Rob McDonald, Advocate, former Board member

Serving as a CASA board member isn’t about “rubber stamping,” explains Rob McDonald. Every board member maintains a deep level of commitment, which Rob showed when he transitioned from a board member (and former board chair) into the role of Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Jane Hegstrom gets the credit for inspiring Rob to become an advocate. While in a board meeting, the detailed account of Jane’s experience with the child she was serving moved him to enroll in the CASA volunteer training and take his involvement to the next level — a testament to the cooperative environment and teamwork fostered at CASA.

When he volunteered for his first case, Rob witnessed an abusive father and supported his growth into a caring, responsible parent, which filled Rob with hope. “This man did change because he wanted to be with his kids, and I was impressed with that,” Rob recalls.

Volunteering for the Board of Directors, sitting on the CASA PR Committee, and now serving as an advocate has given deeper meaning to Rob’s retirement. Currently he is standing up for five children as a CASA in an ongoing case. He makes sure they have a positive role model, that their development moves in a positive direction, and that their needs and wants are heard by the court.

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