Meet Taylor: Why I Volunteer with CASA

Taylor Moore is a recent college graduate and a volunteer facilitator for the Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time program. Here are a few words from Taylor about why she chose to get involved with CASA:

“When I was young my father caused harm to my brother and myself. I was only 7 at the time of the most severe abuse, and couldn’t comprehend what was happening. When my brother and I came forward, it was a whirlwind of lawyers, courts, and reliving the events that happened when explaining to countless individuals.

The one individual I remember that brought a smile to my face through this scary time was my CASA. I remember him coming to our house and going on walks around the block. I remember feeling happy to see a familiar face. He was the one that advocated for me. The voice that told the courts the truth. I trusted him, and that wasn’t an easy thing to do at the time. Because of him, and the other caring adults, I have lived a wonderful life with my mom and family. I was able to leave these events in the past and grow from them. Now, I have graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in human services with a minor in child and family welfare. I hope to help make an impact on other children’s lives the way my CASA did for me.

Volunteering is my first way of giving back to those who helped save me. When I heard of the Supervised Exchange and Parenting Time (SEPT) program, I knew what an impact it could have on children. I wanted to be a part of something that could help children rebuild and maintain relationships with their non-custodial parents. I am so excited to help provide this opportunity for the families in the SEPT program!”

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