Dynamic Duo: Mike & Barb McAdams

Mike and Barb McAdams are caring, thoughtful, committed citizens, and loyal child advocates.

Mike has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate for 10 years and more recently took on the leadership role of a Peer Coordinator (PC) to offer support and guidance to new CASAs. During the past year, Mike has coached 7 advocates on 10 cases as a PC. He also participates as a co-facilitator for volunteer training classes, and on top of all of that, Mike was featured in a recent CASA video and is a member of the speakers bureau, helping educate, inspire and recruit new volunteers.

Barb was inspired by Mike’s work with children and joined the CASA ranks as a volunteer with the Life Long Links team. As a Life Long Links (LLL) specialist, Barb conducts searches for family members and other important people to ensure that foster children have continuity in relationships, information about their families, and long-term connections for the future. Barb believes that all kids in foster care should have a network of natural supports who will add value, meaning and a sense of belonging to a child. So far in her work with LLL, she has helped find family for 14 kids.

The hours and hard work the McAdams have invested in local children and youth is priceless and we are honored and grateful to them both on the CASA team.

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