Who will hold your hand when you need it the most?

2014-08-12 09:27

In a recent case CASA worked with two siblings, ages 9 and 10. The kids are well connected to their maternal relatives but have never known their paternal side other than their father and his parents, sadly none of whom have been very safe or loving. For safety reasons the kids will not have further contact with their father.

CASA’s Life Long Links team searched for extended relatives on the paternal side of the family to establish a relationship and become a source of love and support for these children. Several distant cousins were located and contacted by CASA… it was the first time these relative learned they had young cousins in foster care. They were eager to make a connection.

Soon after the contact was made, letters and this homemade gift was sent to the children by their newly found cousins (who are adults, and each have kids of their own).  The hands represent a family member with greetings and notes of encouragement written from each person.  The two young siblings will now have a lasting connection to family they never knew they had.

CASA’s Life Long Links program is based on the conviction that all children in care should have a network of natural support, and that connection with family and other significant adults is a key protective factor for the health and well-being of children.

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