Self Care for CASA Volunteers

The service of a CASA volunteer is selfless. It originates from a place of compassion, empathy, and love. You know that the work you do is crucial to a child’s future and sometimes you get to see a joyful breakthrough which illustrates the life-changing difference you are making. Other times, however, you might feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

It’s hard work being a CASA. If you experience symptoms of stress or burn-out, it might be time to put yourself first for a change. When stress hits, self-care is a powerful tool for reducing tension and restoring peace to your mind.

Self-care is more important than ever as we all live through this unprecedented pandemic. Please check out this resource from NAMI, and also this one from National CASA, for pandemic-related resources.

In addition, the CASA staff got together and came up with a list of top self-care practices. Next time you need to recharge your battery, try out one of these tactics!

  • Get in touch with nature by going barefoot in your yard
  • Soak up some sunshine, sitting by a stream or by your garden
  • Listen to your body when it tells you it needs water, rest, hugs, etc.
  • Cook or bake something yummy
  • Do a crossword puzzle or other brain teaser
  • Schedule a massage, facial, or a visit to the salon
  • Take a nap
  • Use lotion and chapstick (especially with all the hand sanitizer and mask wearing!)
  • Read a book
  • Treat yourself to a movie
  • Sit with or call on an older relative or friend
  • Have a heart-to-heart with a loved one
  • Binge watch your new favorite show
  • Draw yourself a bubble bath
  • Take a trip to the mall
  • Snuggle with your furry friend
  • Make handmade cards for loved ones
  • Do some drawing or painting
  • Make a collage
  • Head to a ceramics or pottery studio
  • Build your new favorite playlist or discover some new tunes
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Keep a journal, blog, or diary to reflect on what’s going on in your life.
  • Do a full body stretch
  • Take some time out for a walk, run, hike, or bike ride
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Schedule lunch with a close friend