve Flynn and Ms. Jean Gumpper
Ms. Tammy Fogall
Mr. and Mrs. Marsha and Bruce Fogarty
Ms. Tracey Fogelsong
Ms. Alexandra Foisy and Ms. Stacy Foisy
Mr. Thomas Foley
Ms. Georgia Follansbee
Ms. Amy Folsom
Ms. Linda Foltz
Forbush Goldberg, PLLC
Ms. Alicia Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Russell and Michele Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Cynthia Foreman
Ms. Karen Fortney
Ms. Nancy Fortuin
Ms. and Mr. Margaret and Dan Foster
Ms. Alexandra Fountain
Ms. Carolyn Fox
Ms. Alice Franey
Ms. Ann Frank
Ms. DeAnna Franks
Ms. Kelsie Franquemont
Ms. Karen Franzen
Ms. Lilly Frasch
Frazee Construction Company
Mr. and Mrs. Indy and Jack Frazee
Mr. Don Alan Frederick
Mr. E. Stefan Fredricksmeyer
Ms. Judith Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Leilani and Jeffrey Freeman
Ms. Sonya French
Front Range Aggregates, LLC
Ms. Jeannette Fugate
Mr. John Fuller and Ms. Margaret McCarroll-Fuller
Ms. Lori Fuller
Ms. Rhonda Fullmer
Ms. Betty Fulton
Ms.Jenifer Furda
Ms. Theda Furlong
Mr. Ron Furstenau
Mr. Jeff Gaddis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Sheri Gagliardi
Ms. Dawn Gallegos
Dr. Fae Garcia Bush and Mr. Jim Bush
Ms. Donna Garcia
Mr. Marcus Garcia
Ms. Chelley Gardner-Smith
Mr. Dewell Garner
Mr. George Garro
Mr. Chris Garvin
Ms. Shannon Gast
Ms. Suzan Gebow
Ms. Amy Gehrett
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Catherine Gendron
Ms. Amanda Gentile
Mr. Patrick Thomas Gentile
Mr. and Mrs. Pete and Wanda Gentile
Ms. Loren George and Mr. Stephen Hyde
Ms. Christine Gerbig
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Terry Gerbstadt
Ms. Janelle Geren
Ms. Patricia Germer-Coolidge
Mr. Henry Gertzman
Dr. and Ms. Eric and Jamie Gessner
Ms. Michelle Ghrist
Mr. Garrett Gibbons
Ms. Cheryl Gibbs
Ms. Sherie Gibson
Mr. Ralph Giese
Mr. and Mrs. Deirdre and Michael Gilbert
Ms. Bregette Ginther
Ms. Linda Gleeson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Rebecca Gloriod
Ms. Julie Golden
Ms. Cammie Gollihare
Ms. Kathleen Gomez
Ms. Pam Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy and Claire Goner
Ms. Jennifer Gonzales
Ms. Jackie Gonzalez
Good Shepherd United Methodist Women
Ms. Ana Goolsby
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Mary Jane Gorab
Gordon Construction Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Gorman
Ms. Mary Gorman
Ms. Janet Gould
Mr. Jason Goure
Ms. Heidi Gracely
Ms. Suzanne Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Kim Grant
Ms. Heather Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Shawna Graves
Ms. Maile Gray and Mr. Spencer Wren
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Ronald and Pat Gray
Ms. Jody Green
Mr. and Mrs. Brenda and Scott Greening
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Jill Greensides
Ms. Carol Greenstreet
Ms. Kathleen Gregory
Ms. Teresa Gretsky
Mr. and Mrs. William and Dolora Griesinger
Mr. and Mrs. Torie and Nathan Griffin
Mr. Mark Griffith
Mr. Mark Grissom
Mr. Gerrod Groubert
Ms. Dawn Grubbs
Ms. Audree Grubesic
Mr. Greg Gruppo
Ms. Sandra Guenther
Ms. Kim Gunderson
Ms. Sara Gurley
Ms. and Dr. Donna and Michael Guthrie
Mr. and Mrs. Darren and Vivian Guttenplan
Ms. Ann Haehn
Ms. Lyn Hahn
Mr. Curtis Hainds
Mrs. Chris Hake
Ms. Diana Hale
Ms. Viola Hale
Ms. Walli Haley
Ms. Julie Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Alice and S.F. Hall
Ms. Nechie Hall
Mr. Robert Hall
Mr. Samuel Hall
Mr. and Mrs. David and Debbie Hammer
Ms. Staci Hanson
Mrs. Robbie Hardaway
Ms. and Mr. Cheryl and James Harding
Ms. Jean Harp
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Gigi Harris
Mr. John Harris
Ms. Avery Harrison
Ms. Janet Harrison
Ms. Janell Harvey
Ms. Shannon Harward
Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Sharon Hasbrouck
Mr. and Mrs. Mel and Bonnie Hathaway
Ms. Kathleen Hatten
Ms. Brittany Haup
Ms. Sarah Hautzinger
Ms. Susie Havel
Ms. Judy Hawkins
Ms. Frances Diana Hayden
Ms. Johnna Hayes and Ms. Alexandra Hayes
Mr. Jonathan Hayes
Ms. Terri Hayes
Mr. John Hays
Ms. Tiffany Haywood-Henry
Hazelton Excavating, Inc.
Ms. Karla Heard-Price
Ms. Ami Heath
Heating & Plumbing Engineers, Inc.
Ms. Diana Heckethorn
Ms. Stephanie Hedrick
Dr. and Mrs. John and Jane Hegstrom
Ms. Carol Hein
Ms. Deana Heisler
Ms. Devanie Helman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Karen Hench
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Patsy Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Peggy Henjum
Ms. Nancy Henjum and Mr. Stephen Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Judy Henley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Donna Henschen
Mrs. and Mr. Elizabeth and Darold Herdes
Mr. Jonathon Herdt
Mr. Karl Hering
Ms. Sherry Hermann
Ms. Michele Hermsen
Senator and Ms. Bernie and Linda Herpin
Ms. Brenda Herzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Lee and James Hesson
Mr. Carson Hester
Ms. Laura Hetfield
Hewlett Packard Employee Charitable Giving
Ms. Lisa Hickey
Ms. Katherine Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Katherine Hieronymus
High Plains Church Unitarian-Universalist
Mr. Alex Hilborn
Ms. and Mr. Karen and Robert Hilborn
Dr. and Ms. John and Bonnie Hildebrandt
Ms. Janet Hildebrant
Ms. Julia Hill
Ms. Amanda Hill-Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sandra Hilt
Ms. Carolyn Hime
Mr. Gregory Hinchman
Dr. Charles Hinkle
Ms. Susan Hippe
Commissioner Dennis Hisey
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nancy Hochman
Mr. Steve Hochstetter
Hoff & Leigh, Inc. Colorado Springs
Mr. Jesse Hofflin and Ms. Phyllis Clark
Ms. Deb Hoffpauir
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Teresa Hofmeister
Ms. Lori Hollis
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Sandra Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Verl and Reba Holmes
Ms. Brenda Holmes-Stanciu
Mr. and Ms. Robert and Lyndy Holzwarth
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Molly Homec
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Pam Homme
Hood Custom Homes, Inc.
Ms. Michele Hood
Mr. and Mrs. William and Beth Hooper
Ms. Heather Horton and Mr. Kyle Hageman
Ms. Sara Horton
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. and Lenore Hotchkiss
Ms. Erin Howard
Ms. Ann Howell
Ms. Sharon Howell
Mr. Robert Howsam, Jr. and Ms. Sara Ware Howsam
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Nancy Hoyman
Ms. Martha Hubbard
Mr. Berry Huffman
Ms. Lauren Hug
Mrs. and Dr. Georgeann and Richard Hughes
Ms. Karen Hughes
Dr. Gayle Humm
Mr. Zach Hummel
Ms. Margaret Hunt
Ms. Mary Jo Hunt
Mrs. and Mr. Rebecca and James Hurley
Ms. Maria Hyde
Ms. Michelle Hylton
Mr. and Mrs. James and Dawn Ignatius
Ms. Patricia Ingels
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Marlaine Ingham
Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Emily Inman
Ms. Cassandra Inman
International Interior Design Association, Rocky Mountain Chapter
Inviro Klean & Water Restoration
Ms. Rita Issagholian
Ms. Lori Jackson
Ms. Susan Jackson
Ms. Cecelia Jacobs
Ms. Terry Jacobs-Iser
Mr. Ross Jacobsen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Lorraine Jaeger
Mr. Mark Jakusovszky
Mr. Philip James
Ms. Wynona James
Ms. Netanya Jamieson
Mr. Richard Janitell
Mrs. Lydia Jaramillo
Ms. Rosemary Jaramillo
Ms. Julie Jay
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Gwendolyn Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Chauntelle Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Lori and Timothy Jenness
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Sylvia Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Shelley Jensen
Mr. Lucas Jensen
Ms. Stacy Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Patty and Steve Jerman
Ms. Rebecca Jewett
Ms. Susan Jischke
Ms. Sheila Jobes
Mr. Brian Johannsen
Mr. William Johannsen
Mr. Thomas Johns
Ms. Dotti Johnson
Ms. Eva Johnson
Ms. Frances Johnson
Ms. Jessica Johnson
Ms. Patty Johnson
Mr. Paul Johnson
Ms. Rose Marie Johnson
Mr. Scott Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Tracey and Doug Johnson
Mr. William Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Maria Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Paulette and Claude Johnstone
Ms. Brittany Jones
Mr. Jeff Jones
Ms. Lynette Jones
Ms. Lynne Jones
Ms. Margaret Jones
Ms. Karen Jordan
Ms. Tiffany Jorgenson
Ms. Lucinda Joyner
Juventus, LTD
Ms. Jeannette Kaelin
Ms. Erika Kaiser
Ms. Barbara Kaker Anderson
Mr. Paul Kaltenthaler
Mr. Hayden Kane
Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Chapter
Mr. Daniel Karpel
Mr. Kevin Kaveney
Ms. Taralyn Kearns
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Chris Keefe
Ms. Jan Keller
Ms. Lois Keller
Mr. Ty Keller
Ms. Nancy Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Yvonne and Douglas Kelton
Ms. Marty Kemmer-Contreras
Mr. Erich Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. William and Darlene Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Becky Kenney
Ms. Kristy Kensinger
Ms. Joyce Stave Kentner
Ms. Natalie Kern
Keysight Technologies
Mr. Tweed Kezziah
Mr. and Mrs. James and Eileen Kin
Ms. Debby King
Mr. Sheldon King and Ms. Mary Ellen Davis
Ms. Jacqueline Kintz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Vicky Kipp
Kirk and Hill of Colorado, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Nancy Kittridge
Mr. and Mrs. Janell and Frank Klein
Mr. and Mr. Ryan and Ali Klein
Dr. and Ms. William and Sybil Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Kathy and Karl Klepfer
Mr. Gerald Klimczak
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sandy Kloster
Dr. Peter Knepell and Dr. Rosalyn Knepell
Ms. Kristina Knight and Mr. Rick Bednarski
Mr. Douglas Knoch
Ms. Jenny Koch
Ms. Jody Koenig
Ms. Barbara Kohlhaas
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen and Bill Kolson
Ms. Angela Komar
Mr. Bob Koontz
Ms. Regina Kornmesser
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence and Mary Koski
Ms. Jeanne Koss
Ms. Virjinia Koulchitzka
Ms. Nichole Kovel
Mr. and Mrs. Johannes and Linda Kowall
Ms. Anne Krajcovic
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn and Kate Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Burl and Kathy Kreps
Ms. Andrea Krueger
Mr. Stefan Kubricht
Ms. Regina Kucharski
Ms. Melissa Kumar
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Rita Kurchinski
Ms. Joi Kush
Mr. and Mrs. David and Sandra Kwesell
Ms. Deborah LaBarre
Ms. Mary Labesky
Ms. Caren Lacy
Ms. Linda Lafferty
Ms. Jessica Laire
Mr. Michael Lajoie
Ms. Beth Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Gus and Donna Lamarca
Ms. Clara Lander
Ms. Lisa Landon
Mr. Michael Lane
Ms. Gina Lane-Olsson and Mr. Jon Olsson
Mr. and Mrs. Philomena and Raymond Lange
Ms. Bree Langemo
Mr. and Mrs. Katrina and Aaron Langevin
Mr. Craig Langness
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith and Mark Lardie
Mr. and Mrs. Irene and Craig Larimer
Dr. and Mrs. James and Cheryl Larkin
Ms. and Mr. Debra and Joe LaRoss
Mr. and Mrs. Karl and Margaret-Patricia Larsen
Mr. Ross Larson
Ms. Tamberly Lashley
Mrs. and Mr. Jessie and Wayne Latham
Ms. Patti Lavandar
Mr. and Mrs. Christine and Ted Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Cheryl Lebel
Mr. Ralph Ledwig
Mr. and Mrs. Stan and Phe Lee
Ms. Kelly Lefever
Ms. Christy Lehmpuhl
Mr. Tom Lehrecke
Ms. Linda Leitz
Mr. Eric Lenning
Mrs. and Mr. Jajean and George Lenz
Ms. Cynthia Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Amy Lester
Ms. Henrietta Levis
Mr. and Mrs. Jessica and Kyle Levis
Mr. Robert Levis
Mr. and Mrs. Paula and Neil Levy
Lewis Kuhn Swan, PC
Ms. Nancy Lewis
Ms. Rita Lewis
Ms. Beth Lieberman
Ms. Terri Lilevjen
Ms. Jocelyn Linde
Mr. Randy Lindsey
Ms. Steve Linhart
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Christine Lint
Mr. Bill Lipscomb
Ms. Ginger Littleton
Commissioner Peggy Littleton
Ms. Laurie Litwin
Ms. Yvonne Livengood
Ms. Petronilla Lizama
Ms. Judy Lockwood
Mr. Jeremy Loew
Ms. Barbara Logan
Mr. Doug Logue and Ms. Paula Rubick
Ms. Ruth Lohrig-Kline
Mr. and Mrs. David and Elizabeth Loker
Ms. Kristina Long
Mr. Bob Longgrear
Ms. Stephanie Longo
Ms. Stephanie Lopez
Ms. Tracey Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and Thomas Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Ellen Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Susan Loring
Mr. Benjamin Lowe
Mr. Michael Lowe
Ms. Sheila Loya
Ms. Kay Lubansky
Mrs. and Mr. Carol and Jerry Lubell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Kathlyn Lucia
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Catherine Luciano
Lucy’s at 21st Street Consignment Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Alisa Luderig
Ms. Whitney Ludett
Ms. Monica Luke
Mr. and Mrs. Amanda and David Lunday
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Geraldine Lunde
Mr. Josh Lunn
Mr. Brian Lydon
Ms. Paula Lydon
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin and Linda Lynch
Mr. Mathew Lynd
Ms. Leigh MacHaffie
Ms. Bonnie Mackin
Ms. Ronda Macrory
Ms. Ali Maffey and Mr. Eric Hanzel
Mr. Ray Magallanez
Mr. and Mrs. Kathy and David Magargal
Ms. Cynthia Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Judy Magill
Ms. Elizabeth Magoon
Mr. and Mrs. James and Donna Maguire
Ms. Deborah Mahan
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Christa Mahoney
Ms. Jennifer Malenky
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Stephanie Malinky
Mr. and Ms. Anthony and Lisa Mall
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Konnie Malloch
Mr. Philip Malone
Mrs. Maya Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Vicky Manlove
Mr. and Mrs. Dorothy and Charles Mann
Ms. Bernadine Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Anne Manske
Ms. Sheila Manzanares
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jane Mapson
Mr. Jesse Marble
The Marken Family Fund of the PPCF – Steven and Valerie Marken
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Anne Markley
Ms. Laurel Markus
Mr. and Mrs. Sharyn and Sean Markus
Ms. Melanie Marshall
Ms. Christine Martin
Ms. Connie Martin
Honorable and Mrs. Larry and Kim Martin
Ms. Lenka Martin
Ms. Bonnie Martinez
Ms. Kelly Martinez
Ms. Marian Martinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Patricia Marx
Ms. Teresa Masar
Ms. Maria Massaco
Ms. Meredith Masse
Ms. and Mr. Julie and Drew Matalus
Ms. Shannon Mateer
Mrs. and Dr. Carol and William Matoush
Ms. Diane Matsinger
Mr. Erik Mattson
Ms. Kim Mauthe
Ms. Carrie Maxwell
Dr. and Ms. Daniel and Leslie May
Ms. Diana May and Mr. Anthony Decesaro
Mrs. and LT. Col. June and Sol Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Susan Mc Creedy
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jane McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Annie and David McCarty
Mr. David McCarty
Mr. Shane McCarty
Ms. Lori McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Conor and Megan McCluskey
Ms. Daisy McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Jody and Bernd McConnell
Ms. Patricia McConnell
Ms. Deirdre McCormack and Mr. Terry Hillman
Ms. Jill McCormick and Mr. Peter Frantz
Ms. Carmen McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. David and Dana McDermott
Ms. Elizabeth McDermott
Ms. Marta McDonald
Mr. Matthew McDowell
Ms. Devon McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. James and Cynthia McFarland
Ms. Carol McIntyre – Carol A. McIntyre Living Trust
Ms. Jeanie McIntyre
Ms. Roberta McIntyre
Ms. Carrie Mckee
Mr. Shawn McKeown
Ms. M. Jane McKesson
Ms. Jan McKinley
Mr. Keith McKinney
Mrs. A. Lucille McLeod
Ms. Laurel McLeod
Ms. Mary Ellen McNally
Mr. and Mrs. David and Ann Meeks
Ms. Deborah Meeks
Ms. and Mr. Paula and Frank Megorden
Ms. Julia Melendez
Ms. Taline Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Bruce Merriman
Mr. Michael Mestnik
Ms. Susanne Methot
Ms. Nolene Metzger
Dr. and Mrs. Roger and Rebecca Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. David and Marsha Diane Middlemist
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Patricia Midtbo
Mrs. and Mr. Brenda and Lance Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kristin and Robert Miller
Mrs. and Dr. Marilyn and James Miller
Ms. Mary Miller
Mr. Scott Miller
Ms. Sheryle Miller
Ms. Susan Miller
Ms. Wendy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Gina and Peter Milliken
Ms. Marge Milne
Mr. Richard Miner
Ms. Jennette Minniti
Ms. Heather Mitchell
Mr. Jacob Mitchell
Mrs. and Lt. Col. Candace and William Molter
Mrs. and Mr. Karen and Thomas Monroe
Ms. Theresa Monroe
Ms. Lydia Montgomery
Monument Hill Kiwanis
Ms. Ashley Mooney
Dr. and Mrs. James and Marion Moore
Ms. and Mr. Lori and Walt Moore
Ms. Joyce Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Maureen and Mike Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Sandee and Gary Morgan
Ms. Marcie Morrison
Ms. Janine Moshier
Mr. Paul Motto
Mountain Ridge Middle School
Ms. and Mr. Patricia and Daniel Moyer
Ms. Sherri Muelhoefer
Ms. Susan Mueller
Mr. Thomas Mulcahy
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Sharon Mullally
Ms. Jean Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Stephanie Mulliken
Mr. Randy Mummert
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Ginger Munoz
Ms. Melissa Munro
Munson Excavating, Inc.
Ms. Kimberly Murillo
Mr. Dan Murty and Ms. Nicola Myers-Murty
Mr. and Mrs. Barb and David Myers
Mr. Kenneth Myers
Ms. Vicki Mynhier
Ms. Katherine Nachbar
Ms. Vanessa Nagel
Ms. Charlotte Nal
Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Sharon Nanney
Mr. and Mrs. Iryse and David Naro
National Classified Management Society, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Ann Naughton
Ms. Jeanne Nazimek
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie and Lori Negron
Mr. Michael Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Laura Nelson
Ms. Donna Nelson
Ms. Heather Nelson
Ms. Heidi Nelson
Ms. Kathy Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Diane Nelson
Dr. Kirsten Nelson
Ms. Linda Nesti
Ms. Sue Neufeld
Ms. Laura Neumann
Next Level Partners, LLC
Ms. Kellye Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Merrie Jeanne and Colin Nisbeth
Ms. Lisa Noble
Ms. Roberta Noel
Ms. Sarah Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Cara Nord
Ms. Mary Norman
Northrop Grumman ECHO Office
Ms. Elizabeth Norton
Ms. Peggy Norton
Mr. Glenn Noufer
Ms. Jodi Novak
Ms. Elizabeth O’Brien
Ms. Marne O’Brien-Hills
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. and O’Hara
Ms. Janel O’Hayre
Ms. Paula O’Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Ellen O’Rear
Ms. Kellie O’Regan
Mr. and Ms. Chris and Linda O’Shea
Ms. Carole OBrien
Ms. Jennifer OConnell
Office of the Child’s Representatiave
Mr. Edward Okvath
Old Chicago
Old Town Bike Shop
Mr. Gregory Olinyk
Ms. Kathy Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Ginny Olson
Dr. Warren Olson
Mrs. Gerry Olvey
Ms. Rosalyn Ondler
Oracle Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. John and JoAnn Orsborn
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Mary Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Jennifer Oseth
Ms. Janet Ostrom
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Louise Ostrow
Ms. Laura Otero
Our Lady of the Pines Church
Mr. and Mrs. Hartley and Judith Owsley
Mr. David Padgett
Mr. and Mrs. Ginny and Jim Page
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Linda Page
Mr. and Mrs. Pamela and Sean Paige
Ms. Sara Paige
Ms. Wynne Palermo
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald and Judith Palmer
Mr. Al Palmonari
Mr. Raymond Paolini
Ms. Rebecca Parlet
Ms. Danielle Parris-Exline
Ms. Katharine Partridge and Mr. Philip Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Rosemary Partridge
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Becky Parzybok
Mr. Wayne Paton
Ms. Susan Pattee
Mr. and Mrs. Carol and Jon Patten
Mr. Peter Patten
Ms. Maya Pattison
Mr. and Mrs. Lisa and Jon Paukovich
Mr. Fred Paul and Ms. Georgia Hansen Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Jane Payton
Mr. Christopher Peacock and Magistrate Denise Peacock
Ms. Natasha Peacock
Peak Equipment Solutions, LLC
Peak Practitioners, LLC
Ms. Lisa Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Cheryl and Jerry Peden
Mrs. and Mr. Mittie and Manual Pedraza
Mr. Larry Peek
Mr. and Mrs. Bret and Raeann Peifer
Ms. Teresa Peisner
Mr. Steven Pelelo and Ms. Jonnie Moon
Ms. Lynn Pelz
Mr. and Mr. Paul and Kris Perea
Ms. Sandra Perkins
Ms. Aimee Perreault Richey
Mr. and Mrs. Kathryn and Tony Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and Steve Peterschmidt
Ms. Andrea Petersen
Ms. Elizabeth Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Sara Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thom and Betta Phelps
Ms. Ellen Philbrick
Ms. Carol Philofsky
Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club
Mr. and Mrs. Andres and Janice Pico
Ms. Jeanetta Pierce
Ms. Karen Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Donna Piet
Ms. Diana Pirez
Dr. Patricia Pirrello
Mr. and Mrs. Denise and David Pitch
Ms. Ursula Pittman
Pizzeria Rustica
Plato’s Closet
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Ahriana Platten
Ms. Sharon Plettner
Ms. Carol Plummer
Mr. Mark Plush
Ms. Jessica Pocock and Mr. Jacob Flesher
Mr. Dennis Podzemny
Mr. Randy Poe
Ms. Denise Polenske
Ms. Paula Pollett
Ms. Rebecca Poole
Ms. Angela Pope
Mr. Paul Poppert
Ms. Nancy Posey
Ms. Susan Potterat
Mr. Michael Pouw and Ms. Pauline Ellis-Pouw
Mr. and Mrs. Marie and John Poyzer
Ms. Chandra Pray
Ms. Susan Presti
Ms. Barbara Price
Ms. Beverly Price
Ms. Gina Pulido
Mr. Francois Raab
Mr. and Mrs. Kathleen and Phil Rader
Honorable and Mrs. Matt and Linda Railey
Ms. Jes Raintree
Ms. Doris Ralston
Ms. LeNore Ralston
Rampart Range Rotary
Ms. Rosana Ramponi
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Tanya Ramsay
Ms. Tina Rapp
Ms. Constance Raub
Ms. Rachel Rauth
Mr. Edward Ravenscroft
Mr. Steve Recca
Ms. Danelle Reed
Dr. Laura Reich
Mr. Ed Reilly
Ms. Maggie Reilly
Mr. Bret Relitz
Mr. and Mrs. Melissa and Tom Remick
Ms. Cori Rempel
Mr. Jon Renaud
Ms. Julie Renkel
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Jo and Tom Resman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Susan Retherford
Ms. Arleyene Reyholds
Ms. Emily Rhoades
Ms. Sally Rhoades
Mr. Richard Rhody
Ms. Carol Richards
Ms.Sara Richards
Ms. Carrie Richardson
Ms. Desiree Richardson
Ms. Elizabeth Riffle
Mr. Jeffrey Riggs
Mr. John Riker and Ms. Marcia Dobson
Ms. Giannina Rikoski
Ms. Irina Riley
Rise and Shine at First Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Tara Rising
Ms. Mary Lou Risinger
Ms. Maureen Riter
Ms. Adriana Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Tammy and Ralf Rivera
Riverside Law Office
Ms. Nicole Rivet
Ms. Heather Rober
Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul and Linda Roberts
Ms. Deanna Robertson
Mrs. and Mr. Gloria and William Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Bonnie Rochette
Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center
Ms. Minta Rodd
Ms. Ellie Rodriguez
Ms. Patricia Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon and Kevin Roe
Ms. Mary Roebke
Mr. Gregory Rogers
Ms. Regina Rohr
Mr. Rob Rolley
Mr. Damian Romero
Ms. Candace Romig
Ms. Randi Ropp
Mr. and Mrs. Angela and Chris Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Diane Rose
Ms. Tina Rose
Ms. Nettie Rosenthal
Ms. Sally Rothstein
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and DeeAnn Rothstein
Ms. Marlene Rothzeid
Ms. Alison Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. James and Jacqueline Rowland
Mr. Tim Royston
Ms. Cathy Rozmiarek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Gina Rubinstein
Ms. Margie Ruckstuhl
Ms. Rebecca Rudder
Ruff & Tartar, P. C.
The Ruhnow Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Ms. and Mr. Lena and Richard Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Karen and Michael Rulo
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Lisa Ruman
Ms. Andrea Rumple
Ms. Marie Rush
Ms. Carol Rushmore
Ms. Jill Russo
Ms. Diane Saign
Mr. Aje Sakamoto
The Sallee Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan Sallee
Ms. Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss
Ms. Bonnie Saltzman
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and Randon Samelson
Mr. and Mrs. James and Carol Sammons
Ms. Eva Sanchez
Mr. Louis Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. William and Shirley Sanden
Mr. J.W. Sanders
Ms. Claire Sanderson
Mr. Shawn Sanger
Mr. and Mrs. Charlotte and Thomas Saponas
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence and Judy Sargent
Ms. Peggy Sargent
Ms. Caroline Sasaki
Dr. Raphael Sassower
Mr. and Mrs. Juan and Alicia Sauceda
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Christine Sauer
Ms. Marjorie Sauzo
Dr. and Ms. Robert and Penny Sayre
Mr. Vince Scarlata
Mr. Larry Schaefer
Ms. Jennifer Scheck
Mr. and Mrs. David and Carol Schell
Ms. Jeaneen Schimmel
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Barbara Schlabs
Ms. Teresa Schmitt
Mr. Clint Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Chris Schneider
Dr. Vicki Schober
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Danielle Schofield
Mr. Skylar Schofield
Ms. Lisa Schonewill
Mr. Terry Schooler
Mr. Donald Schott
Ms. Elizabeth Schreiber
Ms. Corinne Schreier
Ms. Laura Schreiner
Mr. and Mrs. Hans and Patricia Schuetz
Ms. Julie Schultz Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Dutch and Joan Schulz
Ms. Ellen Schumacher
Ms. Cindy Schuman
Ms. Kristy Schumann
Ms. Allyson Schuur
Ms. Victoria Schwab and Mr. Mel Bargas
Mr. Joseph Schwan
Mr. Anthony Scott
Ms. Chris Scott
Ms Mary Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and B.J. Scott
Ms. Melissa Scruggs
Ms. Sharon Seaton
Ms. Andree Sebern
Ms. Ann Sega
Ms. Patti Seidl
Ms. Christine Sela
Ms. Victoria Selfridge
Ms. Tracy Sellars
Ms. and Dr. Judy and Dilworth Sellers
Rev. Linda Seracuse
Mr. Joseph Serna
Ms. Jill Servais
Mr. David Servatius
Ms. Catherine Service
Ms. Aubin Sevrin
Ms. Jessica Seybold
Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Cindy Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. Cari and Larry Shaffer
Ms. Joy Shaink
Mr. and Mrs. William and Connie Shaner
Mr. John Shanley
Ms. Nancy Shanley
Shape Technologies, LLC
Mr. Darren Sharp – Sharp General Contractors, Inc.
Ms. Carolynn Shaw
Ms. Vanessa Shawver
Mr. and Mrs. Sharon and Paul Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Joan Shields
Shively & Demos, P. C.
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Ms. C.L. and Peggy Shivers
Mr. Robert Shonkwiler
Ms. Debra Short
Ms. Lori Shumate
Mrs. and Mr. Liane and Gary Shupp
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Renee Sidman
Ms. Abby Sienkiewicz
Ms. Lisa Simms
Mr. Steve Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Gini and James Simonson
Ms. Wendy Simonson
Ms. Beverly Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Cheryl and Stuart Sims
Ms. Heidi Sinclair
Mr. Alan Sindler
Maj. and Ms. William and Janice Skadow
Ms. Melissa Skillington
Ms. Kristin Skoog
Ms. Hope Slavoski
Mr. Brian Slivka
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa and Gurney Sloan
Ms. Sheila Smart
Ms. Amy Smith
Mrs. and Mr. Brenda and Charles Smith
Ms. Carla-Rae Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Umeno Smith
Ms. Julie Smith
Ms. Livia Smith
Ms. Rhonda Smith
Mr.Terrence Smith
Rev. and Mrs. Granville and Charlene Smythe
Ms. Nicole Snider
Ms. Kim Snowdon
Mr. Greg Snyder
Mr. Kyle Somers
Ms. Nita Sosebee
Ms. Annie Spear
Ms. Jill Spear
Mr. and Mrs. Paula and Frank Spinner
Mr. and Mrs. James and Elizabeth Spittler
Mr. James Sprague
Springs in Bloom – Ms. Tanya Anderson
St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church
Ms. Barbara Stafford
Ms. Jenny Stafford
Mrs. and Mr. Pat and Mark Stanforth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Paige Stankevich
Ms. Barbara Stanley
Mr. J. Adrian Stanley
Mr. John Stansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Mary and Randall Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Mary and Ed Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Sarah Steph
Mr. and Mrs. G.B. and Sally Stephenson
Mr. Samuel Stephenson
Ms. Laure Stevenson
Ms. Dorrie Stewart
Mr.and Mrs. David and Robin Stieber
Mr. Jim Stiltner
Ms. Trish StJohn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Shirley Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Carleen Storm
Christopher Straka
Ms. Alyssum Strasbaugh Malone
Stratmoor Hills United Methodist Women
Mr. Christopher Straub
Ms. Morgan Straus
Mr. and Mrs. Teresa and Glenn Strebe
Ms. Amy Stretmater
Ms. Leah Strom
Dr. James Strub
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Gail Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Robbie Stumm
Ms. Sharon Sutherland
Ms. Dotty Sutton
Ms. Karen Svarverud
Ms, Jessica Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. John and Marie Sweetland
Ms. Nancy Syms
Synergy Realty Group
Ms. Audrey Szychulski
Ms. Linda Szymczak
Ms. Claire Taber
Ms. Mary Clark
Ms. and Mr. Roxanne and Jack Tallon
Ms. Irene Tanis
Mr. Robert Tanis
Ms. Stephanie Tanis
Mr. Jeff Tarbert
Ms. Trudy Taxman
Ms. Elizabeth Taylor and Mr. Curtis Frankenfeld
Ms. and Mr. Jennifer and Dan Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and John Taylor
Ms. Rabea Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Randell and Connie Taylor
Ms. Sherry Taylor
Ms. Sandy Teets
Ms. Lynne Telford
Ms. Nicole Telle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Pamela Telli
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nanette Temby
Temple Shalom Sisterhood
Ms. Amanda Terrell-Orr
Dr. and Mrs. Kent and Nancye Thayer
Ms. Lauren Theken
Ms. Nancy Theken
Dr. and Mr. Rebecca and Chuck Theobald
Ms. Kathy Thierry
Ms. Ann Thomas
Ms. Carrie Thomas
Mr. Joshua Thomas
Ms. Joy Thompson
Ms. Judith Thompson
Ms. Patsy Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn and Michelle Thompson
Ms. Andrea Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Mary Thorne
Ms. Wanda Tieman
Mr. Jon Tierce
Ms. Sunil Tilak
Ms. Holly Timm
Mr. and Mrs. Coreen and Shanti Toll
Ms. Rebecca Tonn
Ms. Deanna Torres
Transit Mix Concrete
Mrs. and Mr. Kathryn and Mike Trapp
Ms. Denise Trent
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Janet Trevor
Ms. Amy Triandiflou and Mr. Jesse Hill
Ms. Kaye Trusty
Ms. Emily Trytten
Mrs. and Mr. Joan and Ted Tucker
Ms. Cris Tummler
Mr. Scott Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Jeane Turner
Mrs. and Mr. Bonnie and Earle Turvey
Mr. and Mrs. Marla and Thomas Twardowski
Ms. Jeanne Tweedy
Mr. and Mrs. Susan and C. Wesley Tyson
Ms. Lisa Unger
Ms. Sandy Upton
Ms. Judy Valentine
Ms. Jo Valentino
Mr. Josiah Valenzuela
Ms. Barbara Van Hoy
Ms. Linda Van Matre
Mr. Craig Van Scoten
Ms. Lynn Vance
Ms. Kathleen Vanden Broecke
Ms. Michelle Vandepas
Ms. Monica Vanderbeek
Ms. Kathy VanInwegen and Mr. David Barber
Mr. Rudy Vasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Michele Vaughan
Mr. Alejandro Velasco
Village Christian Church
Ms. Penny Villalva
Mr William Vogeney
Mr. Kevin Vogt
Mr. and Mrs. Pattye and David Volz
Ms. Janet Von Berg
Ms. Madeleine Wachtler
Ms. Shirley Wade
Ms. Deborah Walker
Ms. Jocelyn Wall
Ms. Mercedes Walling
Honorable Regina Walter
Ms. Suzanne Walter
Mr. and Mrs. David and Cindy Ward
Mr. Randy Ward
Mr. Ryan Ward
Ms. Sylvia Ward
Dr. and Ms. Kee and Kate Warner
Ms. Susan Watkins
Ms. Hannah Watson
Ms. Theresa Watson
Mr. Timothy Watson
Mr. David Watts
Mr. Chuck Way
Mr. and Mrs. John and Renee Waymire
Mr. and Ms. Joshua and Melissa Waymire
Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jill and Christopher Webb
Ms. Joyce Webb
Mrs. and Mr. Thomas and Patricia Webb
Mr. Robert Wedel
Mr. Joseph Wehr
Ms. Laura Wehrwein
Ms. Janice Weiland
Mrs. and Mr. Teresa and Joseph Weisenbach
Mr. Greg Welch
Ms. Olga Wells
Ms. Lorrie Werner
Mr. John West
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Nancy Wetta
Mr. Antony Justin White
Ms. Denise White
Mr. Mark White
Ms. Rebecca White
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Heidi White
Mr. Sidney White
Mr. Jonathan Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. Nancy and Todd Whitford
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Brenda Whitlock
Mr. Scott Whittington
Ms. Jill Wicks
Mr. and Mrs. Lisa and Warren Wieland
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Wiepking
Ms. Ellen Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Grant Willemarck
Ms. Jane Williams and Mr. Carl Adams
Ms. Murlene Williams
Ms. Carin Willis
Mr. Lucien Willocks
Mr. and Mrs. Deb and Blake Wilson
Ms. Nancy Wilson
Ms. Barbara Winter
Ms. Dixie Wisdom
Ms. Dana Witherow
Mr. and Mrs. David and Christine Witherspoon
Mr. Andrew Wolf and Ms. Renita Poe Wolf
Ms. Victoria Wolfe
Ms. Wendy Wolfswinkel and Mr. Terry Stiffler
Ms. Leslie Wolken
Ms. Susan Wood-Ellis and Mr. Michael Onstad
Mr. William Woodfin
Woodmen Valley Sertoma Club
Mr. and Mrs. Tina and Randal Worker
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Leesa Worley
Ms. Kim Worth
Mrs. and Mr. Jill and Chad Wright
Mr. Michael Wright
Ms. Michelle Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus and Lauren Yanez
Col. (Ret.) and Ms. Marlon and Lois Yankee
Mr. Henry Yankowski
Ms. Windsor Yellen
Ms. Renee Yoelin-Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jennifer Yopp
Ms. Meredith Yorkston
Ms. Brandi Young
Ms. Carolina Yumiseba
Mr. Brendan Zahl
Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary Ann Zalmanek
Ms. Karen Zalmanek
Ms. Terry Zarsky
Ms. Shirley Zeak
Mr. Jim Zerefos
Ms. Kristin Zimbelman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Helen Zinn