Volunteers Needed to Support Parent/Child Visitations in Teller County


“When kids are drawn into adult conflict, when they’re enlisted as spies and couriers between their caregivers, when we fail to make their world predictable and safe, they must invest some part of their finite emotional energy in managing the basics. As a result, they have that much less energy with which to grow and learn and discover themselves.” ~Benjamin D. Garber, Ph.D

CASA is in need of volunteers to help protect children from witnessing parental disputes, while also providing a safe place for parents and children to build positive relationships.

The Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time (SEPT) program provides an environment that supports safety, accountability and healthy relationships between children and their parents in conflictive custody or domestic violence cases. It is a service that protects children from witnessing parental disputes and keeps them out of the middle of the conflict. Trained volunteers (or facilitators) oversee the transfer of children from one parent to another and supervise visits between children and parents.

SEPT volunteers play a critical role for families in our community and we need more in Teller County.

For more information contact Kelly at 719-447-9898 x1033.

• CASA Volunteer Training in Teller County – SEPT Program
• Community Partnership Family Resource Center in Divide
• Contact: Kelly at 719-447-9898 x1033

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