Tiffany, Former CASA Child, Dreams Realized


In 1999, Tiffany and her siblings were nine, seven, and two when they were admitted to foster care. The children were removed from their birth parents after their six-month-old sister became trapped between her crib and the wall and died while the parents partied downstairs. Along with substance abuse, there was domestic violence and severe mental health conditions in the home that exposed the children to trauma and compromised their safety.

CASA Theresa Krainz was assigned by the court and became a powerful advocate for the children. She sought and discovered the truth and reported the facts to the judge. She was instrumental in reuniting the kids after they had initially been placed in separate foster homes.

Theresa was also a pillar of support for the foster parents Mark and Carol, encouraging them to be patient when the court process became complicated. “My wife and I remained committed to the journey with the children because of Theresa,” said Mark. When it became clear the kids could not safely return home, Theresa advocated for them to stay with Mark and Carol. The pinnacle of her efforts was the final adoption which gave the siblings a loving, safe, permanent home.

Years later, Tiffany is now a young woman 24 years old, married and living a happy, healthy life. She is a registered nurse working in a labor and delivery unit and pursuing her master’s in nurse-midwifery. “I can say without a doubt that because of Theresa’s influence I am able to pursue my dreams and become the person I never dreamed lived inside of me,” said Tiffany. Theresa in many ways has influenced my path to nursing as she herself was a nurse. She has influenced me to pursue a life’s calling which advocates for others as she advocated for us.”

Tiffany credits adoptive parents Mark and Carol for changing the trajectory of her life and says it was all made possible by her CASA Theresa.



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