Dick Milton: Leaving a legacy to Colorado’s foster children


As a key player in the 25 year history of CASA of the Pikes Peak Region, and a true champion for children, we posthumously honor long-time advocate and cherished friend, Dick Milton who passed away in 2008.

Dick became a CASA volunteer in 1992 after a distinguished career as a Foreign Service Officer and deputy assistant director of the U. S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency. Dick’s career had been very meaningful, but as he retired he wanted to directly affect outcomes for children on a local level. Which he surely did!

Over 16 years as a CASA, Dick served 34 children with incredible results. Many of those children stayed in contact with Dick long after their court case had closed. He was a part of their Little League games, graduations, weddings and continued to be a mentor throughout their 20s and 30s. He never forgot them.

After working on four consecutive CASA cases with sibling groups who were separated after being placed in foster homes, Dick became a passionate advocate for keeping siblings groups intact. Children in foster care experience significant losses of relationships, and Dick knew siblings are often their only source for continuity of important attachments. As a CASA, Dick was able to make a critical contribution to the well-being of children by preserving their connections with their brothers and sisters. After learning that several states enacted legislation to prevent siblings from being placed separately in foster care and adoptive homes whenever possible, Dick made it is personal mission to do the same in Colorado. He was successful with the passage of House Bill 00-1108 in 2000.

What an incredible legacy Dick has left for all of Colorado’s foster children. For his dedication and excellent work, Dick was awarded the National CASA Volunteer Advocate of the Year out of a pool of 53,000 volunteers nationwide.

In appreciation of Dick’s 16 years of service to children of the Pikes Peak Region and the State of Colorado, CASA’s Foster Children’s Fund was named in his honor.  The Milton Foster Children’s Fund is dedicated to helping foster children develop the resiliency necessary to become successful members of our community, allowing them to build a path that will lead them to a successful transition into adulthood.



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