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1st Alpha-Omega Realty, LLC
Ms. Teresa Abell
Ms. Kristina Achey
Adams Bank & Trust
Ms. Angelina Adams
Ms. Caryn Adams
Ms. Nora Adams
Dr. Susan Adams
Ms. Kim Aderholt
Ms. Johanne Aertker
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Joan Agee
Mr. and Ms. Levi and Becky Akers
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Carla Albers
Ms. Tina Albillar
Ms. Christine Alexander
Ms. Susan Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Kathy Allen
Alpha Delta Kappa, Gamma Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Jan Altman
Ms. Jody Alyn
Ms. Charllotte Amant and Mr. Robert Todd
Mr. Craig Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth Anderson
Ms. Jean Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John and Florence Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John and Diane Anderson
Ms. Laura Anderson
Ms. Lauren Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Patti Anderson
Ms. Sarah Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Terri and James Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Toby and Nancy Anderson
Ms. Corinne Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Gar and Sharlene Anneler
Mr. and Ms. Alan and Grace Arbuckle
Ms. Jessica Archibold Diaz
Ms. Maria Arefieva
Mr. Nasit Ari and Ms. Libby Rittenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Joann Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Carol Arnold
Mr. David Artusi
Ms. Mary Lynne Ashley
Ms. Dorothy Askren
Ms. Catherine Atwood
Dr. Carol Mosier Bach and Mr. Allen Bach
Mr. David Bacon
Ms. Barbara Badgett
Mr. and Mrs. Colleen and James Badgley
BAE Systems
Mr. and Ms. Robert and Carol Baker
Mrs. Karri Baker and Mr. Ken Grant
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Baker
Ms. Phyllis Baker
Ms. Mary Baldinelli
Ms. Ann Baldrica
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Ms. Renee Barall
Ms. Annette Baran
Ms. Jean Baratono
Mr. and Ms. Irwin and Teri Bardash
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Barbara Bargers
Mr. and Mrs. Georganne and Jerry Barnes
Ms. Kaye Baron
Mr. Richard Barrington
Ms. Kay Barrow
Ms. Mary Barrowman
Ms. Martha Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Roberta Baruth
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Gretchen Batalis
Ms. Nicole Bauer
Mr. Don Baughn
Ms. Mickey Baxter-Spade
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Anne Beach
Ms. Roslyn Beall
Ms. Bobbi Bean Wells
Mr. Bill Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Erik and Elizabeth Beard
Mr. and Mrs. John and Regina Bechard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Cami Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Tamie Bedford
Ms. Kathy Beers
Ms. Sandra Beers
Mr. Daniel Beilfuss
Ms. Enid Beitzel
Ms. Rosemary Bell
Ms. Susan Bell
Ms. Lori Bellingha
Ms. Mary Beltz
Ms. Graz Benda
Ms. Sarah Bender
Ms. Jennifer Bennett
Ms. Lorna Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Karin Bennington
Commissioner Jim Bensberg
Mr. David Benson and Ms. Theresa McMullin
Ms. Marta Benson
Ms. Sofia Benson
Ms. Dar Beranek
Ms. Melanie Berg
Dr. and Mrs. Dale and Jane Berkbigler
Mr. Michael Berniger
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Elena Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Emily Berry
Ms. Noelle Berry
Dr. Deane Berson
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Michelle Bevington
Mr. Sunil Bhat and Ms. Swagata Guhathakurta
Mr. Roy Bierschenk
Ms. Jeanne Bignell
Mr. and Ms. Staci and Bradley Bills
Mr. Frank Bittinger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Linda Bjork
Ms. Maria Black
Ms. Demetria Blacklidge
Mr. and Mrs. Ann and Scott Blackmun
Ms. Nicole Blanchard
Ms. Lisa Blattner
Ms. Beverly Blea
Ms. Michelle Blessing
Mr. Joey Bloomquist
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Deona Bluestein
Ms. Eunice Bluhm
Mr. and Ms. Sara and Alan Boatz
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Emma Bockrath
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jean Bodman
Mr. Dan Boedigheimer
Capt. and Mrs. Brian and Beth Bohannon
Dr. Kathy Bohanon
Ms. Kathleen Bohanon
Mr. and Mrs. Leah and Walter Boland
Mr. and Mrs. Erik and Carmen Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Debbie and Jim Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Lance and Lorrie Bolton
Ms. Stacy Bond-Poore
Ms. Ann Bookout
Ms. Martha Booth
Honorable Peter Booth
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Ms. Anna Bordelon
Mr. Kent Borges and Ms. Stephanie Dicenzo
Ms. Jacqueline Borne
Ms. Jo Bos
Mr. and Ms. John and LeAnne Bourbonais
Ms. Barbara Bowen
Ms. Rita Bowers
Ms. Ann Bowman
Ms. Laurel Boyer
Ms. Claire Boynton
Ms. Mary Boynton
Mr. and Ms. Roberta Kaye and Michael Brabec
Ms. Kathi Braden – Kathi Braden Interiors
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Kathi Braden
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Rosalie Bradt
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Cayth Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Jenavie Brandt
Mr. John Braun
Ms. and Mr. Meg and Chad Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Margaret Breakey
Mr. Peter Bredlau
Mrs. and Mr. Cathy and John Breeze
Ms. Jan Breford
Ms. Marsha Breford
Ms. Hilary Brendemuhl
Mr. Rhett Brengarth
Mr. Gary Brewington
Ms. Cookie Bricking
Ms. Latonia Bridges
Ms. Elena Bridgmon
Ms. Heather Briggs
Mr. and Ms. Scott and Karen Briggs
Mr. Matthew Brinski
Ms. Nina Brokaw
Mr. Russ Broshous
Mr. Darryl Brown
Ms. Diane Brown
Ms. Irene Brown
Ms. Jeanne Brown
Ms. Lynne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey and Vennita Browning
Ms. Donna Brundage
Ms. Samantha Bruner
Ms. Sally Brusenhan
Ms. Elaine Brush
Ms. Janice Brust
Ms. Carol Bryant
Mrs. and Mr. Debbie and Darryl Bryant
Mr. Kelly Bubach and Ms. Audra Wixo
Ms. Christine Bucher
Mr. and Mrs. David and Barbara Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Deborah Buckley
Ms. Linda Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara Budd
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Inger Bull
Ms. Rachel Buller
Ms. Barby Bunn
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Renee Bunting
Ms. Amy Burch
Mr. and Mrs. Diana and Russ Burcher
Mr. Mark Burgeson
Ms. Stefanie Burgess
Ms. Molly Burich
Ms. Shelley Burke
Ms. and Mr. Alexis and Brian Burnett
Ms. Betty Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Wes and Muriel Burnett
Ms. Patricia Burns
Dr. and Mrs. John and Roberta Burrington
Ms. Ja Net Burroughs
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Allison Burwell
Ms. Rhonda Bush
Bussey Law Firm, PC
Mr. Paul Butcher
Mr. Patrick Butler
Ms. Sue Bux
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Angela Byrne
Ms. Janie Byrnes
Mr. and Mrs. Karl and Kathleen Bystrom
C & C Sand and Stone
Dr. Robert Cadigan and Dr. Judith Cadigan
Ms. Kelly Calabrese
Ms. Sandra Callnan
Mr. and Mrs. Anne and J. Campbell
Ms. Bonna Campbell
Mr. Jason Campbell
Commissioner and Mrs. Robert and Gail Campbell
Mr. Sullivan Campbell
Ms. Wendy Campbell
Ms. Denise Canfield
Ms. Lynne Cannon
Ms. Teresa Cantwell
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Marcy Capell
Ms. Dana Capozzella
Capstone Investment Financial Group, Inc.
Mr. Rick Cardarelle
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Selma Caris
Ms. Ann Carlisle
Ms. Mary Kay Carlson
Ms. Tracy Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Troy and Lisa Carlson
Ms. Judy Carnick
Mr. Matthew Carpenter
Rev. and Mrs. Paul and Janet Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Patrick Carr
Mr. Michael Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Joy Carrozza
Mr. and Mrs. John and Glenn Carson
Mr. Paul Carson
Carter Realty, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven and Carolyn Carter
Mr. Patrick Carter
Mr. Stephen Carter and Ms. Joan Strewler-Carter
Cascading Connections, Inc.
Ms. Heidi Case
Ms. Carol Cash
Ms. Lynn Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Sherri Cassidy
Ms. Allison Catalano
Ms. Joanne Cech
Mr. Eric Cefus
Dr. Richard Celeste and Ms. Jacqueline Lundquist
Century Chem-Dry/Century Homes Services
Mr. Guy Cerato
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Marcelline Cerato
Ms. Linda Champlin-Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Seth and Haley Chapin
Mr. and Mrs. Lain and Barbara Chappell
Charity Gift Certificates
Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.
Mr. Ernest Chavez
Mr. and Mrs. Sol and Eve Chavez
Ms. Jill Cheetham-Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Madeline Chen
Ms. Teri Chevalier
Ms. Carol Chisholh
Ms. Patricia Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Julie Christopher
Ms. Jennifer Chumbley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Mary Beth Cipoletti
City Rock
Dr. and Mrs. C. Hardee and Debra Clark
Ms. Donna Clark
Mr. Michael Clark
Commissioner Sallie Clark and Mr. Welling Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Sandy Clark
Ms. Tiffany Clark-Trujillo and Ms. Michelle Trujillo
Ms. Betty Clark-Wine
Ms. Dennia Clarke and Mr. Todd Chromzak
Ms. Rata Clarke
Ms. Victoria Classen
Classic Selections II, Inc.
Ms. Michele Clay
Ms. Karen Cleary
Ms. Kathy Cleary
Ms. Jeannett Clemans
Mrs. Lee Clement and Ms. Marcia Clement Breit
Mr. and Ms. Steve and Maryvonne Cleveland
Mr. and Ms. Philip and Debra Cline
Mr. and Mrs. William and Janet Clover
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Michele Clugston
CNC Auto Detail
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Mariann Cobb
Ms. Elizabeth Cobb
Ms. Teresa Cochran
Ms. Patricia Cockell
Ms. Susan Coffey
Ms. Amy Coffman
Ms. Katalin Coggins
Mr. Wilton Cogswell III and Mrs. Cathy Cogswell
Ms. Tina Colditz Worker and Mr. Randal Worker
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry and Mary Coleman
Ms. Tiffany Coles
Ms. Marge Colgan
Mr. and Mrs. Crystal and David Collette
Ms. Elli Collette
Ms. Kathy Colligan
Ms. Gwendolyn Collins
Mr. Pat Collins
Colorado Combined Campaign
Colorado Springs Christian School
Colorado Springs T Gap Lions Club
Colorado Western Title LLC
Ms. Mona Comeau and Mr. Charles LaLonde
The Compass Wealth Group, LLC
Ms. Patti Connelly
Ms. Violet Cook
Ms. Mary Coon
Ms. Jessica Giles Copeland
Copy One
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Andrea Cordova
Capt. and Mrs. Jim and Chris Cosgriff
Ms. Jill Cosgrove
Cost Containment, Inc.
Ms. Sharon Cotter
Ms. Ann Couch
Mrs. Catherine Coulter-Calvin and Mr. Tom Calvin
Ms. Beth Courrau
Mr. and Mrs. John and Rosy Courtney
Ms. Julie Cox
Ms. Audra Craig
Ms. Nicole Craig
The Crew Connection, Inc.
Cripple Creek Victor High School – Pioneers in Public Service and Philanthropy
Criterium Bike Shop, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Carolyn Cronk
Mr. and Mrs. William and Rhonda Crossen
Ms. Shirley Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Shirley Cull
Ms. Mariah Cunnick
Ms. Elizabeth Cutter
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and Martha D’Ambrosio
Ms. M. D’Innocenzo
Ms. Belgica Dagnon
Ms. Lisa Dailey
Mr. Curtis Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Teresa Daniels
Ms. Dorothy Daniels-Menich
Mr. and Mrs. Heather and Andy Darrigan
Ms. Jerri Davidson
Ms. Sally Davidson
Ms. Cora Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Lynne Davis
Ms. Margaret Davis
Mr. Michael Davis
Mr. Tim Davis and Ms. Susan Garsoe
Ms. Barbara Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren and Elizabeth Dean
Ms. Beverly Decker
Ms. Emily Decker
Ms. Sheryl Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Carlene Decker
Ms. Michelle Deeba
Ms. Kate Deeny
Ms. Melanie DeHerrera
Ms. Margaret Deiotte
Ms. Donna DeLeon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Lisa Delich
Ms. Donna Dell’Olio
Ms. Barb Delph
Ms. Cynthia Demetry
Ms. Clelia deMoraes
Mr. David Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. Wendy and Chad Denny
Mr. and Mrs. Sherrie and Richard Denton
Ms. Katherine Derrick
Ms. Melissa DeSutter
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Anne DeVries
Ms. Lori Dipasquale
Ms. Laura DiSilverio
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Pam Doane
Mr. Tom Dobson
Mr. James Dodd and Ms. Travers Hyde
Ms. Nancy Dodder
Mr. Terence Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Kimberly Dominic
Ms. Karen Domme
Ms. Cecelia Donnelly
Mr. Scott Dorff
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Buffy Dorpinghaus
Ms. Elaine Doudna
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Shirley Douthit
Ms. Andie Doyle
Ms. Lisa Downs
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Sara Dozier
Dr. John Drabing
Mr. Todd Dreiling
Mr. Glenn Driscoll
Ms. Joan Driscoll
Mr. Ed Drozdz
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Julie Ducommun
Mr. and Mrs. H. Benjamin and Laurette Duke
Ms. Nancy Dunbar
Ms. Jan Duncan
Ms. Jodi Dunham
Ms. Cecelia Dunlap
Ms. Carol Dunn
Ms. Debbie Dunn
Ms. Rose Dunphey
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Ali Durbin
Mr. Lawrence Durkin
Ms. Christine Dyar
Mr. and Mrs. Linda and Bob Dyer
Ms. Deberah Earle
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Karen East
Mr. and Mrs. Rochelle and Steve Edelman
Ms. Susan Edmondson
Ms. Angela Edsall
Mr. and Mrs. John and Sharon Edson
Ms. Stephanie Edwards and John Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Sandy Egging
Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Lee Eggleston
Ms. Anita Eid
Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Joyce Eitel
Ms. Jan Eitel
El Paso County Bar Foundation of the Pikes Peak
Community Foundation
Mr. Bryson Eldridge
Ms. Patty Elia
Elite Auto Salon
Mr. Bruce Elliott
Ms. Patricia Ellis
Ms. Willi Ellis
Mr. Brandon Elrod
Mrs. Betty Enderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michele and E. Wendell Engle
Mr. James English and Mrs. Deborah Rountree English
Ms. Amanda Enloe
Ms. Melissa Epler
Erin Ventures, Ltd. – Lynne Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Marcia Erin
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Sandra Erskine
Mr. Eric Estrada
Ms. Carol Ettenger
Ms. Raine Eubank
EV Realty, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Anne Evans
Ms. Elisabeth Everett
Exchange Club of Colorado Springs Foundation
Ms. Cathryn Fabiano
Mrs. Ernestine Fagan
Ms. Lisa Faherty-Vance and Mr. Mark Vance
Ms. Claudine Fair
Ms. Chris Fankhauser
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Barbara Farr
Mr. Norman Farrar
Ms. Michelle Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Pamela and Tom Feilmeier
Ms. Gayle Felder
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn and Mary Feldmann
Mr. Bruce Feldmeyer
Ms. Deborah Ferguson
Ms. Mary Feten
Ms. Katrina Fiala
Fidelity Investments
Ms. Polly Fiedler
Mr. and Mrs. Susan and Rich Field
Mr. Wesley Fielder
Ms. Brandy Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan and Paul Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Tammy and Daniel Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Karol Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Mary and Michael Findley
Ms. Carrie Fini
Mr. Jon Fink
Mrs. and Mr. Leslie and Zach Fiorelli
FirstBank Holding Company
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay and Joanna Fischer
Mr. Larry Fish
Ms. Megan Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Mindy Flaks
Ms. Charlene Flannery
Fluke Networks
Mr. and Mrs. James and Anne Marie Flynn
Ms. Margaret Flynn
Mr. Steve Flynn and Ms. Jean Gumpper
Focus on the Family
Mr. and Mrs. Marsha and Bruce Fogarty
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy and Alex Foisy
Ms. Georgia Follansbee
Ms. Amy Folsom
Ms. E. Robin Ford
Mr. Joe and Cynthia Foreman
Ms. Nancy Forgy
Ms. Ann Forsyth
Ms. Diane Forsythe
Ms. Nancy Fortuin
Mr. and Mrs. Margaret and Dan Foster
Ms. Wanda Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Tabatha Fotenos
Fountain Colony – Gary Feffer
Ms. Pamela Fowler
Ms. Jessica Franco
Ms. Ann Frank
Ms. Cindy Franquemont
Ms. Michelle Freddolino
Mr. and Mrs. John and Diane Fredell
Ms. Trista Fredell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Nancy Freeberg
Ms. Chris Freeman Hildebrant
Ms. Judith Freeman
Ms. Katherine Froehler
Mr. and Mrs. Martha and Lon Frohling
Ms. Mary Ellen Frommer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Susan Frostman
Mr. John Fuller and Ms. Margaret McCarroll-Fuller
Ms. Rhonda Fullmer
Ms. Betty Fulton
Ms. Barb Furr-Brodock
G.H. Phipps Construction Company
Mr. J. W. Gaddis
Mr. and Mrs. Joann and Peter Gadkowski
Ms. Jill Gaebler
Mr. Robert Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Sheri Gagliardi
Ms. Rosanne Gain
Ms. Cassie Gannett
Ms. Lori Ganz
Ms. Donna Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Leo and Jaime Garcia
Ms. Lori Garcia
Ms. Tracy Garcia
Ms. Lynn Gardner
Ms. Mary Ann Garretson
Ms. Anna Garrity
Mr. Chris Garvin
Gasper Law Group, PLLC
Mr. and Ms. Peter and Susan Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Barbara Gazibara
Ms. Kelly Gehrmann
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Catherine Gendron
Mr. and Mrs. Pete and Wanda Gentile
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Joann Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Terry Gerbstadt
Ms. Janelle Geren
Mr. Garrett Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Janet Giddings
Ms. Leslie Giesbrecht
Mr. Ralph Giese
The Gill Foundation
Ms. Donna Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Laraine and Shawn Gillespie
Ms. Carol Gilmore
Ms. Bregette Ginther
Mr. and Mrs. Bart and Jeanette Givens
Ms. Kristi Glasper
Ms. Arleyne Glasser
Ms. Kathleen Gomez
Ms. Nancy Gonsalves
Mr. and Mrs. Elsie and Olav Gonsholt
Ms. Eileen Gonzalez
Ms. Nicollette Gorden
Ms. Janet Gould
Ms. Janin Gouner
Ms. Julianne Grabert
Mr. and Mrs. Sharon and Clifford Grady
Mr. David Graff and Mrs. Lucy Douglas Graff
Ms. Heather Grant
Ms. Megan Grant
Mr. Greg Grappo
Ms. Maile Gray and Mr. Spencer Wren
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Ronald and Pat Gray
Great Moves Physical Therapy
The Great Southwest Jewelry
Ms. Charlene Green
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Jody Green
Mr. James Gary Greenwood
Mr. Alan Gregory
Ms. Kathleen Gregory
Ms. Tanya Grizzell
Mr. Todd Grizzell
Mr. and Mrs. David and Catherine Grossman
Mr. Joel Grotzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Andrea and Peter Gubser
Mr. and Mrs. B. Ross and Sue Gubser
Mr. Shawn Gullixson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Peggy Gundlach
Ms. Carolyn Gunning
Ms. Debbie Gurka
Ms. Martha Gurule
Mr. and Mrs. Donna and Michael Guthrie
H.M. Brown Associates
Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Janna Haas – Haas Vision Center
Mr. James Hadley
Ms. Sharon Haecker
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Susan Hage
Ms. Janis Hahn
Mr. Robert Haldeman, Jr.
Ms. Walli Haley
Ms. Christine Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Linda Hall
Mrs. and Mr. Nechie and Jim Hall
Mr. Samuel Hall
Ms. Stephanie Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Mary Haller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Vicki Haller
Mr. Kelly Hamby, Jr.
Ms. Wendy Hammack-Smith
Ms. Lara Hammerick
Ms. Katelyn Hammond
Ms. Joyce Hanagan
Dr. and Mrs. William and Carolyn Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. John and Elizabeth Haney
Mr. Albert Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Lisa Hanselman
Ms. Carl Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Ginger and Donald Hansen
Ms. Elana Hanson
Mr. James Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Melinda and Kent Hardage
Ms. Robbie Hardaway
Mrs. and Mr. Cheryl and James Harding
Ms. Lynda Hargrave
Ms. Erna Haring
Ms. Donna Harmon
Ms. Jared Harp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Cyndi Harper
Harris Group Realty, Inc.
Ms. Jaime Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Gigi Harris
Ms. Janet Harrison
Ms. Jacqueline Harshbarger
Ms. Mildred Hartinger
Mr. John Hartung
Harvest Distribution
Mr. Benjamin Harvey
Ms. Brijim Harvey
Ms. Janell Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Malcom and Rebecca Hassler
Ms. Kathleen Hatten
Ms. Penny Hauser
Ms. Susie Havel
Ms. Sharon Hawkins
Ms. Erica Haycock
Ms. Terri Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Sheri Hazeloop
Ms. Concetta Healey
Heather Sams Fine Portraits
Ms. Cynthia Heer
Dr. and Mrs. John and Jane Hegstrom
Ms. Susan Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Peggy Henjum
Mrs. and Mr. Ghislaine and Alan Henley
Ms. Josey Hennis
Ms. Carolayne Henry
Ms. Nadine Hensler
Mrs. and Mr. Nona and David Hentschel
Mr. Brian Herbert
Ms. Anna Hesch
Mrs. and Mr. Rhonda and Shane Heschel
Heuser Chiropractic South, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Katherine Hieronymus
Ms. Julia Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sandra Hilt
Mr. Gregory Hinchman
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and Jean Hinck
Ms. Sheri Hix
Ms. Clarissa Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nancy Hochman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Carolyn Hock
Ms. Brenda Hoden
Mr. Jesse Hofflin and Ms. Phyllis Clark
Mr. A.J. Hoerth
Ms. Carol Hoffman
Hogan Lovells US, LLP
Ms. Norma Hollister
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lyndy Holzwarth
Ms. Nancy Homan
Mr. Jason Homec
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Pam Homme
Ms. Shelly Hood
Ms. Joanne Horst
Ms. Ellit Hostettler
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. and Lenore Hotchkiss
Ms. Marion Hourdequin and Mr. David Havlick
Ms. Deborah Howard
Ms. Lisa Howard
Ms. Cindy Howe
Mr. Shawn Howell
Mr. Robert Howsam, Jr. and Mrs. Sara Ware Howsam
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Nancy Hoyman
Ms. Lauren Hug
Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Georgeann Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Keller and Connie Hughes
Ms. Judy Hummel
Ms. Crystal Humphrey
Ms. Margaret Hunt
Mrs. and Mr. Andrea and Scott Hurlbert
Mr. and Mrs. James and Rebecca Hurley
Ms. Ria Hurst
Mr. Wayne Hutchinson
Ms. Michelle Hylton
Mrs. and Mr. Elaine and John Indermuehle
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Emily Inman
Intermountain REA
Ms. Alison Irwin
Ms. Rita Issagholian
Mr. Douglas Iszard
J. Jones Consulting, Inc.
Ms. Amber Jack
Ms. Sarah Jack
Ms. Leslie Susan Jackson
Ms. Lori Jackson
Ms. Vera Jackson
Mrs. and Mr. Linda and Steven Jacob
Ms. Terry Jacobs-Iser
Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Jennifer Jacobucci
Mrs. and Mr. Natasha and Dannie Jamerson
Ms. Jennifer James
Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Irene Jans
Mrs. Lydia Jaramillo
Ms. Rosemary Jaramillo
Ms. Lori Jarvis-Steinwert
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Kathy Jefferson
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Gwendolyn Jenkins
Mr. Joseph Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Lori Jenness
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and J.L. Jensen
Ms. Rebecca Jewett
Ms. Carla Jilek
Ms. Sheila Jobes
Mr. Brian Johannsen
Ms. Sandra Johannsen
Mr. William Johannsen
Ms. Barbara Johnson Cribari
Ms. Geri Johnson and Ms. Katherine Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Hobart and Karyn Johnson
Mr. Lamar Johnson
Mr. Randy Johnson
Mrs. and Mr. Tracey and Doug Johnson
Ms. Virginia Johnson
Mr. William Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Barr and Ellen Johnson-Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Maria Johnston
Mrs. and Mr. Paulette and Claude Johnstone
Mr. Donald Joiner
Mrs. and Mr. Ashley and Anthony Jones
Ms. Karen Jordan
Mr. Richard Jorgenson
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Sarah Jorstad
Ms. Caryol Joyner
Ms. Jeannette Kaelin
Ms. Helene Kafka
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman and Carolyn Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Kainalu and Rebecca Kalahiki
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sheridan Kalletta
Ms. Joann Kammer
Ms. Claudia Kane
Kappa Alpha Theta – Colorado College Chapter
Mr. Todd Karl
Ms. Cathy Karmondy
Ms. Stephanie Kasanicky
Ms. Marilyn Kastel
Ms. Tishialu Katz
Dr. Bruce Kautz
Mr. and Mrs. Maynard and Marice Kealiher
Mr. William Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Karma Keirns
Ms. Laura Kelecy
Ms. Colleen Keller
Ms. Lois Keller
Mr. Ty Keller
Ms. Nancy Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Cecile and F.W. Kelly
Ms. Phyllis Kelsheimer
Mrs. and Mr. Yvonne and Douglas Kelton
Ms. Marty Kemmer Contreras
Ms. Artie Kensinger
Ms. Aimee Kersten
Ms. Mary Ketels
Ms. Shawna Kemppainea
Ms. Linda Keys
Ms. Tammy Kidd
Ms. Annmarie Kiemel
Ms. Cassandra Kienbaum
Ms. Mary Louise Killoran
Mr. Emmett King
Ms. Kimberly King
Mr. Sheldon King and Mrs. Mary Ellen Davis
Ms. Dianne Kingsland
Ms. Molly Kinne
Ms. Jacqueline Kintz
Mr. Timothy Kippel
Mr. Brian Kirkpatrick
Mr. Corrine Kirsch
Ms. Lori Kiser
Ms. Linda Kittiel
Kiwanis Club of Manitou Springs
Ms. Molly Kjosen
Ms. Monica Kjosen
Mrs. and Mr. Diane and Brad Klanecky
Ms. Kim Klapac
Mr. Shaun Klein
Mrs. and Mr. Kathy and Karl Klepfer
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sandy Kloster
Mrs. and Mr. Jan and Joe Kneib
Dr. Peter Knepell and Dr. Rosalyn Knepell
Mrs. Kristina Knight and Mr. Rick Bednarski
Ms. Grace Knowles
Mr. Dave Kohlman
Mr. John Koll
Mrs. and Mr. Carmen and Bill Kolson
Mr. Bob Koontz
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence and Mary Koski
Ms. Jeanne Koss
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Susan Kouba
Mr. Johannes Kowall
Mr. Rex Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Burl and Kathy Kreps
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Myra Krider
Mr. Stefan Kubricht
Ms. Melissa Kumar
Mr. Charles Kurchinski
Ms. Joi Kush
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie and Kimberly Kush
Mr. David Kwesell
Ms. Deborah LaBarre
Mr. and Mrs. Fabrizio and Colette Labate
Ms. Mary Labesky
Ms. Heidi Lacy
Ms. Bridgett Lambert
Ms. Lisa Landon
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Philomena Lange
Mr. Paul Langhals
Ms. Sharon Langley
Ms. Marcy Langlois and Ms. Tracey Porter
Mrs. and Mr. Meredith and Mark Lardie
Ms. Irene Larimer
Mrs. and Mr. Debra and Joe LaRoss
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Jessie Latham
Commissioner Amy Lathen and Mr. Robert Lathen
Mr. and Ms. Gina and Michael Lattanzi
Rev. Paul Lautenschlager
Ms. Karen Lavee-Myers
Ms. Suzanne Lavoie
Mrs. and Mr. Christine and Ted Lawson
Ms. Gena Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Kari Leach
Mr. Bill Leake
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Cheryl Lebel
Mr. Dan Leclerc
Ms. Suzanne Leclercq
Mr. Terry Leeper
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy and Maralyn Legleiter
Mr. Dave Lehman
Ms. Christy Lehmpuhl
Mr. Tom Lehrecke
Ms. Scotti-Marie Leigh
Ms. Linda Leitz
Mr. Lowell Lemesany
Lenora Degen Design
Mr. and Mrs. George and Jajean Lenz
Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Tracy Lessig
Ms. Helen Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Jessica Levis
Mrs. and Mr. Paula and Neil Levy
Ms. Barbara Lewis
Ms. Char Lewis
Ms. Elizabeth Lewis
Ms. Martha Lindberg
Mr. Brian Lindsey
Mr. Steve Linhart
Ms. Janelle Lirette
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Mary Ann Liston
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Peggy Litwhiler
Ms. Aubrey Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. John and Andrea Lloyd
Mrs. and Mr. Michelle and Chris Lobato
Ms. Judy Lockwood
Ms. Lorren Loewen
Ms. Ruth Lohrig-Kline
Ms. Mari Lombardi
Ms. Jean Long
Mrs. and Mr. Ann and Thomas Lord
Ms. Nancy Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Ellen Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Susan Loring
Ms. Jane Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Carol Lubell
Ms. Marie Lucero
Ms. Joan Lucia-Treese
Ms. Amanda Lunday
Mr. Brian Lydon
Ms. Karen Lynd
Ms. Cory Lyons
Ms. Catherine MacDonald
Ms. Traci MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Debra Mack
Ms. Bonnie Mackin
Macy’s Foundation
Ms. Nancy Maday
Ms. Cynthia Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Wendy Mahncke
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Christa Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. David and Pam Maier
Ms. Mary Lou Makepeace
Ms. Jennifer Malenky and Mr. Kim Polomka
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry and Kristine Maletsky
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Lisa Mall
Mr. Jack Malloch
Ms. Jan Malvern
Ms. Linda Maneri
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Alice Mangan
Ms. Mya Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Vicky Manlove
Ms. Dolores Mann
Ms. Jane Mannon
Ms. Laurel Markus
Ms. Sharyn and Sean Markus
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Pamela Marsh
Ms. Rhiannon Marshall
Ms. Valerie Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Marianne Martin
Ms. Jamie Martin
Ms. Nellie Martin
Mr. Mark Martin
Mr. Michael Marting and Ms. Judith Imlach
Ms. Marian Martinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Patricia Marx
Mary Ann Davis Evans Property Management Trust
Ms. Dawn Maslowski
Ms. Edna Mast
Master Roofing Co. LLC – Bert West
Mrs. and Mr. Audra and Michael Mater
Ms. Sally Mathewson
Ms. Diane Matsinger
Dr. and Mrs. David and Kim Matthews
Mr. James Matthews
Ms. Diana May and Mr. Anthony Decesaro
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Sol and June Mayer
Ms. Molly Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Barb McAdams
McAlpin Foster Advisors
Ms. Jacqueline McCall
Ms. Debbie McCalley
Ms. DeAnne McCann
Mr. Shane McCarthey
Mr. John McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun and Anne McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jane McCarthy
Ms. Annie McCarty
Ms. Sharon McClelland
Ms. Nikki McComsey
Mr. Edward McCord
Mr. William McCord
Ms. Jill McCormick and Mr. Peter Frantz
Ms. Peggy McDougall
Mr. James McFarland
Ms. Christina McGarry
Ms. Jody McGinnis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Donna McHale
Ms. Roberta McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. R. Timothy and Connie McKenna
Mr. Shawn McKeown
Ms. Jane McKesson
Ms. Jan McKinley
Mr. James McLarty
Ms. Patricia McLean
Ms. A. Lucille McLeod
Ms. Laurel McLeod
Mr. Steve McManus
Mr. Robert McMullen
Mr. William Mead
Ms. Sally Meadows-Shanks
Mrs. and Mr. Paula and Frank Megorden
Ms. Colleen Meier
Ms. Linda Meier
Ms. Alexandra Melcher
Ms. Madeleine Mellini
Memorial Hospital – University of Colorado Health
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin and Gloria Mendoza
Ms. Jeannie Menich
Ms. Debbie Menkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Linda Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Jane Merriman
Mr. James Mesite
Rev. Nathan Mesnikoff
Ms. Amanda Metcalfe
Ms. S.R. Metzler
Ms. Leslye Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Roger and Rebecca Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Linda Meyerrose
Mr. and Ms. Richard and Patricia Midtbo
Mr. Danny Mientka
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Jennie Mika
Ms. Barbara Miller
Dr. and Mrs. James and Marilyn Miller
Ms. Jean Miller
Mrs. and Mr. Kristin and Robert Miller
Mrs. Leslie Miller
Ms. Leslie Miller
Ms. Mary Miller
Ms. Mary Miller
Ms. Susan Miller
Mr. Richard Miner
Ms. Deb Minich
Ms. Jennette Minniti
Mrs. and Mr. Nalda and Steven Mitchell
Mr. Rich Mock
Lt. Col and Mrs. William and Candace Molter
Ms. Karen Mokol
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Joan Mooney
Ms. Brittney Moore
Ms. C.J. Moore
Ms. Cara Moore
Dr. and Mrs. James and Marion Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Jacquilyn Moore
Ms. Tamara Moore
Ms. Susan Morales
Ms. Karen Moreau
Mr. Ryan Morey
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Maureen Morgan
Ms. Cynthia Morse
Mountain High Concessions – Ms. Janelle Allen
Ms. Sherri Muelhoefer
Mr. Mike Mueller
Mr. Thomas Mulcahy
Mr. Dale Muldrow
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Sharon Mullally
Ms. Linda Mulready
Ms. Sue Mulvihill
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Ginger Munoz
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Emily Murawski
Ms. Susan Murday
Murphy Constructors of Colorado Springs
Ms. Lynn Murphy
Ms. Rose Murphy
Dr. Jill Murray
Mr. Kenneth Myers
Ms. Rebecca Mye
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis and Carol Mylar
Ms. Katherine Nachbar
Mrs. and Mr. Rhonda and Jim Nakai
Nancy the Plant Lady
Mr. and Mrs. Iryse and David Naro
Ms. Harriett Navarre
Ms. Carolyn Neher
Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Gail Nehls
Mr.and Mrs. Louis and Martha Neitz
Mr. Christopher Nelson
Ms. Donna Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Diane Nelson
Mr. H. Chales Netzler
Mr. and Mrs. Cranford and Marilyn Newell
Next Level Partners, LLC – Brian Maready
Ms. Lori Nicholson
Ms. Rosie Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Donald Nicks
Ms. Tammy Niederman
Ms. Lynn Nirk
Mrs. and Mr. Merrie Jeanne and Colin Nisbeth
Mr. Rich Nitzberg
Ms. Lisa Noble
Mr. Steve Noel
Ms. Dana Nordstrom
Northwestern Mutual
Ms. Beth Norton
Ms. Peggy Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Nancy Nunn
Mr. and Mrs. L. Martin and Melisssa Nussbaum
Ms. Sue O’Brien
Ms. Beverly O’Connell
Mr. Richard O’Connell
Mr. Jake O’Neil
Mr. Andy O’Riley
Ms. Tammy Oakland
Ms. Terri Okland
Mr. William Oliver
Ms. Kathy Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Ginny Olson
Mrs. Gerry Olvey
One Child Matters – Mission of Mercy
Optimetra, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John and JoAnn Orsborn
Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Mary Osborne
Mr. Dieter Oschatz
Ms. Julie Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Mary Jo Ottinger
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lynne Otto
Our Lady of the Pines Church
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Kathleen Owings
Ms. Jeanette Paddock
Mr. David Padgett
Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Linda Page
Ms. Diane Page-Hatfield
Mr. Andy Pai
Mrs. and Mr. Pamela and Sean Paige
Ms. Antoinette Palace
Mr. and Mrs. David and Victoria Palenchar
Ms. Wynne Palermo
Ms. Cynthia Pality
Mr. Martin Palmaz
Mr. John Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald and Judith Palmer
Mr. Bruce Panter
Mrs. and Mr. Susan and Richard Pantle
Mr. Mike Papa
Ms. Polly Parent
Ms. Stephanie Parker
Mr. Steve Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Becky Parzybok
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel and Laura Pascual
Mr. and Mrs. Kenton and Ricky Pass
Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Laura Patke
Ms. Susan Pattee
Mr. and Mrs. William and Barbara Pattee
Mrs. and Mr. Carol and Jon Patten
Ms. Robin Patterson
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa and Jon Paukovich
Mr. Christopher Peacock and Magistrate Denise Peacock
Mrs. and Mr. Mittie and Manuel Pedraza
Ms. Julie Pedro
Mr. Steven Pelelo and Ms. Jonnie Moon
Ms. Annie Penkhus
Ms. Cara Penkhus
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Lorie Peppard
Ms. DeeAnna Percell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Kris Perea
Ms. Edith Perez Escalona
Ms. Joan Perkins
Ms. Sandra Perkins
Mrs. and Mr. Kelly and Steve Peterschmidt
Ms. Marcia Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Norm and Lynn Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Sara Peterson
Mr. Wallace Peterson
Ms. Marilou Petrick
Ms. Adison Petti
Mr. Jeremy Petty
Ms. Monica Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Thom and Betta Phelps
Ms. Ellen Philbrick
Mr. Brent Phillips
Mrs. and Mr. Julie and Bruce Phillips
Ms. Lisa Phillips
Ms. Carol Philofsky
Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club
Mr. Donald Piano
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Donna Piet
Mr. Chris Pigeon
Ms. Melodee Pikaart
Pikes Peak Lions Club, Inc.
Ms. Bonnie Pinkstaff
Mr. and Mrs. Denis and Beverly Pirio
Col. and Mrs. Francis and Janet Pitaro
Mrs. and Mr. Denise and David Pitch
Ms. Theresa Pitman
Ms. Mary Ann Pitzner
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Laura Pixley
Pizzeria Rustica – David Brackett
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Sharon Place
Ms. Carol Plummer
Mr. Jeffrey Plunkett
Ms. Denise Polenske
Ms. Paula Pollett
Ms. Hanna Polmer
Mr. Thomas Polok
Mrs. and Mr. Carolyn and Steven Pope
Ms. T. Martina Porter
Ms. Denise Poth
Ms. Susan Potterat
Mr. and Mrs. John and Marie Poyzer
The Preservation Studio, Inc.
Ms. Susan Presti
Ms. Pam Price
Mr. Phil Price
Prince of Peace W.E.L.C.A.
Ms. Sherri Prinsen
Ms. Flo Pritz
Mr. and Mrs. William and Lynne Proctor
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Prospect Home Care and Hospice
Ms. Mara Purl
Ms. Robin Purvis
Ms. Barbara Puterbaugh
Ms. Julie Raber and Mr. John Vasilakis
Mrs. and Mr. Patricia and Tom Radcliffe
Ms. Christy Raines
Ms. Doris Ralston
Ms. LeNore Ralston
Ms. Rosana Ramponi
Mr. and Mrs. Dana and Sherri Rasic
Ms. Constance Raub
Mrs. and Mr. Patrice and Lex Ravenscroft
Ms. Janie Rawlings
Ms. Meagan Ray
Ms. Allison Rector
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Vicki Rector
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan and Heidi Rector
Mrs. and Mr. Brenda and Robert Redding
Ms. Amory Reed
Ms. Angela Reed
Ms. Ann Reed
Ms. Rebecca Reed
Ms. Frances Reichert
Mr. and Mrs. Shery and Tim Reid
Mr. Ryan Reiff
Mrs. and Mr. Linda and David Reinberger
Mr. Casey Reinhardt
Mrs. and Mr. Melissa and Tom Remick
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Leeanna Remmert
Ms. Janet Renander
Ms. April Renjard
Mrs. and Mr. Mary Jo and Tom Resman
Ms. Gina Reynolds
Ms. Karin Reynolds
Ms. Emily Rhoades
Ms. Julie Rhodes
Ms. Gail Richards
Ms. Carrie Richardson
Ms. Desiree Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Kim and Christopher Richardson
Ms. Michele Richardson
Ms. Patricia Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Jody Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. Tom and Jeanne Richardson
Ms. Connie Rickard
Ms. Betty Rickel
Ms. Dee Ricketts
Mr. and Mrs. T. Paul and Marion Riegert
Mr. Jeffrey Riggs
Ms. Giannina Rikoski
Ms. Linda Rivera
Ms. Tammy Rivera
Ms. Nicole Rivet
Ms. Beth Roalstad
Mr. H. Paul and Linda Roberts
Mrs. and Mr. Gloria and William Robertson
Ms. Mattie Robinson
Ms. Jacqueline Rockwell
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Rocky Mountain Promotions
Rocky Mountain Rags
Ms. Joan Roda
Ms. Amy Rodda
Ms. Jean Rodeck
Ms. Patricia Rodriguez
Ms. Patricia Rodriguez
Ms. Maria Rodriquez
Mrs. and Mr. Shannon and Kevin Roe
Mr. Kennon Roeber
Ms. Dora Roeco
Mrs. and Mr. Kimberly and Tom Roff
Ms. Claudia Rogers
Mr. Gregory Rogers
Ms. Anita Rohilla
Ms. Regina Rohr
Ms. Mary Jo Rosazza
Mrs. and Mr. Angela and Chris Rose
Ms. Nettie Rosenthal
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa and Michael Roslin
Ms. Debra Ross
Ms. Nori Rost
Ms. Sally Rothstein
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and DeeAnn Rothstein
Ms. Catherine Roupe’
Ms. Jerri Roush
Mr. and Mrs. James and Jacqueline Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Alan and JoAnne Rowley
Mr. Tim Royston
Ms. Cathy Rozmiarek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Gina Rubinstein
Mr. Mark Rue
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Lisa Ruhnow
Ms. Caroline Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Lena Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Dennise Rullo
Mrs. and Mr. Karen and Michael Rulo
Ms. Judy Rusnak
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Christine Russell
Ms. Jill Russo
Ms. Mary Russo
Mr. Scott Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Lillian Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Carrie Ryden
Saboz – Linda Bridger
Ms. Cynthia Salaam
Mr. Dawud Salaam
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan Sallee
Ms. Eva Sanchez
Dr. and Mrs. Tim and Dyan Sandell
Mr. and Mrs. William and Shirley Sanden
Ms. Karen Sandoval
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Nicola Sapp
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Judy Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Marilyn Sassaman
Mr. Dan Savage
Ms. Erin Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. John and Pam Sawyer
Mr. Larry Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Mary Jo Schaefer
Ms. Sharon Schafer
Ms. Corrine Scheiner
Mr. and Mrs. David and Carol Schell
Ms. Jennifer Schell
Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Yvonne Schill
Ms. Carrie Schillinger
Ms. Mary Schinkten-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Barbara Schlabs
Ms. Trinnie Schley
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin and Linda Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Kirtland and Bonita Schmidt
Ms. Stephanie Schmuecker
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Mary Schneider
Ms. Becki Schneider
Dr. Vicki Schober
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Danielle Schofield
Mr. Skylar Schofield
Ms. Barbara Schooler
Mr. Donald Schott
Ms. Laurel Schow
Ms. Corinne Schreir
Ms. Ellen Schumacher
Dr. and Mrs. John and Vera Schumaker
Ms. Cindy Schuman
Ms. Allyson Schuur
Ms. Victoria Schwab and Mr. Mel Bargas
Ms. Martha Schwartz
Mr. Jim Schwerin
Mr. Karl Schwinck
Ms. Kathy Schwindt
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Kay Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and B.J. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Susan Scott
Ms. Deborah Scruggs
Mr. E. Flint Seaton
Ms. Sally Seidlitz
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Julie Self
Ms. Tracy Sellars
Serenity Balance Massage – Cheryl Snyder
Mr. Joe Serrone
Mrs. and Mr. Cari and Larry Shaffer
Ms. Joy Shaink
Mr. and Mrs. William and Sue Shaner
Ms. Leigh Shapleigh
Ms. Jessica Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Melanie Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. John and Carolyn Shaw
Ms. Karen Shaw
Dr. and Mrs. Mary Lou and Don Shearn
Ms. Denise Sheridan
Mr. Brad Sherman
Ms. Jackie Shevock
Ms. Stephanie Shivar
Ms. Peggy Shivers
Ms. Suzie Shults
Ms. Sherry Shultz
Mrs. and Mr. Lori and James Shumate
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Liane Shupp
Ms. Rebecca Sickbert
Mr. and Mrs. Sotirios and Lillian Sideris
Mr. Dustin Sidwell
Dr. Mindy Siegel
Ms. Lisa Simms
Mrs. and Mr. Darci and Abe Simpson
Ms. Sharon Simpson-Dogon
Mr. Monty Sims
Ms. Mari Sinton-Martinez
Skate City – Jeffrey Ingrum
Ms. Danielle Skeele
Ms. Susan Skinner
Ms. Joan Skoog
Ms. Christina Slay
Ms. Sheryl Slepicka
Mr. and Mrs. Gurney and Lisa Sloan
Ms. Anne Marie Smith
Ms. Carla-Rae Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Umeno Smith
Mr. James Smith
Ms. Judith Smith
Ms. Lanette Smith
Ms. Marla Smith
Ms. Mary Smith
Mrs. and Mr. Nancy and Mark Smith
Ms. Peggy Smith
Mr. R. F. Smith
Mr. Stephen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William and Linda Smith
Ms. Stephanie Smoot
Rev. and Mrs. Granville and Charlene Smythe
Ms. Normandina Snow
Mr. Greg Snyder
Solamor Hospice
Ms. Jeanne Solze
Mr. Kyle Somers
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Nancy Spalding
Mrs. and Mr. Kelly and Dwayne Sparks
Mr. and Ms. Arnie and Kathy Sparnins
Ms. Laura Speer
Ms. Kim Sperry
Ms. Phyllis Spielman
Mr. and Mrs. James and Elizabeth Spittler
Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Ariana Spitzer
Springs Rescue Mission
Ms. Kris Sprouse
St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church
Ms. Nancy Stacy
Mr. and Mrs. Trenton and Pepper Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Mark Stanforth
Mr. J. Adrian Stanley
Ms. Mary Starzecki
Mr. and Mrs. Chistiaan and Wilhelmina Steenbergen
Ms. Lynne Stefonik
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Diane Steinseifer
Mr. Nicholas Steph
Mr. and Mrs. G.B. and Sally Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Sally Stephenson
Ms. Ambur Stevens
Ms. Maureen Stevens
Ms. Susan Stevens
Mr. Tom Stevens
Ms. Ann Stevenson
Ms. Laure Stevenson
Dr. and Mrs. Gary and Jane Stiehl
Mr. and Mrs. R.W. and S. A. Stokes
Ms. Marlene Stott
Mrs. and Mr. Susan and Richard Strasbaugh
Stratmoor Hills United Methodist Women
Ms. Willie Louise Straws
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Judity Strohm
Mr. Russell Stroud
Ms. Janet Strouss and Mr. Rich Tallman
Dr. and Mrs. James and Margaret Strub
Mr. and Mrs. Cyle and Bonnie Stuhlmacher
Ms. Jeanie Stultz
Ms. Meg Sullivan
Ms. Denise Sulski
Ms. Sharon Sutherland
Attorney General John Suthers and Mrs. Janet Suthers
Ms. Debbie Swain
Ms. Deborah Swanson
Ms. Gina Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. David and Zuleika Sweetman
Mr. James Swindler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Tresa Switzer
Ms. Claire Taber
Ms. Michelle Talarico
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Roxanne Tallon
Ms. Valerie Talus
Ms. Stephanie Tanis
Ms. Kelly Tate
Ms. Elise Tavella
Ms. Bianca Taylor and Mr. Clifford Paul
Ms. Elizabeth Taylor and Mr. Curtis Frankenfeld
Mrs. and Mr. Jennifer and Dan Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Taylor
Ms. Lynne Telford
Ms. Nicci Telle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Pamela Telli
Mr. and Mrs. William and Nanette Temby
Dr. and Mrs. Kent and Nancye Thayer
Dr. Rebecca Theobald and Mr. Chuck Theobald
Ms. Kathy Thierry
Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Lori Thom
Ms. Ann Thomas
Ms. Stephanie Thomas
Ms. Carrie Thompson
Ms. Judith Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn and Michelle Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Marsha Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Mary Thorne
Ms. Janet Thornton Ash
Ms. Julie Thornton
Mrs. and Mr. Elise and Bill Tiedt
Mr. Herman Tiemens
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Beverly Tomlinson
Ms. Katherine Tomola
Ms. Elizabeth Toren
Mrs. Mary Toren-Blair and Mr. Warren Blair
Honorable and Mrs. Richard and Susan Toth
Mr. and Mrs. George and Amy Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Anna Traenkle
Mrs. and Mr. Kathryn and Mike Trapp
Ms. Lisa Travis
Mr. and Mrs. Kent and Carole Traylor
Mr. Anthony Trifiletti
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Joan Tucker
Mrs. and Mr. Kathy and Vincent Tucker
Ms. Dorothy Turner
Ms. Nga Turner
Ms. Regina Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Jeane Turner
Mrs. and Mr. Bonnie and Earle Turvey
Mr. and Mrs. William and Frankie Tutt
Mrs. and Mr. Marla and Thomas Twardowski
Ms. Jeanne Tweedy
Ty Sandoval, Inc.
Ms. Carla Tyson
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wesley and Susan Tyson
Mr. Derek Tyus
Ms. Janet Unger
Ms. Lisa Unger
Ms. Betty Unruh
Ms. Sue Uppendahl
Mr. and Mrs. Lacy and Mitchell Utterback
Mr. George Vahsholtz
Ms. Patricia Vail
Mr. Lou Valdez
Ms. Andrea Van Bergen
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond and Jeanette Van Doren
Ms. Linda Van Matre
Ms. Michele Van Metre
Ms. Kathleen Vanden Broecke
Ms. Michelle Vandepas
Ms. Jean Vandermeulen
Mr. Greg Varner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Jane Varnum
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Bonnie Vawter
Mr. Marc Verity
Village Christian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Kathleen Vincent
Ms. Rebekah Vint
Vintages Wine & Spirits
The Vinton Law Firm, P.C. – Amanda Vinton
Ms. Virginia Visconti
Ms. Martha Vogt
Ms. Geri Volpe
Mr. and Mrs. David and Pattye Volz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Kathleen Vujcich
Mrs. and Mr. Karen and Stuart Wadleigh
Mrs. and Mr. Linda and Lonnie Wagner
Wal-Mart Foundation
Ms. Deborah Walker
Mr. and Mrs. James and Margaret Walker
Mr. John de Q Walker
Mr. Jonathan Walker
Ms. Jocelyn Wall
Ms. Susan Waller
Ms. Patricia Wallisch
Ms. Jackie Walls
Ms. Marilyn Walter
Honorable Regina Walter
Mr. Thomas Warley
Mr. John Warmbold
Mr. and Mrs. Kee and Kate Warner
Ms. Katherine Warren
Ms. Linda Warren
Ms. Vicki Warren and Ms. Julie Collins
Mr. Desi Warwick
Waterbury Philanthropic Trust
Mr. and Mrs. George and Sharron Waterhouse
Mr. David Watts
Ms. Julie Waugh
Mr. Ken Waugh
Mr. and Mrs. John and Renee Waymire
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Melissa Waymire
Ms. Beth Weatherford
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Katie Weaver
“Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation

Ms. Jill Webb
Ms. Jill Webber Fredrick
Weber Street Wine, Spirits & Beers
Ms. Cindy Wehlage
Ms. Janice Weiland
Mr. Al Weiner
Mr. Greg Welch
Ms. Stacey Weldin
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Ms. Linda Wells
Mrs. and Mr. Sabra and Rod Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Louellen Welsch
Ms. Kathy Wenninger
Mr. Tadd Wermers
Ms. Sylvia Wesche
Mr. and Mrs. Bert and Sandy West
Mr. John West
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Cathy Westermann
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Nancy Wetta
Ms. Mary Wherrett
Mr. Anthony Justin White
Ms. Judy White
Mr. Mark White
Mr. Sidney White
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Jann White
Ms. Lynae Whitlock
Kelly Whitt
Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Catherine Wicklund
Mr. and Mrs. Warren and Lisa Wieland
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Wiepking
Wigand, Lindsey, Harris Group at Merrill Lynch
Ms. Erin Wilcox
Ms. Gwen Wiley
Ms. Trudy Wilfong
Ms. Ellen Wilkerson
Ms. Katie Willemarck
Mr. Brian Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Mary Beth Williams
Ms. Sandy Williams
Ms. Linda Williams-Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Heather Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Doris Willsie
Ms. Theresa Wilmot
Dr. and Mrs. John and Helen Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Mick and Michele Wilson
Windom Interiors – Cheryl Windom
Ms. Darla Mae Winn
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Ashley Winniy
Ms. Barbara Winter
Ms. Mary Wisneski
Ms. Rose Wittkamp
Ms. Gail Wittman
Ms. Susan Woessner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Nancy Wolf
Ms. Victoria Wolfe
Ms. Eileen Wolff
Ms. Victoria Wolfson
Ms. Leslie Wolken
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Veronica Wolken
Ms. Mary Katherine Wood
Ms. Susan Wood-Ellis and Dr. Michael Onstad
Woodmen Valley Sertoma Club
Ms. Jocelyn Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Elizabeth Woods
Mr. and Ms. Ray and Lesa Woolf
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Carla Workman
Ms. Kim Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Cara Woundy
Ms. Collette Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Chad and Jill Wright
Mr. Jimmy Wright
Ms. Kim Wright
Mr. Robert Wrubel
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Julia Wysocki
Mrs. Dana Wysong and Mr. Gene Theis
Mrs. and Ms. Marcus and Lauren Yanez
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Marlon and Lois Yankee
Ms. Lisa Yens
Yogafied – Corrine Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jennifer Yopp
Ms. Su Young
Your Cause Sports – David Herron
Ms. Maya Zarchan
Mrs. and Mr. Mary Beth and William Zautke
Mr. and Mrs. Allen and Jean Ziegler
Ms. Sally Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Gail Zimmerman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Helen Zinn
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Chris Ziuchkovski
Mr. and Ms. Peter and Heather Zobenica
Ms. Eileen Zytka