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Milton Foster Children’s Fund Application

MFCF Funding Guidelines and Responsibilities

The Milton Foster Children’s Fund (MFCF) is dedicated to helping foster children develop the resiliency necessary to become successful members of our community, allowing them to build a path that will lead them to a successful transition into adulthood. In reviewing applications for funds, highest priority will be given to requests for essential items that will add to their resiliency. The following guidelines will help you know your responsibilities as well as if your needs are consistent with the MFCF mission:

  • The child that funding is being requested for must be placed through El Paso or Teller County, the 4th Judicial District, and living in an out-of-home placement (not with biological parents).
  • Youth can only receive funding once per year, which is based on when the funds are requested.
  • MFCF cannot reimburse for expenses. Requests must be approved before MFCF will give funds.
  • MFCF cannot fund ongoing activities or repeated requests. We can fund initial costs, such as the first few classes/sessions, uniforms, instruments and enrollment fees.
  • Checks must be written out to the vendor/service provider, not to the foster parents or CASA.  The checks will be mailed to the child’s caregiver so please be sure to include up-to-date mailing information.
  • MFCF requests that other funding options be exhausted first. Please include other sources that you have contacted for assistance.
  • The MFCF Allocation Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month. Applications are due the last day of the month prior to the meeting. You will be notified of the committee’s decision the week the meeting takes place.
  • We often have questions once we receive the request for funding. Please respond promptly to our calls so we may process the application and respond in a timely manner.
  • MFCF requests that receipts be returned when you utilize awarded funds. This is necessary in order to demonstrate accounting integrity.
  • MFCF requires a thank you note from the benefiting child whenever possible. This is a life lesson for them but also is helpful when seeking grants and donations. Any thank you notes shared are anonymous with any identifying information removed.
  • Applications must be filled out legibly and completely.

For additional information call 447-9898 x1026 or send us an email.

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