Jane Hegstrom & Kiaya

Jane and Kiaya’s story begins when Kiaya was just in kindergarten. This was Jane’s second case as a CASA and would blossom into a lifelong friendship.

Kiaya, an insulin dependent diabetic, was not receiving the medical care she needed; this prompted her case to open and created her need for a CASA. Kiaya’s diabetes is a very serious disease. Her mother had an adequate understanding of the disease, but was not able to properly care for Kiaya. She wasn’t being fed or monitored correctly.

In Jane’s words, “what tipped the scales” in Kiaya’s case was during a lunch visit at school for a meal Kiaya had only an old, moldy bologna sandwich and a thermos of sour milk. An emergency hearing was immediately initiated by Jane. Kiaya was placed in a safe, loving foster home with which would eventually become her permanent home and adoptive parents.

Though Jane’s effort as a CASA, Kiaya received education on managing her diabetes and was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle which paved the way for her education. Kiaya finished high school and is now in college studying health science nutrition with plans to be diabetes educator.

Kiaya travels nationally, speaking on behalf of CASA and sharing her story of healing and transformation, forever grateful to her advocate and friend, Jane.

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