Karen Hilborn: 24 Years of Outstanding Advocacy for Children

Karen Hilborn has been a compassionate advocate for children in Colorado Springs for 24 years, our longest-term volunteer. She has lifted the lives of more than 50 children as a CASA volunteer. Many of her cases would last three to five years. Despite the long hours and the commitment, Karen has never quit on a child. Not one.

Over the years, she’s helped CASA in other ways including heading up holiday toy and clothing drives and overseeing the Kid’s Closet, participating on the Speakers Bureau, sitting on the Advisory Council and serving on countless committees.

Karen says because there are still so many children who don’t have CASAs to speak for them that she can’t visualize herself quitting anytime soon. “They’re probably wondering when they are going to get rid of me, but I’m here to stay.”

Here Karen shares one of her most memorable cases involving a family of eight children.




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