In-Kind Donors

FY 2012-2013 In-Kind Donors

720MEDIA Web Design – Kevin Vicroy
Academy of Children’s Theatre
Ms. Tina Albillar
Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Jan Altman
Mrs. and Mr. Kaye and Wayne Anderson
Angletech – Mr. Allen Beauchamp
Assistance League of Colorado Springs
Ms. Donna Austin
Ms. Brenda Ball
Mrs. and Mr. Barbara and Bruce Bargers
Ms. Elisha Baruth
Ms. Arlene Batchelder
Ms. Roslyn Beall
Ms. Lois Beardsley
Ms. Catherine Beiswenger
Berniger, Berg, Diver, LLC
Mr. Bill Berry
Mr. Pascale Bertoli
Bestway Disposal
Mr. Sunil Bhat
Bicycle Village
Ms. Claire Bidlingmaier
Ms. Theresa Blomgren
Dr. Kathy Bohanon
Ms. Ann Bookout
Mrs. Brooke Bower and Mr. Richard Nehring
Mr. Jeff Brandt
Mrs. and Mr. Carol and Jim Breglio
Ms. Linda Bridger
Ms. Megan Broker
Mrs. Evelyn Brown
Ms. Wendy Buckler
Ms. Maureen Burns
Mr. Mark Burrows and Ms. Carole Gibson-Larson
Ms. Janie Byrnes
Ms. Kelly Calabrese
Ms. Sandra Callnan
Mr. Jim Campbell
Ms. Mary Carlone
Ms. Wylene Carol
Mr. Fred Carrico
Carter Realty, Inc.
Ms. Carolyn Case
Catamount Institute
Center for Creative Leadership
Mr. Sterling Chase
Chick Fil-A
Mr. Dan Chisesi
City of Victor
Ms. Donita Coleman
Colorado Mountain Brewery
Colorado Springs Debutantes
Colorado Strong Bag Ladies
Ms. MaryAnne Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. John and Rosy Courtney
Ms. Stephanie Cox
Ms. Diane Cridennda – East Winds Accupuncture
Cripple Creek CHOICES
Cripple Creek Head Start
Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Carolyn Cronk
Ms. Sandra Damm-Hamblin
Daniels Moving and Storage
Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Heather Darrigan
Ms. Ingrid Davies
Ms. Melinda Debold
Ms. Michelle Deines
Mr. David Delgado
Dollar Tree – Citadel Crossing
Ms. Chris Douglas
Ms. Sally Duncan
Ms. Carol Dunn
Mr. William Edmondson and Ms. Barbara Schaefer
Mr. Will Edwards
El Paso County Search & Rescue
Ms. Suzanne Ernster
FIVE GUYS Burgers and Fries – Southern
Colorado – Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Mindy Parker
Ms. Joyce Fleming
Ms. Sara Frese
Ms. Jessica Frindt
Front Range Honda
Frontier Airlines
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Kathleen Gamblin
The Garmet Gal
Mr. J. Anthony Garnica
Ms. Honey Gaydos
Genesis Med Spa – Dr. Lisa Jenks
Ms. Susan Gentile
Ms. Loretta Geoghan
Mr. Dustin George
Mrs. Loren George and Mr. Stephen Hyde
Gold Hill Mesa
Ms. Eileen Gonzalez
Google, Inc.
Mr. David Graff and Mrs. Lucy Douglas Graff
Great Harvest Bread Company
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Jill Greensides
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Martha Grizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Stephanie Hanenberg
Mr. Jason Hann
Ms. Gail Harrison
Ms. Susie Havel
Ms. Sharon Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Kathy Haynie
HB&A – Ms. Kathy Thierry
Dr. and Mrs. John and Jane Hegstrom
Mrs. and Mr. Elizabeth and Darold Herdes
Ms. Sherry Hermann
Ms. Anjoleen Himes
Ms. Jackie Hogen
Mrs. and Mr. Julie and Donald Hovde
Ms. Deborah Howard
Mr. Robert Howsam and Mrs. Sara Ware Howsam
Ms. Patricia Howze
Jared the Galleria of Jewelry
Johnson Storage – Mr. Forrest Williams
Ms. Beth Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Ellen Johnson-Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Kris Jones
Ms. Kat Jorstad and Mr. Bill Burgess
Mr. Jonathan Kamins
Kappa Alpha Theta
Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Meg Kendall
Mr. George Kilgore
Ms. Heather Kindall
Dr. and Mrs. Lorence and Summer Kircher
KKTV Channel 11
Ms. Beverly Klein
Ms. Angela Komar
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Susan Krassy
Ms. Jenifer Leathes
Ms. Scotti-Marie Leigh
Ms. Henrietta Levis and Ms. Summer Levis
Ms. Catherine Lhevine
Mr. Daniel Lim
Ms. Alicia Lloyd
Lucy’s Consignment Store
Ms. Elsie Lynch Gonzalez
Ms. Cory Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Sheila Maio
Ms. Sheila Manzanares
Mr. Vincent Marzullo
Ms. April Mathlovich
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Barb McAdams
Ms. Carmen McDermott
Media Mammals – Mr. Kevin Bergsten
Mr. Bradley Miller
Mrs. and Mr. Brenda and Lance Miller
Mr. Will Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. David and Gaynelle Mize
Mr. Forest Moore
Dr. and Mrs. James and Marion Moore
Ms. Julene Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Maureen Morgan
Ms. Jane Moss
Ms. Celia Mulner
Mr. Jesse Murillo
Ms. Janet Murphy
Ms. Barb Myers
Ms. Rebecca Myers
Mr. and Mrs. James and Anna Nemanich
Mrs. and Mr. Merrie Jeanne and Colin Nisbeth
Nor’Wood Development Group – David Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Rebecca Nordeman
Office Snax, Inc.
Oh Snap! Designs – James Baker
Ms. Christine Orsborn
Ms. Jennifer Pak-Collins
Ms. Cynthia Pality
Ms. Ann Parker
Ms. Stephanie Parker
Ms. Britini Peoples
Ms. Laura Pelletier
Ms. Britini Peoples
Ms. Edith Perez Escalona
Ms. Jan Perucca
Ms. Janet Peters
Pikes Peak Chocolate Company
Ms. Lori Pinello
Powers’ Liquor Mart- Jim Trujillo
Mrs. and Mr. Patricia and Tom Radcliffe
Mr. Al Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Vicki Rector
Ms. Lori Rector
Ms. Amanda Reed
Ms. Ann Reed
Dr. Kathleen Ricker and Mr. Gerald Ricker
Ms. Grace Ridings and Ms. Jane Ridings
Dr. Michelle Ridnour and Mr. Mark Anders
Mr. David Ritterbush
Ms. Geena Robinson
Rocky Mountain Coors Distributing
Mr. Joseph Romo
Ms. Michelle Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Gina Rubinstein
Saboz – Ms. Linda Bridger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan Sallee
Mr. Carlos Sanabria
Mr. Garret Scherkenbach
Ms. Kathy Schullek
Dr. and Mrs. John and Vera Schumaker
Dr. and Mrs. David and Cheryl Schwartz
Mr. Thom Seehafer
Mr. Tim Seehafer
Send Circular – Mr. Sunil Bhat
Mr. and Mrs. William and Sue Shaner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Liane Shupp
SignARama – Mr. Steve Brinkman
Ms. Kathy Schullek
Mr. and Mrs. Gurney and Lisa Sloan
Ms. Rebecca Smith
Mr. Terrence Smith
Mr. Edmund Socha
SolFun,The Moab Adventure – Mr. and Mrs. Allan and Pat Poertner
Sovereignty Wines – Mr. Ivars Spons
Ms. Carolyn Spaulding
Ms. Laura Speer
Springs Rescue Mission – Ms. Hillary Magnusom
St. Mary’s High School
Stanton Construction, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall and Mary Stark
Ms. Joan Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. David and Robin Stieber
Ms. Trudy Strewler Hodges
Mrs. Michele Strub-Heer and Mr. Jordan Strub
Ms. Sylvia Strubel
Ms. Michelle Suckling
Summit Catering – Ms. Becky Dunlap
Ms. Angela Switzer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Roxanne Tallon
Ms. Kelly Tate
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Taylor
Dr. Rebecca Theobald and Mr. Chuck Theobald
Mr. Faris Thomas
Ms. Judith Thompson
Ms. Deb Tibbitt
Ms. Paulette Tomich
Ms. Carol Toren-Edmiston
Tri-Lakes Printing
Ms. Debbie Trione
Ms. Breanne Troeger
Mr. Mario Trujillo
Mrs. Kathy VanInwegen and Mr. David Barber
Ms. Lora VanWagenen
Ms. Julia Vendeland
Vintages Wine & Spirits – Erin Collins
Ms. Sandie Vossler
Ms. Janine Wandell
Ms. Margaret Weaver
Ms. Lynn Weber
Ms. Jennifer West
Ms. Joan White
Ms. Laureen White
Ms. Erin Wilcox
Ms. Desarae Williams
Ms. Holly Wolfe
Ms. Shelley Young
Ms. Jessica Zarkovacki