Our Vision 2020: An Advocate for Every Child in Need

Last year, CASA served just over half of the approximately 1,000 abused and neglected children who need a Court Appointed Special Advocate. That means hundreds of children are waiting for a CASA who will fight for their rights. We have long had the dream to close this gap and serve every child in need. CASA is now poised to realize this vision through a proven program model that utilizes an additional level of volunteer leadership. We are drawing on the experience and expertise of long-term CASA volunteers to serve as Peer Coordinators (PC) providing mentorship, coaching, and support all new volunteers on their cases.

When new CASA volunteers graduate from training, they are supported by volunteer Peer Coordinators rather than staff. These Peer Coordinators have been CASA volunteers themselves for several years.  They have been hand-selected and specially-trained to support other CASA volunteers throughout their cases. (Staff case supervisors remain connected to cases and are always available for support and guidance to PCs).

This capacity-building volunteer leadership model will double our volunteer base, enabling us to serve every child in need, every day, by the year 2020.

The realization that we can truly serve every child is fueling our entire organization.

Our deepest gratitude to our team of Peer Coordinators for their leadership: 


Kaye Anderson

Marilyn Bardash

Georganne Barnes

Rebeccah Burnette

Jim Campbell

Rochelle Edelman

Kathleen Gamblin


Karen Hilborn

Rose Johnson

Barry Johnson-Fay

Tonya Lark

Steve Lente

Mike McAdams

Brenda Miller


Maureen Morgan

Bernie and Lori Negron

Bob Sallee

Linda Taylor

Lynn Weber

Laurie White

Lauren Yanez


As a trusted community leader in family wellness, ABBA Eyecare has partnered with CASA to advance awareness of our volunteer-based advocacy for abused children and specifically our vision to provide an advocate to every child in need.

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